August 29, 2020

Viral Fantasies of Control


It was clear from the start that if SARS-COV-2 really posed an unusual danger which in theory merited aggressive government intervention, there was no good solution since we have only incompetent and malign systems trying to apply fundamentally wrong-headed ideologies and practices against nature at her most assertive, fluid and flexible. It was always clear that the best societies could do was to take precautions to protect the most vulnerable while otherwise letting the bug do what it certainly is going to do anyway regardless of all attempts to violently segregate and suppress it. Lockdowns accomplish nothing but to delay the inevitable while adding immense collateral harms to physical and mental health, human community and culture, and radically accelerate the economic liquidation of the people.
And yet protecting the vulnerable is the one thing most Western societies refused to do, while those same societies acted very aggressively imposing every kind of worthless measure upon the general population which is not in any special danger from the bug and which inevitably must attain herd immunity. SARS-COV-2 already was irretrievably at large long before any measures were undertaken in the West, so any possibility of limiting the range and infection rate went glimmering long ago. The only likely place to have limited the virus was at the bioweapons lab where it was engineered or modified in the first place, whether this lab be in Maryland or Wuhan. Once it was let slip from there, and once it evaded any local quarantine (it was long gone by the time any measures were taken), the game was up, nature took over and the epidemiological cycle was guaranteed to complete itself. Societies never had any option but to let nature take its course toward herd immunity.
What’s been done has been exactly upside down. It’s the vulnerable who should be shielded while nature takes its course among the general population, who go about life as usual. Dominionist-technocratic rigidity can’t prevent the cycling of Gaia in spite of the delusions of the modernist religion which is merely an updated biblical dominionism. This is especially true since Western societies began their measures far too late anyway. From the start it would’ve been best to let herd immunity develop as fast as it naturally will, at which time the virus recedes from lack of hosts and is likely to mutate in a milder direction along the way. This is the only way to bring a safer environment for all including the most vulnerable. Nothing else was going to work, while the lockdowns add a long list of purely gratuitous evils: The very high number of preventable deaths from the lockdown itself, political cover for the most extraordinary Fed interventions yet to prop up the collapsing financial system, political cover for this latest Wall Street plunder expedition empowered by the lockdown’s controlled demolition of the economy, the radical escalation of the police state, the euthanasia campaign the campaign has enabled against the sickly aged, the escalation of anti-China war propaganda, the deep trauma disorienting people into total submission and social conformity, the radical aggravation of the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people.
Those who can’t or are unwilling to understand these concepts seem motivated by prior police-statist ideology and/or mental collapse into a state of terror caused by the propaganda campaign, but it has nothing to do with rationally deliberated concern for any public health.
Therefore any debate over what in theory would be the best response if the bug was coming but not yet here always was moot. The only rational response was for society to exert itself to protect institutions where the most vulnerable are congregated while letting nature take its course through the general population, just like any regular flu.
Instead governments did the radical opposite of this, imposing general lockdowns while doing nothing real, only sham, to protect nursing homes and hospitals. As a result those became slaughterhouses. At the same time the pointless lockdowns are causing tremendous ancillary health harms and will kill more than the bug itself.
Yet even now most still believe that lockdowns and similar measures are worthy and that the bug can be stopped short of cycling thruout the population.
From day one this has been as true of “alternative” types as it is of the mainstream. Both equally heeded the propaganda call to “Stampede!” and joined the technocrat-led chorus howling the imperative, “We Have to DO Something!!” From there it follows as religious doctrine that there must exist a Good Solution when in fact no such thing exists. For most problems and crises the dissenters’ alleged Good Solution is different from that of the mainstream, but in the case of Covid they’re in lock step. Indeed the pre-existing alternative establishment largely has dissolved itself back into the mainstream, very likely permanently. Just as most individual “anti-authoritarians” have their personal fetishes which cause them to metastasize to a tyrannical advocacy, so the Covid Death Cult has proven to be the road back to authoritarian mainstream home for almost all erstwhile “dissidents”. Their regression to the neoliberal mainstream in the cases of Trump Derangement and Brexit were mere rehearsals.
Many among the apostates still cherish the Stalinesque fantasy that from the Covid apocalypse and the ashes of humanity it leaves behind will arise the phoenix day of a new city of social justice and ecological sustainability. According to this vision, the closer the economic civilization comes to totalitarianism and ecological collapse the closer it comes to a utopian transformation from all that’s bad to all that’s good. (Stalin imparted the dogma that the worse the class struggle gets, the closer society is to the communist revolution.) This is one reason why almost all leftists, “anti-authoritarians”, anti-imperialists have ardently embraced the Death Cult and acted as propagandists for it – they believe in doing so they’re speeding the descent of their version of Revelation’s New City.
But there’s no reason to believe in such daydreams. The globalist corporate system deliberately used the Covid propaganda pretext in order to undertake the controlled demolition of the global economy, precisely in order artificially to generate the conditions for a new round of elementary capitalist accumulation. The economic civilization, a metastatic cancer dependent on “growth” in order to sustain itself at all, always needs a bleeding boundary where it is rending and destroying hitherto unassimilated “resources” in order to turn them into commodities. At the limits of the globe, where the civilization has long since found itself, it can only rip open old wounds, destroy parts of itself in order to render them capable of being re-assimilated in new bouts of cancer-growth. This disaster capitalism most often has used war or economic collapse as its agent of destruction, but disasters like Hurricane Katrina or hoax disasters like Covid-19 also serve. This current, most extreme campaign of disaster capitalism is also being called the Great Reset, exactly the right term: Global capitalism, more broadly the economic civilization itself, is collapsing of its own top-heavy parasite finance extrusion and desperately has needed a reset, a vast newly devastated zone where it again can recycle its rampage. This is why the system seized upon the objectively mild Covid-19 epidemic to launch a global propaganda campaign fraudulently depicting it as a lethal pandemic, in order to gain the political pretext to lock down, i.e. deliberately demolish, the global economy which was on the verge of chaotic collapse.
Therefore any economic slowdown effects, and any environmental and social benefits which went along with this slowdown were purely incidental. Nor is there any prospect I can see of any new movement arising to turn these to pivotal social effect. No one, and least of all the leftist alternative types, actually wants any significant degrowth, any significant dismantling of the economic civilization. On the contrary all political factions agree the system must resume with all the ecocidal and mass homicidal violence of which it’s capable. There’s no constituency for any alternative path. On the contrary all system factions which purport to want a more ecologically harmonious path are touting the Green Capitalist, Green New Deal, Green Cancer/”Growth” fraud, which simply means business as usual, albeit with a “green” tone.
So there’s no way to turn the Covid-19 to “progressive” effect. This demolishes the apostates’ only constructive rationale for their adherence to the cult. (How ironic and psychopathic that they accuse Covid skeptics and dissenters of being willing to let people die, when they’re the ones who, in the same breath where they conjure the specter of millions dying also evoke utopian visions of what goodness will come of this. Not to mention that most of the deaths which have transpired were victims of the lockdownists’ own euthanasia campaign.)
There will be no control of the Coronavirus and no control of the destiny of social humanity under the boot of the terror-lockdown campaign other than in the direction of police state tyranny amid general economic devastation. This will be the direction, if the people continue to allow it and continue to embrace or obey the cult.

August 26, 2020

Self-Masking Humanity

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“And their faces resembled human faces.”
– Revelation 9.7
Their faces do still resemble human faces even as they continue to unhumanize themselves. The mask is meant to deny one’s humanity.
Months after the initial terror campaign in the media, the Mask-Faces no longer can claim passion. They no longer can claim they’re being stampeded. By now those who continue to embrace the Covid Death Cult are doing so out of deliberate motivation. Their motivation has zero to do with health or science. The science on mask-wearing is longstanding and not controversial: Outside of a health care setting where health professionals are using professional-grade masks while treating patients with respiratory diseases, mask-wearing serves zero health-related purpose.
Most people know or suspect this. For years polls have consistently shown that most people don’t trust the media, so there’s no reason to believe they trust it here either. Those who still embrace the mask do so because they want to.
The most evident fact is that the Mask-Faces don’t want their faces to be seen. They consider themselves too ugly for sight. In their own eyes their humanity is ugly, and they’re ashamed of being human.
As I’ve been writing here for many years, many people are ashamed of their nature as physical beings needing to eat food. They struggle to alleviate their self-disgust by mediating food through such technologies as pesticides and genetic engineering. The idea that they’re not eating food but physically intermingling with what they consider high technology helps their diseased ego co-exist with their actual physical existence.
In the same way, they’ve tried to console themselves for having to breathe air like a common primate by polluting the air, preferring climate-controlled indoor air which is the most toxic of all. They would welcome a circumstance which forced or strongly urged them to remain indoors, which would tell them the polluted indoor air is “safest”.
Although particulate air pollution is highly poisonous and lethal for hundreds of thousands every year, the most deranged among civilized egos try to revel in the idea that they’re not breathing but rather physically intermingling with technologically altered air, i.e. with technology as such.
The government/media’s terroristic propaganda campaign centering on SARS-COV-2 was designed by the leadership of the technocratic cult and deployed according to this cult’s specifications, under its supervision. But it has placed the rank and file in a quandary.
As good authoritarian followers they do fear the bug. At a superstitious medieval level they believe the air itself is poisoned with a miasma which causes disease. But even worse, even though seemingly in contradiction, the controlled demolition of the global economy which was the first primary goal of the elites in deploying the whole terror-lockdown campaign had the side effect, because of reduced industrial activity, of temporarily rendering the air the cleanest it’s been in our lives. While Covid-19 isn’t harming anyone but the elderly who already are sick, the fear of this bogeyman coupled with actual clean air sickens the minds of the technocratic necropolitan mass. What to do? They seized upon the masks as hex objects. The masks are self-defense simultaneously against the clean air as well as against the miasma.
That’s why they’ve so joyously gone insane and why they so tenaciously stick with their masks even now, months after the initial scare, when all rational people are aware of the mild character of the epidemic, the fact long-established by scientific study that masks are of no use against flu-type viruses, and that reflecting this the “authorities” have constantly contradicted themselves and one another on the value of mask-wearing, because maskism never had the slightest public health value but always served only political, social control purposes.

August 24, 2020

We Begin the Final Act

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I see no getting out of this one.
By a year from now, very likely earlier, probably with the election as catalyst, there will come extreme events. We will see monsters.
I don’t know if it yet will culminate in the nuclear war we know is inevitable, but the coming tribulations will be similar in scope. In the US, the true Second Civil War, or overt suspension of the constitution and martial law with totalitarian police accompaniment, becomes ever more likely.
The best outcome among those at all likely is that the US undergoes catastrophic social collapse, centrifugal violence and fragmentation.
All this is beginning to happen while the Westernized globe convulses in the throes of history’s most extreme manifestation of mass insanity. Obviously the masses aren’t deranged because of Covid-19. (Covid-19 has caused nothing, anywhere.)
Rather, in the same way governments everywhere have been using this mild epidemic as the pretext for a litany of evil campaigns – preventing the chaotic collapse of the global economy 2008-style by giving the finance system the pretext to perform a controlled demolition instead; enabling Wall Street to embark upon an escalated campaign of the plunder of every kind of real asset; greatly intensifying the war propaganda against China; setting up a grand experiment in social control; escalating the police state; intensifying the already extreme alienation of human from human and human from nature; last but not least using this Coronavirus everywhere as an agent of euthanasia of the sick and old on a scale vastly exceeding the Nazi T4 campaign – so the masses, who by 2020 had reached an unbearable state of psychological, spiritual and cultural pressure, ecstatically seized the pandemic flag and marched with it into insanity on a mass level.
There’s simply no other way of describing it, the mass reaction has been so extraordinarily out of proportion to the objective reality, by so many orders of magnitude.
Look at it this way: The global situation, especially that of the domestic US, is much worse than that in Europe in 1939. In 1939 no one in Europe wanted war except for a small handful of powerful men. Today in the US the great majority more or less wants war, war with Russia or China or Iran or in Venezuela or any combination of these at once. Many are rabid for war.
Sure, they think it won’t affect them personally (otherwise they wouldn’t be so gung ho), which is just one of the many metrics of American stupidity. But that only intensifies their avidity.
And then looming over all this is the bloody sunset of escalating ecological blowback, imminent ecological collapse and the collapse of modern civilization which must accompany it. While most remain impervious to conscious knowledge of this gathering kinesis, none can escape the rising sense of doom amid the collective unconscious. This sense indelibly sears us with the eschatology of the time, and no doubt played the primary role in heating the pressure cooker of the modern mass psychology which is catastrophically blowing off some of its steam with its ecstasy of mass insanity over SARS-COV-2.
Are you ready to face death, very soon? If not I suggest preparing your mind and soul. Of course we’ll struggle to survive. But like they say, while we strive for the best we must prepare for the worst.
Which leads to: What are we going to do? Unless one already is blessed to be among sane, preparatory people (I only recently discovered the evanescence of the sand I’d been building on), how do we find people in real life with whom to organize, with whom to prepare to weather the storms? The Covid Death Cult already is upon us. Worse is to come.