October 29, 2019

Green Disaster Capitalism


1. There is one and only one set of three actions which can avert the worst of the climate crisis, if done in time. If not, and civilization certainly will not do them, then Earth’s kinesis will do its worst as it imposes all three by force. These three actions are:
End all industrial emissions; stop destroying carbon sinks; let all natural sinks resume their natural ranges.
Anything else is a lie.
2. A “Green New Deal” would be a massive boost and subsidy to extraction industries. It requires monstrous amounts of rare metals for solar panels and industrial windmills, it’ll probably include massive nuke subsidies and thus rake the Earth for uranium; and since all industrial fake-“renewables” depend completely upon a fossil fuel foundation, it will be another monster subsidy to fossil fuels. Judging by the history of proposed climate bills, it’ll probably also include coal subsidies (for “clean coal” scams).
3. What’s a fake renewable? It’s anything requiring a fossil fuel foundation; anything requiring hideously ecocidal mining; anything which will contribute to the pollution-poisoning of the Earth; anything designed to power an economy whose general actions are ecocidal. (GND plans always assume “green” generation of power for what’s otherwise business as usual.) These are just four leading ways any version of industrial “renewables” are not renewable, not sustainable, and will do their worst to render Gaia herself non-renewable. This includes industrial “biomass”, industrial wind, industrial solar, electric cars, and similar campaigns of earthly destruction in the name of the Earth. It also includes river-enslaving, riparian ecology-exterminating, salmon-massacring dam projects in the name of “hydroelectric”. Dams also require massive fossil fuel emissions for their construction and then cause a great spewing of carbon, as inundated soils hemorrhage methane.
4. Since the GND wants to perpetuate the high-production high-consumption industrial cancer economy (AKA “growth” economy), it therefore proposes to continue keeping the majority of the workforce out of food production. That means it proposes to perpetuate the framework of industrial agriculture.
Industrial agriculture itself, taken as a whole, is the number one driver of climate change, the number one emitter and destroyer of sinks. This is in addition to its horrific ecological afflictions, from habitat destruction to environmental poisoning to eradication of biodiversity and its replacement by a monoculture reduced to nothing but crops, livestock, the hominid tenders of these, specially privileged pests, weeds and diseases (since the massive poisoning of the environment selects for resistant strains of these and kills everything else), and the tremendously reduced bacterial community which presides over this.
I’ve written hundreds of times that the only possible way forward for any significant number of people to live at all post-fossil fuels is through agroecology based in the social system of food sovereignty. Indeed the data says this could produce enough food for even the number of people on Earth today, in an ecologically far less harmful way. But of course this would require all able-bodied people to participate in growing food. (Not in any way like agricultural laborers under the corporate industrial system, but as organic horticulturalists, essentially community gardening on a vastly larger basis than the community food movement has done so far.)
It’s a moot point since there’s zero chance that civilization will undertake this transformation. On the contrary civilization will hunker in the bunker like the one collective 1945 Hitler it is and make the end as hard as possible. The deranged-utopian “Green New Deal” and its industrial promises comprise part of this hunkering.
5. How bizarre that so many of the most acute analysts of disaster capitalism don’t see how Green New Dealism is the most extreme, thorough-going campaign of disaster capitalism yet. Unless of course they’ve consciously sold out.
6. One way to view industrial agriculture is that it is modern civilization’s campaign to maximize the conversion of atmospherically inert N2 to atmosphere-heating N2O and a big part of the civilization’s campaign to set loose all the stored carbon of hundreds of millions of years.
We can go further. Governments are best viewed as having their primary purpose in organizing the most ruthless exploitation of whatever can be turned into a “resource”, and the most ruthless destruction of everything else. The US military is a microcosm: It’s utterly incapable of achieving any of its affirmative goals, but it’s very successful at destroying and sowing chaos. So it has always been with governments, with civilization as such: Very good at destroying, generally a failure at any of the positive things it claims to seek: Human freedom, well-being, health, happiness, togetherness, peace. As a rule the “uncivilized” have enjoyed these to a far greater degree than the “civilized”.
It’s no wonder that starting with Cortes, European invaders of the Western hemisphere have felt far less need to guard against attacks from the indigenous, and far more need to prevent defections to the indigenous from their own ranks. As anarchists have long pointed out against the lies of civilization about allegedly sociopathic, competitive human nature: If this were human nature, then why after possessing total power for centuries now does modern civilization still need to expend on a daily basis such massive resources for indoctrination, propaganda, incentives, threats, and violence?
7. Today as Earth trembles on the verge of Gaia’s Kinesis, all the pent up energy of the equal and opposite reaction to the great war of omnicide civilization has waged against her, humanity faces its worst self-inflicted existential threat. But this also is humanity’s great new opportunity for liberation and re-membering with the Earth from which this deranged species never actually was able to sunder itself, in spite of all delusions.
If our biological species survives at all, we will do so only through restored accord with the Earth. In spite of the fantasies of the Green New Dealers, it will not be possible to save the death machine from itself. One way or another, with greater or less agency as opposed to under greater or less ecological duress, we shall resume our natural ecological role within natural limits. Whether this restoration of order is to be a Renaissance or a self-immiseration is up to us.


  1. Morning Russ…any idea on how long it will take for the reality to become obvious? When I go into so called civilization (our area much more low key, no skyscrapers etc) amazed at how ppl just keep chugging along/oblivious. Then again why amazed when this whole state now fluoridates the water. Thankfully I have a well and the water is good. Processed food from this country/assume fluoride. Italy looks to be relatively safe (whatever that means) as well as some other European countries. Point being as the IQ dips there is less awareness of what is going down. Not sure how that equates to countries that don’t poison the water. Still there has to be a tipping point when ppl go what the f**k. Then again with Calif a blaze and ppl are putting up with it/seems like that tipping point has come and yet ppl stay for the slaughter. The way I read your articles it will take the so called green new deal to be somewhat operational before the full effects of the raping to become obvious/thoughts?

    Comment by rose imagine — October 29, 2019 @ 12:41 pm

    • I expect they’ll soon pass some big package. Conservative “opposition” allegedly will be bought off with all those subsidies for coal, fracking, logging etc I mentioned. I say allegedly because in fact all that stuff is an integral part of the plan. Who knows how tangibly “operational” it needs to become. After all, the Green New Deal in action will be pretty much business as usual, just with extra incentives for upper-income consumers to buy “green” stuff.

      The most ironic thing is that this final blow-off before the deluge will result in the climate-industrial movement itself taking the worst of the political blame for the overall disaster while the conventional fossil interests will slink away. (All that refers to the period of the actual collapsing, while system politics are still going on. Of course the aftermath will see them all wiped out.)

      Comment by Russell Bangs — October 29, 2019 @ 1:50 pm

      • Meanwhile back at the ranch…c/p a comment from another forum (MOA)

        Bagdhadi is said to have run down a tunnel with three sons, pursued by dogs, and blown himself up with a suicide belt. The explosion allegedly caused the tunnel to collapse.
        Somehow the suicide belt which killed four failed to inflict any damage upon the commandos. Yet it was sufficiently powerful to collapse the tunnel. Presumably that is why the video of the area after the fact does not suggest a tunnel. The collapse of this tunnel did not entrap any of the commandos. And they were subsequently able to retrieve Bagdhadi’s body from the collapsed tunnel, within one hour and forty five minutes, allowing fifteen minutes to confirm his DNA. And round up a bunch of children and a bunch of militants, without incurring a single casualty. As well as retrieve considerable highly sensitive intelligence materials.
        If you’ve read this far, I thank you for assisting me with my therapy in writing this up – in hopes of recovering from the violent assault this story made upon my intelligence.

        I’m especially touched by the pic of the commando dog (we all love dogs right)/like could this not be more obvious Wag the Dog? But for you true patriots now you can get for a mere 15 bucks a neck scarf for your pooch/compliments of trump 20/20. And ppl actually believe this shite.

        Campaign manager Brad Parscale announced the campaign would be selling $15 “USA camo dog bandanas” because the 2020 re-election campaign “salutes our 4-legged heroes!”

        With calif blazing /think aluminum for starters (pun intended) and blackouts just a fact of life I just don’t know what exactly it will take for the we’re f**ked thing to dawn on ppl. 10, 20 years…who knows. Maybe even longer unless the whole water/food system collapses. Billy G has showcased a toilet that recycles poop to drinking water/maybe that will be the new normal. Such a green idea eh?

        Add to the delusion of the hive…in my day the thing to avoid was getting pg/because it was super easy to get that way. Now fertility clinics are the norm/wedding gifts include donations for a fertility clinic. Hello…anyone bother to research fluoride? That’s what I mean. Even when it hits right on the nail ppl don’t see it/they just morph to the new normal. This could drag out for quite a bit.

        Maybe home depot will carry the new toilets…wouldn’t that be swell?

        Comment by rose imagine — October 30, 2019 @ 4:21 am

    (Sung to the tune of Holy God We Praise Thy Name)

    Holy Dollar we praise Thy name,
    Sacred Green Back we bow before Thee.
    All life on earth Thy profits maintain,
    All souls in heaven and hellfire horde Thee.

    Infinite Thy vast exchange,
    Everlasting is Thy range.

    Infinite Thy vast exchange,
    Everlasting be Thy range!

    Comment by Joseph Patrick Quinn — October 29, 2019 @ 1:19 pm

    • That’s what almost everyone really thinks, all right. As for heaven and hell, in Mammon’s predestination the amount of money you have, especially the amount you’re born with, is the measure of your moral and spiritual worth.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — October 29, 2019 @ 1:55 pm

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