Series on the Health Racket Bailout and the Stamp Mandate


The Stamp Racket Mandate part 1
The Stamp Racket Mandate part 2
The Stamp Racket Mandate part 3
Stamps and Poll Taxes part 4
The Health Racket Bailout
The Health Racket Bailout is an Austerity Policy
The Austerity Mechanism of the Health Racket Bailout
Kangaroo Court in Action: The Stamp Mandate
Obamaromneycare: “Reform” vs. the People
Obamacare: Setting Records for Breaking Promises
Bailouts = Monopoly, Health Racket Bill Version
The Health Racket Mandate
That Old Time Trickle-Down Religion


  1. […] one example of an alternative.    Lots more about the malevolence of the health system at my health racketeering page.    6. Education: The gutting of school budgets and the pernicious character of the curriculum […]

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  2. […] and here. (For the health racket bailout and Stamp mandate in general, see my posts catalogued here.)   For anyone who supports this, please explain:   1. Does this mean that if Congress decides […]

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  3. […] I’ve said my piece about the health racket bailout and Stamp mandate. I don’t have anything to add, except that I’m pleased to see how the SCOTUS punted on […]

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  4. […] of recent decades which transcends those three basic categories.   (Obamacare, for example, is really a corporate bailout and a poll tax. It has no public weal character, but is a combination of corporate welfare conveyance (its main […]

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  5. […] do so is because they didn’t want to. They wanted to do their “reform” this way, rendering the system far more complex, irrational, dysfunctional, expensive, and […]

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  7. […] they exalt the health insurance racket. Like anyone who supported the health racket bailout. . See here for all my posts on this way back when. . Meanwhile those who voted for the health racket bailout […]

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  8. […] economic system like single payer, which would deliver much better care at far less expense than the bloated parasite which is the private health insurance racket. Boutique high-maintenance “treatments” like gene therapy and this kind of eugenics […]

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