Series on Federalism and the Constitution

The American Revolution
The Constitution of Occupy Wall Street
Thoughts on the American Revolution
American Revolutionary Principles: Representation and Consent
American Revolutionary Principles: Constitution and Rights
American Revolutionary Principles: Sovereignty
The Constitution
One Way It’s Been Done Before
Nothing Works Anymore
American Spirit?
To Restore the American Spirit
Today’s Stamp Act
Constitution and the Process
National Socialism to End the Political Debate
Federalism: Concentration, Assault, and Evasion
Federalism and the Corporate Gangs: Madison’s Federalist #10
Madison’s Federalist #51: Corporate Power vs. the Naked Citizen
Critique of Federalism: Madison’s Federalist #14
Critique: Hamilton’s Federalist #15
Hamilton’s Statism: Federalist #16
Federal, that is Corporate, Usurpation: Hamilton’s Federalist #17
We Need A New American Energy (Madison’s Federalist #37)
Judicial Activism
Judicial Abdication
Kagan and the Corporate Court part 1
Kagan and the Corporate Court part 2
The Supremely Corrupt Court
Before the Law part 1
Before the Law part 2
Before the Law part 3
Wikileaks, Secrecy, Federalism, and Globalization
Wikileaks, Hypocrisy, and Sunshine
Transparency vs. Kleptocracy: BP, Oil Spills, and Wikileaks
Afghan Sunshine: Wikileaks and Transparency vs. Corporate Tyranny
Transparency, Wikileaks, and Odious Secrecy
Renewable Democracy
The Prize of the Venture
Labor Day
Signal Lanterns
The Vector of Today
The New Constitutional Convention
Notes Toward A New Constitutional Convention


  1. […] spirit once power became theirs, retained enough self-awareness and integrity to recall it. In my previous posts on the Federalist papers and other constitutional subjects I’ve argued that this primal […]

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  2. […] close by once again citing the great truth, to will the end you must will the means. Just as I wrote in my posts on the Federalist papers that Madison and Hamilton would have to agree with us today on […]

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  3. […] for the avowed purpose of quashing the American Revolution and building a continental empire (both Hamilton and Madison say so in the Federalist papers), be an object of idolatry in the first place? The fact is that […]

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