October 31, 2020

The Sleepwalking of Reason Brings Monsters


In this time where the great majority daily dress themselves as monsters in earnest, to the point of wanting to obliterate their former human face, with all the monstrous thoughts this conjures, how refreshing to have a holiday which is about dressing for play in play masks as play monsters.
Religious trust in vaccination as a panacea for all ills is part of delusional Dominion-technocratic theology which, as part of its project forcibly to sunder humanity from our ecological and biological grounding in Gaia and segregate us inside a sterilized bubble, works to deploy every kind of technological intervention to replace and where possible destroy natural functioning. With the terror-lockdown assault that uses Covid as a pretext we’re seeing the most extreme attempt to destroy natural immune functioning, erase the very idea of an immune system from the hive mind and replace it with a purely artificial regime centering on vaccination.
By the same token, if you ever were going to doubt the safety of a particular vaccine this is the time, where the stampede to rush an untested shoddy profiteering vaccine to market is part of the general stampede of mass hysteria and lunacy.
(That’s a good place to state the fact once again before we go any further, this mild bug never needed any control measures whatsoever beyond those for the comparable regular flu. The terror-lockdown assault which uses Covid as a pretext stemmed 100% from the economic and political strategy of the globalist elite. The mass response has arisen 100% from its own mass dementia. Neither direction has anything at all to do with any public health concern. Zero. Zilch.)
Faith in vaccination is especially unwarranted in the case of Coronaviruses. Corona vaccines don’t work. After over a hundred years of faith and effort and expense there’s still no vaccine for the common cold which is caused by a Coronavirus. Do you believe the hype that in the blink of an eye they’ll do any better with this “novel” Coronavirus, something completely new under the sun? On the contrary, the only guarantee is how unsafe the vaccine product will be where marketed this way as a political spectacle.
(That’s not a literal sun, of course; the vaxxer theocrats deny that sun exposure and Vitamin D have anything to do with immune functioning, since they deny there’s any such thing as a functional immune system.)
The fact that vaccine manufacturers are preemptively indemnified is strict proof that governments and corporations regard vaccines, at least where manufactured under conditions of profiteering, to be very unsafe products.
It seems there’s a broad consensus, even if we don’t count the activist pro-vax mob, that vaccines as a product genre are safe and effective, with unsafe or ineffective ones being exceptions.
But in reality this is upside down. On the contrary, even if there may be some exceptional vaccines which are safe and effective, most are dubious or clearly not effective and/or are unsafe. This lack of effectiveness is especially the case where it comes to Coronaviruses. And to repeat, legal indemnification is an admission on the part of governments and corporate manufacturers that vaccines are inherently unstable and unsafe.
Like everything else about the terror-lockdown assault which uses Covid as a pretext, the hyper-accelerated vaxxer propaganda and corporate-welfare gravy train is an extreme departure which has no good cause in reality. It’s part of this religious-totalitarian campaign based on “believing because it’s absurd” and trying to force a schizophrenic total break with reality on the part of all of humanity. The elites’ globalist system already has burned all its bridges with the Earth and reality and wants to close off any way back for the people. That’s their only hope to cling to their power.
Part of this program is to use indoctrination and propaganda to disparage the concept of the natural immune system and as much as possible try to destroy our immune functioning through the wholesale poisoning of the environment (therefore poisoning our food, water, air, and bodies), economically forcing worse and worse diets upon us, inflicting gross psychological stress, urging or requiring people to stay indoors where the air is more polluted and the psychological atmosphere prone to stress and depression, all so that it becomes psychologically and even physically impossible to live natural alternatives to the most extreme techno-interventionist bubble-boy existence.
And so they’re running this last great vaccine gamble. If they prevail, for as long as they can prevail, they can use the Covid pretext to force this vaccine upon entire Western populations, either through direct coercion or the coercion of requiring being stabbed as a condition for getting or holding a job, travel, a driver’s license etc. And they’ll try to piggy-back any number of other vaccines onto this coercion apparatus.
The risk they run is that they’ll provoke a great popular backlash centering on opposition to this vaxxer assault, especially once the vaccine quickly proves beyond all doubt to be far more deadly than the mild epidemic itself. In that case passive and active resistance will be literally a matter of life and death.
We already know that’s likely to be the case, since the system already has pre-indemnified the vaxxers against technical legal responsibility. As for whether they’ll be held responsible for their crimes morally, politically, force against force (lawless force is all the system has by now, and their own “laws” are lawless as we see everywhere with the lockdown decrees themselves, invariably lawless and, at least in the US, unconstitutional), only history will prove.
In the meantime, I predict that even when/if a mass vaccine is rolled out the system will demand that the vaccinated continue with the face diapers and hex spacing. These never had any public health purpose, only purposes of social control and religious ritual. Getting the jab of the beast so one can buy and sell will only be added to these, not replace them.


  1. Three things to look into:

    Reiner Fuellmich is heading an international network of lawyers, hoping to file a class action suit (the largest in history) on behalf of the victims of the corona scandal. His y outube channel was censored but find the Spanish version (49 min vid) that’s still on there last I checked (click “videos” to see All videos btw). It’s Spanish subtitles but the original English sound. Well worth a listen. And if you know any victims…

    He is linked with attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. Kennedy has a riveting interview posted at his Children’s Health Defense website. Search online in quotes: “Robert Kennedy Jr.” and “destroys” and “pro-vaccine movement” and you should see his site and that exact interview. Truly scary what he learned about vaccines as a lawyer. First half hour is a must.

    Lastly, look into virologist Stefan Lanka. He challenged the Koch Institute, Germany’s federal scientific institute, offering them 100 thousand euros if they could scientifically prove the existence of the so-called measles virus. He won in the Supreme Court. (2017). He showed the idea of a pathogenic measles virus is based on pseudoscience. This has much to do with the alleged corona pathogenic virus. His article, “The Misconception called Virus”, is an intro.

    Many levels of deception going on.


    Comment by Tom Culhane — November 19, 2020 @ 12:57 pm

    • Thanks for the information Tom. Very true, we’ve never seen such comprehensive deception.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — November 19, 2020 @ 1:24 pm

      • Gates is a major player in this hoax, as you know. As Robert Kennedy Jr says, “He owns the World Health Organization”. Who is Bill Gates? Last year I solved the riddle.

        Riddle being: In the 70s computer wiz Steve Wozniak invented the Apple and then Apple II computers. He partnered with his friend Steve Jobs to market them. They sold like hotcakes. The little computer era was the new wave.

        To get control of the situation, the establishment came out with the IBM PC and other corporations were allowed to sell “clones” of this. But they did a very strange thing. IBM, the world’s largest computer company, didn’t write an operating system for the PC. Instead they contracted with a Harvard dropout named Bill Gates to provide it for them. He had been hovering around the little computer scene, supplying programs to run on Apples.

        So Bill Gates bought an operating system from somebody else, he called it MS-DOS (Microsoft disc operating system), and then “licensed” it to IBM and then all the other IBM clone manufacturers. (“No Bill, really, you keep the rights. We don’t want it.”)

        GIVE ME A BREAK!

        And so Microsoft now runs most everybody’s computer. What’s wrong with the picture?

        So I solved it. Bill Gates was a Congressional Page in high school. This is an impossible job to get; your family has to be connected with Washington. You carry messages between Congressmen and Senators. You need the best security clearance.

        Obviously Gates was promoted to federal agent after high school and planted in the middle of the emerging small computer scene. He is simply a front.

        So no need to worry about the CIA hacking into your operating system. The CIA IS your operating system. (Hold on, I’m getting an update from Microsoft now…)

        “When it’s least expected – you’re elected. You’re the star today. Smile! You’re on Candid Camera.”

        Comment by Tom Culhane — November 20, 2020 @ 10:46 am

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