March 22, 2021

Come Home

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The voice of the Earth I heard as a child:

You are murdering your only home. You are destroying the only basis of your very existence. You are committing suicide.

You are destroying all that’s beautiful in the world, all that’s wholesome, all that’s healthful, all that’s alive, all that’s human.

You listen only to the voice of the devil within you, the voice urging you to suicidal idolatry. You idolize money, you idolize technology, you idolize your media, you idolize your state institutions. In your idolatry you use every act of destruction and self-destruction you commit as the spur to ever worse abominations.

Remember what happened to the first Tower of Babel. Your second is far taller, far more top-heavy and tottering from your bad engineering. And when it comes crashing down this time you’ll lose far more than your language.

Hear again the voice of your nature, your place amid the whole, your evolution, your intact living being, your will to live.

Come back from your sundered vagrancy. Repent of your ingratitude.

Come back, return. In the end it’s the only way, your only choice.

Come home.

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