Series on the Land Scandal and the Land Recourse


Land Scandal: Community Education
Land Scandal: Community Education: Notes Toward an Outline
Jubilate! Mortgages and Property
Today’s Austerity and Tomorrow’s Jubilation
The MERS System and the Land Recourse
Mortgage Desperadoes
The Corporatism of MERS
Who Will Dictate the Wave’s Collapse? (MERS, the Land Scandal, and Corporatism Itself, part 1)
The MERS Wave Function (part 2)
The MERS Wave Function and Corporatism (part 3)
The Pious Lie
Feudal Property
Housing Divided
The Disintegrating Mortgage Front
The Next Crash At Hand? (Foreclosure System Collapse, MBS Disaster)
The Land Scandal and its Blurring Legal/Political Terrain
Foreclosure Counterattack: Propaganda, Pseudo-Legality, and Thuggery
What Do Wikileaks and the Land Scandal Have in Common?
The Banksters, the Land Dispensation, and the Rule of Law
Mortgages and Pensions, Federalism and Class War
Objectively Pro-Bank “Efficiency”
Old School Foreclosure
Toxic Titles
Analysis of Strategic Defaults Part 1
Analysis of Strategic Defaults Part 2
Analysis of Strategic Defaults Part 3
Analysis of Strategic Defaults Part 4
Analysis of Strategic Defaults Part 5


  1. […] have even legally forfeit their alleged ownership of the land, see here.) I’ve written lots more on the Land Scandal and the redemption we must take.   This anti-bank land redemption action, against REO (real estate-owned, i.e. bank-owned) in […]

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  2. […] The Populist Moment. . *** . Once upon a time I thought of adapting this idea to what I called the land scandal involving systematic property fraud on the part of the big banks. Did you know that, strictly […]

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