March 20, 2021


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Today is this site’s birthday. For twelve years in this space I’ve been writing on the same theme, opposing the rabid globalist-technocratic movement dedicated to the total destruction of the Earth and humanity. The battlefronts today are the exact same where I began: The weaponized finance sector which wags the economic civilization like the tail wagging the dog, and the technological assaults on the Earth and humanity under the fraudulent banners of public health, feeding the world, saving the environment. The interventions of high-maintenance technology never protect, heal, feed, or save but on the contrary never do anything but assault, sicken, starve, rape, kill. Those who tout such interventions out of stupidity or cynicism or cult wingnut derangement always are pure evil in intent and goal.
The onslaught of the worldwide coordinated terrorist mass propaganda and the world-coordinated regime based on lockdowns, aggressive coerced ritual superstition (masks and hex spacing) and gene-altering injections, all seeking their pretext in the phantom “Covid” miasma, is the final throw of the dice. The globalist-technocratic power bloc and the ideological movement that exalts it have launched a 1941-style Blitzkrieg intending to win it all at once through brute force.
We have two basic groups among the elites. There’s the James Bond supervillain types like Gates and Schwab who have fanatical fundamentalist visions of using genetic engineering to transform the physical human species into a “transhuman” abomination. True believers in a grand crusade, leader-popes and the rabid high-octane faithful give themselves a corresponding license to lie about details since it’s “for the greater good.” They end up lying about everything which is at all in contact with reality, and the only thing they’re truthful about is their faith in their fantasy. Fundamentalist Covidian cultism never has had the slightest relation to any physical reality but operates only in the world of mass media lies, police state violence and the grand ideal/belief/vision/nightmare.
Then there’s the much larger group of regular crooks and gangsters who view the whole Covid assault in terms of class war from above, economic liquidation, social control, escalating the police state and shoveling out vast amounts of corporate welfare to Big Pharma, Silicon Valley and other oligopolies. For them the whole thing’s been a combination of the usual criminal greed, opportunism, stupidity and arrogance.
They view the big rollout of the gene-altering injections as the solution to everything. By making these as mandatory as possible they can force the most conformity and obedience while “reopening” economies on a far more corporate-controlled basis than prior to the lockdown-driven destruction of smaller businesses and jobs, all the while ready to clamp down again with more lockdowns whenever and wherever they consider it expedient. At the same time they’ll have generated a permanent massive government gravy train for Big Drug. Of course the drug cartels will make sure all the politicians and propagandists involved are very well rewarded.
That’s their plan. So far the rabid masses not only are letting them get away with it but volunteer to obey and conform. Few have to be conscripted, and fewer still have the courage to be conscientious objectors.
Neoliberalism calculated long ago that mere political dissent is toothless in a modern mass media society, while almost all the dissenters themselves are frauds. To put it in terms of class consciousness, the “bourgeois” ideology won long ago and is the only political consciousness left among moderners.
Sure enough, the moment the propaganda got the right pitch and volume shrieking about a “pandemic” and the chips were down, almost every “dissident” and “activist” ran home to mama and took their place as the most abject conformist. Many ex-dissident scribblers went rabid and rushed 1914-style to volunteer to serve as junior deputy propagandists.
So the globalist elites calculated right about those who have worthless “dissenting” opinions about this or that political matter – when the chips are down they’ll conform. But those who actually resist the physical demands of this totalitarian offensive, those who resist getting injected upon the system’s demand, those who refused to be altered, whatever their surface “politics”, comprise an existential resistance and therefore threat. These are the real dissidents, not the now-proven-fake “political” ones whose actual mode of life long has been pure conformity.
Reality has become very dark. It requires the patience and endurance of the faithful. I have no choice what to write. I hear the word through the Earth and my only choice is to write it or not.
I’ve written hundreds of times over the years in many contexts what we who still are human and want to redeem humanity need to do. We must find comrades online and in real life and commit in a disciplined way to an organized task, toward the greater goal of creating a movement outside the system.
No one was interested in that before and now when the stakes radically have escalated it’s much harder than before.
Once and for all I finally give up on politics and the mass. The best we can do toward the mass is cast the seeds out there as far as possible for wherever the soil becomes fertile. But the main thing needful to do is for dedicated dissenters to find each other and organize for mutual self-defense; mutual spiritual and psychological support; shared social and community life; building back human economy based on local/regional food production and distribution on the basis of agroecology and food sovereignty; and to say again mutual self-defense. We must find one another in real life and not just online, which probably means organizing something online which helps us find one another in real life.
We need our version of Noah’s Ark, which likely will start with many improvised boats forming a Dunkirk exodus. This may have to come before our Normandy day. We know that under these conditions conventional activism is hopeless. We’re forced to resist and evade and oppose and survive an aggressive rabid fundamentalist religious tsunami. In effect we’re already a persecuted sect in the catacombs, yet we have no identity of our own. Like I said above we’re the fragments of numerous former identities now cast out on the basis of nothing but our shared will to survival, community, shared truth, shared freedom and a shared human future. All others have cast these away and now trample them. They envision a rabid future of nothing but smashed atoms amid total omnicide. We must build a new thing, a tight-knit spiritual identity dedicated to living as human beings. This already was a radical idea amid the modern economic civilization. The “Covid” onslaught has rendered it so radical as to be literally inconceivable for the rabid atoms of the mass.
Which I suppose is as it must be, as their rabid hallucination of the total destruction of all human qualities and values toward the goal of the total physical destruction of all natural humanity and all natural life, which means life in itself, is inconceivable and intolerable to anyone still human.


  1. I sure had an awful time posting this. The workaround editor I learned last autumn stopped working within the last few weeks, then the workaround I thought I had figured out two days ago failed today. I don’t know how much longer I can continue with this now very hostile platform.

    Well I just have to keep in mind Jeremiah 45. I know the Lord’s Earth will win whether or not the words I’ve written here for twelve years endure, whether anyone ever wants them to endure, and whether or not I ever write again.

    Comment by Russ — March 20, 2021 @ 5:09 am

    • Hi, Russ.
      I don’t know the details of your experience, of course, but I do have extensive experience of my own, and one thing I’ve learned over the years is to NEVER work within, or trust, any internet-based platform with any significant amount of newly written text; i.e. more than a paragraph or two (like what I am typing right now). If I am going to write at any length, I compose in Notepad or equivalent — or better yet, in my old DOS text editor (in use now for 30+ years) — with frequent saves to disk. THEN, and then only, copy and paste the finished piece into the internet edit box, and post. This means that if there is some problem posting, or if the system goes down, or any other damn thing, I still have my text (which, if I had trusted their systems, would have been lost forever). I can then attempt to post a 2nd time, or whatever.
      There is no reason to struggle with crappy, unstable and unreliable internet interfaces, when it comes to editing. Edit offline, in your own fully-controllable environment, THEN cut/paste/post.
      Good luck.

      Comment by alan2102 — March 25, 2021 @ 3:41 pm

      • Oh, I learned that in my earliest days of online participation, the first time I put work into posting a comment and it got eaten.

        No here I’m talking about how it’s hardly possible any longer even to paste something and have it come out the way it’s supposed to.

        Comment by Russ — March 26, 2021 @ 2:04 am

    • Run into the same problems with WordPress. First the Reader disappeared and now when I attempt to write an article all I get is a blank page. I am working on it but I’m useless with tech. If I can’t find a way around will just have to migrate to another site.

      Comment by con — March 30, 2021 @ 2:06 pm

      • I managed to get a writing page by going into my history of several days ago. Ridiculous, eh?

        Comment by con — March 30, 2021 @ 2:25 pm

      • I managed to find another way to get to the classic editor, through old drafts. I can get the classic editor through an obsolete draft, delete the old content and paste in the new, and for now that’s working.

        Comment by Russ — March 30, 2021 @ 5:16 pm

      • Yes, I used that for a time – but then those pages came up blank too. I use a first generation iPad, anonymous, no contract in an attempt to block these problems. My iPad should not take either updates nor downloads, but somehow the WordPress updated itself into a new format which blocked all writing pages including going into old drafts. There has been a progression in deterioration of my WordPress. First the Reader went. Then the ability to add tags. Now this. Just by luck I found I could get a writing page by going back days into my History. If/when that goes I expect I will have to find another platform.

        Comment by con — March 31, 2021 @ 1:35 am

  2. Dear Russ,I always look forward to your essays/sermons even though I am not remotely religious in the anglo-saxon sense.  Even as a little kid, I used to dream about being a migratory sort of person, padding north and south, following the seasons, living with what Mother Earth provided, leaving hardly a trace, probably dying relatively young, but at peace with myself and the world around me.  At other times, I dreamed about being a tree, able to withstand the sub-zero winters to leaf again in Spring time.  Alas, I was born into a family who frowned upon dreams and visions, even nightmares, not seeing these things as uncharted wonders, but as menaces, possibly, to their worldview.As it turned out, I did live a somewhat itinerant life and now live (and will die) in France, hopefully here, in a small town in the southwest, where we are scamdemic refugees from Paris.  Our mostly organic food comes from nearby if not from our own garden which we are slowly developing.Anyway, thanks for writing.  I appreciate it.SteveWordPress.comenvoyé : 20 mars 2021 à 09:00de : Volatility <comment-reply@wordpress.com>à : steve.church@orange.frobjet : [New post] Springtime Russ posted: "      Today is this site's birthday. For twelve years in this space I've been writing on the same theme, opposing the rabid globalist-technocratic movement dedicated to the total destruction of the Earth and humanity. The battlefronts today"

    Comment by onceagain489 — March 20, 2021 @ 5:50 am

    • Thanks for the good word Steve. It sounds like you’ve found a good place. I think a lot about where I can go, within the US or without.

      I’m becoming deeply religious but from a different path than the conventional one. Like what you describe I came from Gaia’s world, heard the voice of the Earth as a child and again later in life after losing touch with it for awhile. I’ve come to the Lord and the Bible by way of understanding how the Earth is the Lord’s chosen way to manifest himself and operate. That includes chastisement where necessary. Ecological blowback, including Gaia’s driving the ecocidal civilization insane through the Covidian pandemic of the soul and mind (as in, those who the gods would destroy they first drive insane), is the same as the Babylonian conquest as prophesied by Jeremiah. The only non-suicidal way out is to become humble, repent, end the crimes against humanity and Earth. Of course the Covidian civilization so far has chosen the exact opposite path, trying to resist with force, violence, artificial suppression and sequestration, most of all by radically escalating its idolatry of the techno-alteration of evolution’s fine natural system, the human body and all other natural life, the craftwork of the Lord. Meanwhile the governments continue committing and escalating every other crime against humanity and the Earth.

      Well, from your description it sounds like you also felt the call of the Earth and never did lose those visions in spite of adversity.

      Comment by Russ — March 21, 2021 @ 1:36 am

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