March 10, 2021

Make A Desert to Prepare the Way for the Beast


To maintain a healthy environmental terrain and internal immune system by encouraging biodiversity – that’s an element of ecology and immunology and is the basis of all science-based agroecology and preventive medical practice, as well as most curative medical practice.
The fact that from day one the Covid terrorist propaganda and lockdown assault has opposed this entire proven framework and sought to maximize the opposite, the destruction of healthy human terrains (physical and psychological) through radical aggressive reductive forcible violent interventions premised on sequestration and suppression, was always one of the proofs that the entire campaign has zero to do with science or public health and regards these with extreme contempt.
The billionaires and foundations and “forums” which propagate the aggressive “vaccine” model of “fighting disease” are the same that have fought in the most aggressive totalitarian way to eradicate all genetic diversity in agricultural crops and domestic animals as well as in free nature, and openly strive to do the same with humans.
They concocted the entire “pandemic” onslaught of terrorist propaganda and aggressive social control and police state assaults for a radical escalation of this agenda to the level of a 1941-style blitzkrieg. They’re trying to use the mass insanity they’ve provoked to win it all in one fast blunt force push. (Whether they deliberately released SARS-COV-2 and trumped up its alleged “Covid” pandemic effect, or opportunistically seized upon an accidental release, makes little difference to the overall malignity of the program.)
The cosmic irony, and to the impresarios a feature not a bug, is that this violently forced genetic uniformity will render human populations much more vulnerable to pandemics, not less.
The technocracy program is maximum genetically-altered transhumanism for its own sake, as a religious goal.
I don’t know whether the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab really want to kill billions along the way as an accompanying depopulation goal, but I do know they don’t care. That’s a price they’re willing to pay toward their hellish vision of New Babylon.


  1. nice article, Russ. 

    Comment by ykurashova — March 10, 2021 @ 9:47 am

  2. […] pseudo-pandémie apportait de nombreux avantages pour satisfaire cet agenda écolo. 0 37 Make A Desert to Prepare the Way for the Beast attempter.wordpress.com by Russ – 2 days ago >     To maintain a healthy environmental […]

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  3. Hey Russ, how’s it going?

    So, the hoards of new-born disciples, not having satiated their folly with face diapers, are now falling all over themselves to get the jab. Cosmic irony? I’m pretty much speechless baring witness to their enthusiasm, but how does one stand in their way?

    I’m back to barking at the moon over at MOA…where I kinda miss your voice.


    Comment by john — March 15, 2021 @ 5:47 am

    • Hi John. The wingnut mass are fanatics in a state of religious ecstasy, so they’ll keep performing any ritual the priests command. So far no one’s been coming up with any counter-movement I’ve heard of, so humanity’s best hope remains that the mass insanity will burn itself out as abruptly as it flared into being.

      Now and then I read an MOA piece though I’ve lost much of my appetite for mere opinions-against-imperialism on the part of scribblers who I now know are pro-imperial frauds. Same for when I sample a comment thread – I look at the same old posers (plus some new ones striking the same pose) and roll my eyes knowing what pure frauds most of them are.

      These days I do most of my moon-barking at more congenial venues like Unz and Off-Guardian.

      Comment by Russ — March 15, 2021 @ 7:30 am

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