Series on Net Neutrality and Internet Democracy


Hail to Blogging
Rackets and Relocalization, Case Study (RIAA and Copyrights)
Assaults on Food and the Internet (Leahy, Food Bill, Copyright) 


Internet Superhighway Crossroads (Net Neutrality and the National Broadband Plan)
Dispatch From the Net Neutrality/NBP Front
Net Neutrality: Battle Lines
ACLU Civil Liberties Report
To “Do Evil”, Kill Net Neutrality, Kill Democracy
Tightrope: No Wire, Shredded Net (The Google-Verizon Pact)
The Usual Suspects (Net Neutrality: Google Edition)
The Internet and Its Two Kinds of Monopoly
The FCC and Net Neutrality: Superfluous Public Comment = “No Comment”
The NYT’s Nocera Lies About Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality Silly Season Ends With A Whimper
Chinese Internet Racketeering, Coming Soon To A Pipe Near You


  1. プラダ バッグ リボン

    Comment by ぷらだ — November 14, 2013 @ 9:13 pm

  2. […] paroxysm. Out of hatred for all things Republican they’ve been deploring the destruction of net neutrality. This is ironic because these are the same aspiring censors who for a year now have been denouncing […]

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