July 24, 2020

Technocracy Delusions in Exaltation

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They left out, Total Destruction of the Earth Unto Collective Suicide Means Victory

These are great days for all puritans, closet fascists, bullies, solitary misanthropes living in cellars, the obese and sedentary. As part of the new mass cult they all can dress up their vices as public virtues.
Most of all it’s great days for the fundamentalist cult I’ve written against for over ten years: The fanatics of the technocratic scientism faith and especially how the economic civilization systematically injects these pathogens into a career position to act upon this theology. They dogmatically assert that any time any government or big corporation says any profitable technology is safe and necessary, the people should believe them on faith and that no questions or doubts ever should be allowed. The acute mass psychological-cultural-social crisis centered on Covid-19, astroturfed by a pre-planned government-media campaign of mass psychological terrorism and lawless autocratic lockdowns, is the most fertile terrain yet by far for this malevolent religious pathogen to make its spurious claim to authority and demand obedience.
(The epidemic itself, comparable to the rougher seasons of flu, is not in itself any kind of crisis. Only its social and political superstructure is being trumped up into an artificial crisis. But given the pathetic abdication of “the left” in recent years culminating in their mass covid-conversion to statism, authoritarianism, imperialism, globalism, it’s no surprise that almost all of our Marxist “historical materialists” also have ditched materialism completely in favor of atavistic political vapors. After all, this is the time of wholesale regression to medieval belief in the toxic miasma, that the air itself is poisonous.)
The scientism-technocrats claim there’s no such thing as social or political conflicts, no such thing as causes or origins, there’s no such thing as society period. Their faith says there’s nothing but purely technical challenges to be solved in purely technical ways, and that these technical solutions are safe and actually work. The fact that these never work and usually are unsafe never registers, only the fundamentalist technocratic belief.
It was these automatons themselves who served as the SARS-COV-2 vector by searching for it in the wild, bringing it back to their laboratories in order technologically to enhance its communicability and virulence, and then either deliberately or “accidentally” releasing it into the environment. (The record of lab escapes is too promiscuous for it not to be clear that there always will be many such incidents in these labs, so epistomologically and morally these long ago ceased being accidents and became premeditated “collateral damage”, merely a cost of doing business.) Generating the Covid pandemic in the first place was their solution to there being no such pandemic. It was their solution to the need for such a pretext for radical escalation toward their cherished vision of a techno-caliphate as openly planned at the Gates Foundation’s 2019 pandemic conclave, and as Gates has continued to proclaim openly.
Most fundamentally, these cult fanatics believe in an indelible total war of extermination of Man vs. Nature. They believe this war can and will be won through technocratic regimentation of humans and deployment of technology.
The civil religion of scientism/technocracy is nothing more or less than a secular manifestation of the age-old Dominion theology, seeking to impose the same age-old vision of theocracy.
It’s easy to see how they’ve so effortlessly joined and become leaders of the technocratic terror-lockdown campaign which is using the Coronavirus as a pretext.
They’re sincerely deluded that their shoddy, threadbare institutions and technologies can control Gaia’s bug. This is idiotic. The bug long has been at large, it will do whatever it will do, it will complete its natural cycle toward herd immunity in the host. Nothing undertaken by egomaniacal narcissistic technocratic power structures can change this. Any and all “lockdown” measures, any and all attempts at control, will accomplish nothing but to drag out the inevitable while inflicting every kind of man-made evil upon humanity and the Earth. Today the elites including the technocratic establishment are perpetrating the worst crime ever against humanity and the Earth, while the benighted masses who obey, however ardently or reluctantly, are foot soldiers of evil.
Meanwhile controlling the bug is really secondary to controlling human beings. This always was the real motivation of the architects of the terror.

July 18, 2020

British Government Again Admits Covid Death Figures are a Sham

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Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock along with Public Health England have given the latest revelation of the systematic fraud of the system in how it grossly inflates the official number of Covid-19 deaths. The secretary calls for an “urgent review” of guidelines which were changed in March to encourage and pressure doctors to log as a “Covid-19 death” anyone who tested positive for the virus at any time, regardless of how long ago the test was done or the actual cause of death. (Of course the tests themselves are highly inaccurate.) This is one of the two main ways the official C19 death count is systematically inflated. (The converse way is to log as a C19 death anyone who died while having any kind of flu-like symptom even in the absence of a test.)
Prof Carl Heneghan from University of Oxford, who spotted the issue with the data, told the BBC there was “huge variation” in the numbers of daily deaths reported in England by PHE.
While NHS England currently reports 30-35 deaths per day, Public Health England (PHE) data often shows double that or more, he said.
The reason is that anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus but then died at a later date of another cause would still be included in PHE’s Covid-19 death figures.
“By this PHE definition, no one with Covid in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness,” Prof Heneghan says.”
As the Evening Standard quotes a government health official: “It turns out you could have been tested positive in February, recovered, then hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a covid death.”
Public Health England released a statement admitting, “In England, we count all those who have died who had a positive COVID-19 test at any point.” This kind of fraudulent reporting goes back at least as far as March when many countries “spontaneously” all at the same time changed their reporting protocols in defiance of existing laws and safeguards, all toward the goal of logging anything and everything as a C19 death. This has been and remains a core element of the terrorist propaganda campaign in the UK, US, and across the West. The US largely has followed the British example on this, just as the US and the rest of the West followed the dire projections of the UK’s Imperial College which issued the initial, completely unscientific, purely political projections of tens of millions of deaths, a political manifesto designed to justify the lockdowns and demand obedience to them. This was a deliberate lie from the start, and the entire terror-lockdown campaign, born in lies and evil motives, has proceeded and continues to proceed from that original sin.
Off-Guardian’s Kit Knightly asks,
“Is this the beginning of a roll-back or climb down? Or just another phase in the global gaslighting that the coronavirus “pandemic” has become?”
The terror-lockdown campaign has been, among many other evils, an exercise in extreme social control. They’ve been testing how far they can go in demanding and receiving unquestioning abject submission from the great majority of the mass. If there were ever significant blowback they can back off, while if everyone continues their flat-earth brain-dead obedience the system can keep going imposing strictures which can become permanent, as they often hint or proclaim in the media.
The gaslighting involved in relaxing and then reimposing restrictions, or of juxtaposing caveats and admissions like these latest by the Health Secretary and PHE right alongside the ongoing terror propaganda campaign, along with the ongoing harassment and pressure to conform to unscientific superstitious rituals of masking and anti-social “distancing”, is part of testing how far obedience can be indoctrinated and enforced. If people remain willing to be terrorized and manipulated like yo-yos this way, the system will have reached its goal and can impose full totalitarianism at will.

July 16, 2020

Do No Harm


One of the benefits of running before dawn as I’ve been doing for over twenty years is that the air is much cleaner than during the vehicle traffic of the day. The difference is such that the infrequent times a gluttonous vehicle passes, like a garbage truck did this morning, the exhaust fumes are very tangible. I always cover my nose and mouth with my hand for the next twenty yards or so. Today I said, “Too bad I can’t conjure a spontaneous mask which will last for ten seconds.”
Then I thought of the innumerable daytime pedestrians and runners I’ve seen on busy streets all these years, and never a single one of them wearing a mask against the very real health dangers of the soot and other particulate matter poisoning the immediate air. Yet today there’s verily a mass hysteria for masks against the medieval miasma which the mass believes has resurged in our modern “scientific” time.
That’s one of the many proofs that the current mania for masking is based in irrationalism and hysteria.
My reading and thinking of over 25 years now always has confirmed the same conclusion: Nothing could be worse than living under totalitarianism. To be a Jew or other targeted group under Nazi control, to be part of any group suspect under Stalinism, to be forced to exist in such a place at all, is the worst fate imaginable. No other consideration is worth running any significant risk of escalating the police state. That’s why from the start I always said it would be better to do nothing and let the virus do what it will than to deploy coercive government power, especially since the bug was on the loose already before anyone thought about trying to contain it and so its natural cycling is inevitable and unstoppable. The only thing lockdowns have accomplished is to drag out the inevitable and add a long list of artificial ancillary harms.
In reality, it was never necessary to do nothing. What could have been done was to protect the vulnerable. Yet almost everywhere this is the one and only thing which was NOT done. That proves the idiocy at best, and more likely the deliberate malevolence of the terror-lockdown campaign.
That’s why from day one I put the government-media terror-lockdown campaign in this holistic perspective and never was willing to view it in technocratic isolation the way system propagandists demand we view it. That was before I learned what specific manipulations they were performing and lies they were telling, especially about Covid death rates, though of course I suspected massive lies from the start and wasn’t surprised when I learned precisely what the lies were.
I always carry that in mind when I read things like “Ahimsa, Masks and Social Distancing” by Mark Halpern (found on facebook, no link) which strike me as exactly upside-down and expressing the exact wrong priorities. It’s antithetical to anything I consider human:
“Ahimsa is the practice of “causing no harm”. This is a core tenant of both Yoga and Ayurveda. In Yoga, it is core tenant of karma. The selfish act of causing harm will bring suffering to the one who causes harm. In Ayurveda, the practice of ahimsa is considered essential to the maintenance of ojas- that which protects the immune system* and stabilizes the mind.
Wearing a mask and social distancing are acts of ahimsa in an environment of a pandemic. No more would I unnecessarily harm a spider than I would not wear a mask in public. As practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda, there is really no other healthy or proper choice.
Those who argue that freedoms are being taken away are simply living from the ego. This is the origin of selfishness. Action that stem from the ego generate karma. So too, according to the Bhagavad Gita does non-action. Non action for selfish reasons generates karma!
To not wear a mask and socially distance is to put everyone else in harm’s way. You may say that “they can wear a mask or they can stay away”. But, this comes from a selfish place. And, risk to everyone is lower when both people wear a mask and both are mindful of socially distancing. It’s time for the yoga and Ayurveda communities of teachers and practitioners to stand up and teach it is important to take the action that causes the least harm, or no harm.”
(*Spoken by a devotee of the program which consistently has sought to drive people out of the natural outdoors where our immune systems are enhanced and into the indoors where immune systems are eroded. In general, by deliberately trumping up maximum stress, anxiety and fear-itself the government-media Covid campaign has sought systematically to weaken our immune systems. This fits perfectly with the general necropolitan state of permanent stress and nutritionally poor food.)
My rebuttal: This goes against the scientific evidence for the negligible prospects of outdoor transmission, while the evidence for how helpful masks and spacing can be when indoors is highly conflicted. In any event it seems that close contact over many minutes is necessary for contagion to be likely. As critics including many public health officials and scientists long have been saying, masking and anti-social spacing comprise more of a psychological epidemic, a superstitious rite rather than a rational protection measure.
Meanwhile, to comply unquestioningly is to cause great harm by abetting the totalitarian goals of this campaign. To refuse abject compliance is an act of ahisma in the environment of an escalating police state. Those who argue that fear-itself makes obedience necessary are simply living from the ego. This is the origin of selfishness.
To wear a mask and anti-socially distance in sheep-like compliance to what the government and corporations demand is to put everyone else in harm’s way. You may say that “they can wear a mask or they can stay away”. But, this comes from a selfish place, since a totalitarian police state will engulf us all.
“When tyranny is abroad, submission is a crime.” — Andrew Eliot, 1765
I’m no longer willing to tolerate flat-earth propaganda which seeks to reduce this world-historical crisis in all its complexity to the single technical matter of alleged protection against a virus and refuses even to acknowledge the many other critical matters at stake, such as police state escalation, the death toll caused by the lockdowns themselves (which I suspect will end up being higher than that from Covid-19), and how the whole terror-lockdown campaign is escalating the pandemic of human alienation, isolation, loneliness and despair already endemic to this civilization. Those actually are among the real goals of the campaign, while it’s self-evident that public health was never a goal, only a pretext, much like how every US war of aggression is waged in the fraudulent name of “democracy”, “freedom”, “humanitarianism.” It’s the same evil system, the same evil lies, the same evil goals.