April 3, 2019

No One (Yet) Wants to Change Anything But the Climate


Over my years of writing about pesticides-GMOs and fruitlessly trying to find comrades for an abolitionist project (never found a single one), I’ve often observed that if I were a Monsanto hack I’d say to the anti-GMO people: “There’s quite a gap between your rhetoric about the extreme dangers of these products, and the paltriness of your preferred solutions. GMO labeling? Really? Surely if the peril were as dire as you say, you’d be calling for something rather more intrepid.”
This is true, and we can say the same about the climate crisis, and the greater ecological crisis of which climate change is just one part, not even the acutely worst part.
The science – both observed and projected – becomes ever more apocalyptic. And the gap between the science and the pathetic solutions touted by those same scientists and climate activists becomes an ever wider abyss.
The scientists could say they’ve confirmed that a twenty-mile wide asteroid will hit the Earth in two days, and their recommendation would continue to be: Electric cars, “Green New Deals”, “Green growth!”…Green jobs!…Keep Shopping!
Thus, the ultimate disaster capitalism is what they call “Green Capitalism”.
(Here’s a good summary of the ideology of the capitalist faction which sees a new profiteering and political opportunity within the crisis they and their fellow capitalist factions are driving as hard as they can. As the piece says, the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are tending a Green New Deal stable along with their more usual ones. As this propagandist of Dominion and Destruction gleefully proclaims, “it’s capitalist vs. capitalist”, and only good capitalists can and should be allowed to exist on their heat-scoured rock. But the evidence is that the rock shall rock them first.)
If I were a de jure climate denier (the type I describe above is the de facto denier, the climate crocodile crying fake tears, the type which acknowledges the crisis but then flips 180 degrees to claim the crisis can be met within the framework of the ecocidal civilization which congenitally causes and escalates it), if I were a de jure climate denier I’d observe that this abyss between prediction and preferred “solution” proves that all these climate activists are frauds. Which of course they are, since they’re just the other kind of denier.
None of them wants or can even conceive what’s necessary: Gaia and the economic civilization cannot co-exist. They are mutually exclusive. Industrial civilization inherently wages total aggressive war to exterminate Gaia, until Gaia finally smashes civilization like a bug. Civilization must go, one way or another. Homo domesticus, already in its 1945 hunkering in the bunker like Hitler, will insist on going out in the hardest, most destructive way possible. The very fact that Green Capitalism is the preferred religion of the overwhelming majority of “eco”-type persons is the best proof of this. Only a handful of Gaians, only a handful of deep ecologists will ever exist.
I’ve often stated the one and only one solution which in theory humanity could impose upon itself, but which in practice the Earth will impose upon it:
End all industrial emissions; end all destruction of sinks; work only in a way that rebuilds sinks. Above all, allow nature to resume its natural states of forest, wetland, grassland.
Of course there’s zero chance the civilization or any part of it will do this. Gaia herself will impose it in her time tested way. In the end, and likely sooner rather than later, Gaia will deal with this berserk global infestation the same way she’s always dealt regionally with regional infestations.
Civilization must go. The only question is whether humanity itself (just one of civilization’s many victims) must go extinct with it. The civilization certainly will try to take out the species itself. As we see in Brazil, the Philippines, Africa, Canada, everywhere, civilization is striving to complete the genocide of what remains of indigenous and traditional peoples before time runs out for it. It also will become more and more aggressive in trying to stamp out the rising movements from within it, movements toward community food, homesteading, any form of reskilling and adapting to a more resilient, more ecological, therefore more human way of life. Whether the civilization can exterminate the human species is the great question of our time. We who work to help the traditional nations and build new second nation movements are the ones trying to save the spirit and existence of humanity from the mass extinction being driven as the core project of the orcs, the berserkers, the psychopaths, the “civilized” hominids.


  1. Has anyone seen David Attenborough Climate Crisis? From the little I’ve seen in the trailer/solar plants, windmills, and the little I’ve read, rainforest (palm oil) and carbon sinks, is this going to be another fluff piece?

    Comment by rose — April 20, 2019 @ 6:24 am

    • I didn’t hear about it, but from what you say it sounds awful.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — April 25, 2019 @ 2:52 pm

  2. My cynicism might be getting the best of me/dunno. Apparently David has been doing a series for a long time warning about the environment. I watched his life on earth back in the 70’s and it was beautiful. Perhaps the docu is tailored to get the attentions of the sleeping hive mind. When I can find a copy I’ll watch. I guess you have to start where ppl are at and the hive mind is pretty much in hibernation mode. You can’t tell them to change their habits when most don’t even acknowledge there is a problem. I have a number of friends that in one sense care about the environment but when I beat the drum of even just palm oil and that sustainable is just a feel good ruse they go silent. When I mention maybe not using Amazon would be a good thing…but they love prime.so convenient 2 day delivery. Or this is the best excuse so far from a wildlife rescue instruction/well known/who says but he needs it for his business, and he considers himself a crusader for the environment. Or when I bring up to carnivores or vegetarians who do dairy, maybe pass on factory farmed (have to start somewhere right?) and it goes right over their heads. It’s frustrating so I hang out in the woods tending our motley crew of special needs rescues (501 c 3) and just watch. I wonder how many were aware when previous civilizations perished? We are the minority but at least we are not sleep walking thru this. Anyway, when I can find a copy I’ll report back. I love your site/but I’ve said that before. xxx, me

    Comment by rose — April 27, 2019 @ 5:03 pm

    • ps…even the so called organic, family farmed, humane ya da for animals is a ruse. The animals are recycled on a regular schedule (hens every 2 years) and even if one didn’t care about their exploitation and suffering the slaughter plants are a blight on the environment. Nothing but a bunch of feel good terms so ppl can keep doing what they are doing. I am not impressed.

      Comment by rose — April 27, 2019 @ 5:10 pm

  3. Glad to be here Russ. Very interesting to find you and this site. I worked as an assistant to a climate scientist for the last twenty-four years of my working career (https://alanbetts.com) so found this post struck quite close to home. I sounds like you’re familiar with the writings of the civilization antagonist Derrick Jensen. I’m leaning more and more closely to his views.

    A little touted answer to the climate remediation these days has been sequestering of carbon into agricultural soils. I have been adding pulverized carbon mixed with rock dust for mineralization into my compost pile for a number of years and my wife’s gardens are the envy of our friends. Clay soils have been transformed into rich earthworm filled loam.

    Be all that as it may, I am in agreement with you that it is the psychopathic capitalistic system that has to be changed before and if anything can be done to avert the coming catastrophe..

    Nowadays I’m more involved in the GMO/glyphosate and choice for vaccinations crusades than climate. We can’t do anything if our health is on a deteriorating trajectory.

    Anyway,to repeat what I said above, glad to be here.

    John (juannie)

    Comment by Juannie — May 11, 2019 @ 7:43 am

    • Welcome John, glad to have you here. Sounds like we’ve been on similar paths. You’re right, I have read Jensen and found his position to be the same as mine. Myth of Human Supremacy is an especially good book, and I’m looking forward to Bright Green Lies when it comes out.

      For years I wrote primarily about GMO/pesticides. There’s hundreds of pieces about those here. There’s a few about the vaccination culture war as well. And most importantly, rebuilding carbon sinks like you describe is one leg of the triad which comprises the one and only real climate action, along with ending all industrial emissions and ending all destruction of natural sinks. Meanwhile the most important part of rebuilding sinks is to allow natural forests, wetlands, and grasslands to resume their natural ranges. All food production can be transformed to watershed-based agroecological horticulture.

      Nothing else can work. The civilization cannot be sustained, and the only question is whether the human species can save itself from complete extinction. So far they’re doing their best to answer No.

      Vermont’s a wonderful place. I went to school there for two years. I recently heard that Green Mountain College is closing for good.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — May 11, 2019 @ 12:05 pm

  4. Evening Russell *wave*

    Don’t know if you are familiar with Marvin Herndon (nuclear geophysicist) bc I’ve not read your entire site, but I just listened to a talk he had with Claudia (Cabin Talk) that is certainly expanding my understanding of the earth heating up. The first part he goes into detail of the progression of the corruption of the cough cough scientific community. Later in the discussion he starts explaining global warming. More discussions to follow in the coming weeks. He also has a website that I’ll be hitting up next.

    Just in case you/anyone is interested…

    Apologizes if this is redundant to regular viewers.


    Comment by rose — May 12, 2019 @ 2:23 am

    • Thanks Rose. I’m not familiar with him but I’ll check it out.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — May 12, 2019 @ 5:55 am

  5. Posted this to my health list bit ago…

    After listening at Cabin Talk went to Marvin’s website
    There is a song page (I’ve just been on this trail for little over hour including listening to cabin talk) so it’s a digging in progress.
    Music Videos that Capture the Essence of the Global Health Threat so it’s easy for layperson to grasp.


    This is the first one I’ve listened to and with simple diagrams one can start getting a feel for what is being said (like convection and how it is heating up the earth).
    Stop The Spray Jets, Mister President

    And ya know what gets me?
    In comments the spattering of trolls doing their best to discredit the information.
    One comment leads to Metabunk (I’ve seen that site before) where the entire focus is to debunk everything from chemtrails to the collapse of building 7 on 9/11/moon hoax, ufo’s and more, much much more. Links to neorologica site that promotes vaccines (science has proved they are safe)…need I say more?

    Ah well…as the world twirls

    Will be interested to get your hit on this Russell. I have a ways to go digging into this but so far dots do seem to connect.


    Comment by rose — May 12, 2019 @ 6:25 am

    • Hi Russ. Its been awhile. You’re so prolific and my reading so slow that I miss most of it. My congratulations as the world finally begins to catch up with you. You have not exaggerated the criminality and persistence of those with their hands on the control of our climate, food, pharma, media, courts -on and on and on..

      Much love to you,


      Comment by Leeanne — May 16, 2019 @ 12:07 pm

      • Hi Leanne. I haven’t been so prolific lately, but mean to change that soon. Much love to you too.

        Comment by Russell Bangs — May 16, 2019 @ 12:46 pm

  6. Evening Russ…don’t mean to be a pain but sheesh, trying to sort this all out. You seem to have a pretty good handle on it. So here goes…Cabin Talk had Marvin on again last week…he’s coming on again soon to discuss in detail the particular particulates in the atmosphere. Last time he explained how the natural convection kept the atmosphere in balance. With the atmosphere filling with particulates/chemtrails/additives in jet fuel to name 2…it’s like putting a lid on a pot, heat builds and boils over/least ways that’s what it does here when making oatmeal (what a mess lol). So I get that and how rising temps cause more plant growth that in turn creates more oxygen ya da. Following WW2 there was a temp rise in temps due to particulates.

    Then a friend forwarded this today

    And I can’t figure out how to put it all together / scratching head.
    I did note Peter Temple (with some impressive title) said at the point when coal is being downplayed we will need it for the cooling period. Well yeah if you don’t give a flying f*** about mountain tops just for starters. Toss in human suffering (mining towns are the worst).

    When you feel prolific again would love your pontifications on these conflicting pov.

    Even with is it hotter or colder the bigger picture is the rape and destruction of this beautiful spinning planet/oh wait/the earth is flat right? Sheesh…
    I just found out a few days ago that millions of song birds are killed each year harvesting olives for oil…but hey, how are those coal mines going?
    Then another friend mentioned slave monkeys used to harvest coconuts/mostly in Thailand as the story goes anyway. I’m like does it EVER END???????????
    Sometimes hotter/colder…what does it matter?

    Advanced civilizations have fallen for hundreds of thousands of years/much longer that the history tellers tell.
    If the hive mind can’t find it’s humanity let the other living beings have it all.
    They would do a much better job of stewardship.

    thanks for having a virtual space to vent and ramble/and…ask questions 🙂


    Comment by rose — May 21, 2019 @ 2:18 am

  7. Clarification…So I get that and how rising temps cause more plant growth that in turn creates more oxygen ya da.

    Meaning if there was not a ‘lid’ being put into the atmosphere then nature would balance co2/oxygen bc well, nature is pretty damn smart.
    Not like some others I won’t mention *wink*.

    Comment by rose — May 21, 2019 @ 2:25 am

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