Series on Neoliberalism


We Have A (Fascist) Command Economy
How Kleptocracy Congealed (The New Feudal War part 1)
Bailout World, Second Stage of Kleptocracy (New Feudal War part 2)
The New Feudal War part 3: “Austerity”
Part 4: The Full Fury of the New Feudal War, The Intended End State
The Freedom Flotilla and the Neoliberal Assault
Beyond the Freedom Flotilla
The Shock Decade
Can There Be Another Accumulation?
Parasites and Imperialism
Imperialism vs. Politics
Imperialism vs. the Law
Let’s Get Austere, Baby!
Corporatist Party Politics: An Ancestor
“Parasites Upon Patriotism”
Permanent, and Very Unnatural, Rate of Unemployment


  1. […] structural, not “chosen”.)   For further reading I refer to the posts linked on my Neoliberalism page in the above right-hand corner, especially the four-part series starting here.   When you put all […]

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  2. […] of where corporatism came from in the first place, but I wrote extensively about it here and here.)   This reached a new level of aggressiveness in the post-war time, and especially since the end […]

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