Series on Corporatism


Relocalization and Federalism vs, the Commerce Clause (Wickard v. Filburn and Peak Oil)
Corporatism’s Toxic Touch
A Virtuous Circle: Breaking Government Power By Breaking Government’s Pro-Corporate Power
The Real Tea Party
How “Corporate Personhood” Was Smuggled Into the Constitution
Corporations Are Feudal Manifestations (1 of 2)
Corporatism Has Been A Neofeudal Coup (2 of 2)
Capitalism = Corporatism = Oligopoly = Rentier Stagnation
Corporations Are Sociopaths
Corporations Are Anti-Sovereign
Corporations Are Anti-Democratic
Corporatism is Legalized Crime
Corporations Are Extensions of Government
Corporate Tribalism Part 1: Legal Corporatism As A Form of Racism
Reversing the Polarities: The First Amendment and Commercial Speech
Corporatism (Hoarding, Profiteering, AT&T, SCOTUS)
The Supremely Corrupt Court
The Latest SCOTUS Assault: Lochner’s Back (AT&T v. Concepcion)


  1. […] the most scalable policy truth of all.   I’ll add that I’m assuming familiarity with my previous work on how corporations are extensions of the state, and the capitalist state is necessarily […]

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  2. […] parasite.   From there several abolition demands follow. To give the two primary examples, we must abolish corporations, and we must abolish system “property”.   On a more specific level, where […]

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  3. […] and wherever they find any limit whatsoever to the infinitude of their aggressive prerogatives. Corporatism is totalitarian.   Assuming that a labeling initiative is voted up, or a labeling bill passed, it will next need to […]

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  4. […] and automatically degrades the soil and devastates the environment.   We must recognize that the corporate state is a monolith, with concentrated power itself constituting tyranny. Any nominal division of “public” […]

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  5. […] the history of where corporatism came from in the first place, but I wrote extensively about it here and here.)   This reached a new level of aggressiveness in the post-war time, and especially since […]

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  6. […] thing yet to direct corporate dictatorship on a mass scale. . I’ve written extensively about the rise of corporate domination. In Part Two we’ll review this evolution of government power from the nation-state to the […]

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  7. […] mindset involved here. And this is the psychology and set of priorities which has cohered in the era of corporate rule as the corporate science paradigm. The decisions made about which lines of inquiry to pursue in the […]

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  8. […] One of the greatest evils of corporate rule (the most mystical, bizarre fiction of all is that of the corporate person) is how it has made our literal bread hostage to the insane rule of these pure fictions and […]

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  9. […] corporations like Monsanto comprise the core of this system, which is dedicated to aggrandizing these criminal organizations. So there’s an obvious contradiction in calling for Monsanto’s own lawyers, bagmen, and […]

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  10. […] mode for this paradigm of civilization. Corporations, a creation and extension of government, were explicitly designed to be sociopathic and totalitarian, exalting profit as the one and only value. They were designed to enshrine a Mammon theocracy, […]

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  11. […] and were merely disputing which kind of power body, nominal “public” government or government-created corporations, should control the wealth and power which were the by-product of destroying the Earth and […]

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