July 9, 2010

National Socialism to End the Political Debate


I had a few converging deja vus at the NYT. This headline looked familiar, like I’d seen it somewhere before: “To Build Exports, Obama Vows to Push Stalled Trade Pacts”.
I was thinking this was a reprint of an earlier article when I came upon an even more recent remembrance:

“For a long time, we were trapped in a false political debate in this country, where business was on one side and labor was on the other,” Mr. Obama said in the East Room of the White House, at an event intended to highlight his administration’s efforts to promote exports. “What we now have an opportunity to do is to refocus our attention where we’re all in it together.”

Where have we recently heard this phrase, “false debate”? Ah yes:

Ultimately, we need to move beyond the tired debates between right and left, between business leaders and environmentalists, between those who would claim drilling is a cure all and those who would claim it has no place. Because this issue is just too important to allow our progress to languish while we fight the same old battles over and over again.

And that was the signal for the great Gulf Oil Eruption, which continues to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and all its economies as we speak, with the globe-girdling seas its only limits.
We can only speculate in suspense over the magnitude of the horror, as Obama, in direct defiance of the Constitution and all law, has imposed an actual police state lockdown on the entire eruption zone. Neither journalists nor independent scientists can get in. He has done this at the behest of the anti-sovereign criminal organization BP. He’s now openly declared himself a mere hired thug for a glorified street gang. This government has abdicated all sovereignty and therefore all legitimacy. America has no authority, only a vacuum filled by gutter power.
So if that was the horror portended by the announcement that the “tired debate” over offshore drilling was over, what must be the significance of this announcement, that a “false political debate” is ending?
Well, maybe nothing special. I recalled why this article on “free trade” looked so familiar. It’s on the exact same stalled trade agreements as this earlier piece I used to kick off a blog post back in February. What was it all about then?
I wrote:

The White House recently announced its intent to pursue further “free trade” pacts. The pending pacts are with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea. It’s supposed to be part of a plan to double American exports within five years, though how on earth America can do this (other than through further dumping) remains a mystery.

That led into a post about Imperialism vs. Politics.

Imperialism wants to evade politics. Having had its basis in foreign policy, it tries to bring home this characteristic combination of elitism, secrecy, and debate-killing slogans (like “growth” or “national security” or “terrorism”) to domestic politics, to foreignize it. It seeks to treat the people of the home country as a conquered colonial people.

And what’s the state of our politics today? The First Goon has been declaiming everywhere his corporate masters’ hatred for politics. All politics are just “tired debates”; all democracy is a “false political debate”.
And what’s the latest occasion for the assault on this false democratic existence? Just as the toxic surge continues to well out of the gash in the earth, looking to girdle the globe, so globalization itself wants to extend its own venom-laden tentacles in new strands of virulence, to Panama, to Columbia, to South Korea, in special new tenuosities of cord to whip the workers of America and of those countries.
The assault is being stepped up. The false political debate is ending among the Democrats, as Pelosi’s flunkey Steny Hoyer made a phony appeal from Congress to the President to send us the trade bill, Good God Almighty, the trade bill at last! and we’ll pass it.
National Socialism lives as Obama has brought together the elites of business and labor to end the false political debate.

“For a long time, we were trapped in a false political debate in this country, where business was on one side and labor was on the other” ……

The president made his call as part of a broader push to increase American exports under conditions that he said would “keep the playing field level” for American companies that send their products overseas. He appointed 18 corporate and labor leaders — including the chief executives of Ford Motor and Walt Disney — to a council to advise him.

The “labor leader” in question is one William Hite, head of union conglomerate the United Association. While the SEIU’s ex-chief Andy Stern joins Alan Simpson on the First Goon’s austerity Star Chamber (the “Fiscal Commission”), Hite’s now they’re partying with Ford CEO Alan Mulalley, Disney (Robert Iger), and 16 other gangland CEOs from the likes of Boeing, Pfizer, ADM, and others, as together they plan the next assault on the workers, on the people. Today’s Big Labor rackets are nothing but old style company unions, police unions, astroturf unions. The Gulf Eruption ended the tired debate; some monstrous trade crime must also cap the false political debate.
Politics, democracy, lies helpless and is ravaged. At the moment little help can come. But we can at least regard these police unions with clear eyes.
The moral: ALL existing institutions are rotten, are corrupt, are enemies of the people; we must break free of them.
There may be little action we can take at the moment, but there’s one critical step which has been progressing, which I fear is bogging down, but which must be completed.
One of the signs that a revolutionary situation is progressing is that thinkers and activists, potential intellectual leaders, who care about the integrity of the country turn away from the existing criminal system. This act of self-liberation is in itself the key criterion for leadership and future action. Freeing our own minds, at first individual by individual, and then communing through that state of inner freedom, is itself an important step, even though it doesn’t accomplish any “deed” in the short run.
The people must reciprocate the elites’ top-down scorn for our “false political debate” by instituting a true democratic community while renouncing, with our own infinite bottom-up rejection, all the lies and filth of their false tyrannical lies.
The people must become intellectually free, and there we’ll plant the flag of democracy redeemed. There we’ll be able to brainstorm actions.
We have to do it, for the First Goon is speaking ever more balefully, with ever more hatred for us.

“We’re upping our game for the playing field of the 21st century,” Mr. Obama said. “But we’ve got to do it together. We’ve got to all row in the same direction.”

That’s it. Volksgemeinschaft. Community of the People, all rowing in the same direction, no tired false political debates.
We know what direction the First Goon’s masters have in store for us, we the earmarked galley slaves. They’re now speaking with perfect clarity. The Gulf Oil Eruption has been an exercise in Shock Doctrine and Police State. They’ll be moving on to implementation. No one has any right to be in any doubt.
So in the end was the American Revolution just a false political debate, now very tired, after all? If freedom lives, it shall answer.


  1. Excellent! The fascist tendency has long lurked just under the surface in the halls of power. It tended to be checked by various (just barely adequate) counterweights, most of which have now been neutered if not simply destroyed. What is most amazing (to me) is how so many either do not recognize, or don’t care that it is now no longer under wraps, but is instead running amok like the dreadful gusher in the GOM.

    Comment by Edwardo — July 9, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

  2. It looks like the eruption is just like 9/11:

    Whatever the causality, it’s been immediately seized for police state purposes, per a preconceived idea that the system must always be ready to exploit any disaster, toward corporatist and/or fascist goals.

    (In a statement like that, I try to frame a standard which overcomes arguments like over 9/11 Truth, or whether there exists some formal kleptocracy cabal.

    Those things can exist, but don’t have to, for the disaster capitalist intent and result to be the same, and for us to draw the same conclusions.)

    Comment by Russ — July 10, 2010 @ 5:11 am

  3. Excuse me, Nail. I have introduced you to the Hammer named Russ?

    Great post, Russ. Yep, we’re definitely under a Nazi regime. How strange. And it was really just done so quietly and without any fanfare. I mean, his speeches are good, but not rabid with spittle flecks flying ala Hitler. Yet, here we are.

    I think the one major difference between us and Nazi Germany might be that the corporations here in the U.S., actually much more powerful in their say over the government. I’m quite sure it was the other way round in Nazi Germany. If anyone crossed Hitler, no matter who the person was or what position the person held – death was coming – quickly.

    Comment by Bloodgroove — July 10, 2010 @ 4:40 pm

    • Right, corporatism is an iron fist inside a black leather glove, and in our case it’s the corporate fist in the government glove.

      But it can be the other way around, like in the case of Nazi Germany, where the corporations were all arranged and commanded according to the needs of fast rearmament. Goering presided over the Four Year Plan.

      In the US, on the other hand, the banks coordinate the whole system, dedicated purely to looting, with the weapons contractors guaranteed a big piece, Big Ag is pretty well entrenched, a few others (and Obama made his personal project the permanent entrenchment of the health insurance racket), and from there it’s a Social Darwinist lobbying free-for-all, who can steal the most public wealth by buying part of Congress.

      Comment by Russ — July 10, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

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