October 24, 2020

Bonfire of the Humanity


No one knows enough truth to so grossly violate the ethical commandment, “First Do No Harm”, the way every interventionist always does. 2020 demonstrates the most extreme violence history has ever known perpetrated by those that claim to know enough truth to inflict such violence on every part of human life.
As always the most vulnerable elements – our inner feelings, our self-respect and self-confidence, our personal relationships, our ability to form such relationships in the first place, our attempts to rebuild human community amid such a hostile sociopathic commodified habitat – are the most vulnerable to this totalitarian violence. The primary goal always is to eradicate everything that makes us human in the first place. This was always the goal of tyrants throughout history, the goal of modern totalitarian tyrannies, and most virulent of all it is the primary goal of the globalist technocratic elites in launching their terror-lockdown assault which uses covid as a pretext. The mass death cult which has arisen to exult in this global bonfire of humanity, these masses so spiritually and intellectually exhausted they repose such fundamentalist faith in such dominionist presumption and flee to what they hope will be a new age of darkness where they never again have to lay eyes upon one another or upon themselves.
The great majority of former “dissidents”, having morphed overnight from erstwhile “anti-imperialists” to born-again imperialists, are most typical in their new love of the gospel of “humanitarian intervention”. That’s what was supposed to be happening in Libya or Syria? Burn down the village in order to save it? Forget that – we’ll burn to ashes what’s left of the very human soul in order to save the husk.
Of course the human body never was in the slightest special danger. It was obvious from early on that covid’s actual effects were well within the range of the normal flu’s effects. There was a brief spike of excess deaths in the spring and since then overall mortality plummeted back to the norm and will not go back up.
The “pandemic”, such as it ever was, has been over since late spring. That’s why the cultists have to resort to semantic distortions and misdirection – shrieking about alleged new “cases” where they mean non-symptomatic infections, detected by what’s universally known to be an unreliable test, and which numbers, to the extent they’re accurate, reflect the inexorable progress of herd immunity, while they fraudulently imply significant numbers of people are dying when in reality this is not happening anywhere nor will it ever happen – and outright lies, while regressing to the most infantile flat-earthism in denial of the success of Sweden and others who did not join the terror stampede and in parroting over and over, “I believe because it’s absurd…I believe because it’s absurd…”
As for the actual unique mortality spike in spring, large majority of the deaths have been among the vulnerable – aged and already sick from usually multiple pre-existing conditions – concentrated in care facilities. We said from the start that these concentrated vulnerable should have been protected while the rest of society continued its prior routine with no changes. The lockdown assaults did the exact radical opposite of what should have been done – all of society was needlessly subjected to totalitarian assault while protecting the vulnerable is the one thing the lockdowns did NOT do.
Health care personnel continued to traipse in and out of these otherwise segregated facilities with no special decontamination measures being applied, thus predictably infiltrating the virus into these facilities. Therefore those in charge of these facilities and the regulations affecting them are guilty at least of mass manslaughter. When we consider how NY’s governor Cuomo and others in the US and UK and elsewhere deliberately ordered that patients known to be infected be placed in these same “segregated” care facilities, negligence turns into deliberate mass murder.
So the actual brief mortality spike of spring 2020, to the extent that it does represent bona fide covid-19 deaths, tallies a Nazi-style euthanasia campaign perpetrated by governments, in order to get rid of “useless eaters” driving up health insurance costs as well as to drum up a death toll which could meet the requirements of the insanely hyperbolic propaganda about a fake “lethal pandemic”.
If it wasn’t for this massacre in the care facilities, there never would have been any pronounced covid spike at all.
And to conclude by saying again, this massacre in the care facilities was a one-off event. There never will be another significant death wave from covid itself. What will come is the much longer, much worse and greater arc of death from the lockdowns themselves, as is borne out by the comparable record of the post-USSR socioeconomic collapse and the mass murderous assault perpetrated by the same Western neoliberals that now are the impresarios of the terror-lockdown assault that uses covid as a pretext.
And then there’s whatever death spike is going to be caused by whatever pre-indemnified shoddy profit-seeking “vaccine” is rushed to market and forced upon as many sheeple as possible.
We know the infinite malignity of the government and corporate elites, we know the vileness of the Covid Death Cult, and we know that no level of death and suffering is too much for them.


  1. No virus has ever been isolated and purified, then reintroduced (to humans with proper negative control studies) to prove pathogenicity. The CDC has admitted they do not have the virus. Nobody has it. All they have are computer generated RNA/DNA sequence models (laboratory artifacts) that are assumed to be viral in nature…ASSUMED…while all this sequencing is done from a cell culture that is a soup of cellular debris and intentionally starved and poisoned/drugged/contaminated tissue.

    The test is not only unreliable. It’s scientifically meaningless.

    The reason they don’t have “the virus” is because what we characterize as viruses are not the cause of disease. Germs can at worst, complicate them secondarily. Bacteria are our symbiotic partners which accommodate us for mutual benefit. Viruses as an entitative existence are a medical myth. They are just confused with uneliminated metabolic debris… the proteinaceous debris of spent cells. When we accumulate this cellular waste, the janitorial crew along with bacteria and fungi are called in to help clean up. They don’t cause the disease (symptoms of a healing process). They have inverted everything. Our own biological mediation response to being poisoned (say by a toxic herbicide or pesticide) is easily blamed on a “virus” (ironically Latin for poison). See the magic trick there? In this way we can ask for an intervention in the form of a vaccine or harsh antiviral to ‘save us from our dangerous selves’… boom, best profiteering scam in ‘medical’ history.

    “ANOTHER key architect of the COVID PCR test had no coronavirus; the whole fake COVID house is falling down. What they’ve always counted on is that people will never actually read the literature being passed off as science.

    “READ WHAT THIS STUDY SAYS. These quotes should be engraved in stone above the entrance to a museum dedicated to the history of medical fraud.

    “We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.”

    TRANSLATION: We want to develop a test to detect the new COVID virus without having the virus.

    “Here we present a validated diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV, its design relying on close genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”

    TRANSLATION: We HAVE developed a diagnostic test to detect the new COVID virus. We ASSUME this new virus is closely related to an older coronavirus. We ASSUME we know HOW it is related. We ASSUME, because we don’t have the new COVID virus. Therefore, all our assumptions are made out of nothing. Actually, we have no proof there is a new coronavirus.

    “The workflow reliably detects 2019-nCoV, and further discriminates 2019-nCoV from SARS-CoV.”

    TRANSLATION: Our new test to detect the new virus? We don’t have the new virus. We’ve never observed it. We can’t study it directly. There is no proof it exists. But we will use the test to detect it.

    The study is titled, “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR.” [Euro Surveill. 2020 Jan;25(3):2000045. doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2020.25.3.2000045.]

    Those quotes from the study are astounding. A diagnostic test for the virus, but there is no virus. No standard against which to compare the reliability of the test.

    The authors blithely assume they can somehow infer that the virus exists in the first place, without having an isolated specimen.

    Then they assume they can understand the structure of the virus that isn’t there.

    The virus isn’t there. It has NOT been isolated. It has NOT been separated out from other material. Therefore, it has not been observed and its existence has not been proved.

    And yet, the test which these authors have developed is launched, all over the world, to detect that virus; to promote the unproven notion that there is a pandemic; to form the basis for counting COVID case numbers; and ultimately to justify all the lockdowns which have crashed the global economy and destroyed millions upon millions of lives.”



    Comment by Pete — October 25, 2020 @ 8:01 am

    • In the same way we’ve long known that the science of pesticides and other industrial poisons doesn’t exist anywhere except out on what the corporate mainstream would brand the dissident “fringe”, while for the mainstream establishment “science” is nothing but another political weapon, so anyone who didn’t know it before now knows that’s just as true of the concept of “viruses”.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — October 26, 2020 @ 7:42 am

      • Yes. It seems that most, if not all of the fake corporate science that has been bought traces back to the Germ Theorist cult of Pasteur and his political/economic circle jerk club who realized where the profits were going to come from by establishing this religion (as “science”). They initially believed, or wanted to convince themselves, that the human body was a sterile environment that was divorced and disembodied entirely from nature. Nature becomes the permanent enemy and every ‘germ’ has an illness for which they can provide a potion or lotion as the “cure”. Interestingly, centuries later they still behave this way in Rockefeller-trained allopathic/Western medicine despite contradicting themselves by widely accepting Terrain Theory applications like probiotics. They have to work very hard in the lab and scripting supporting fraudulent junk propaganda to publish in the prestigious journals in order to justify this centuries-old, dark age quackery witch hunt for invisible demon viruses. Entire industries would collapse on top of themselves, the billions in looting (“research funding”) would come to a screeching halt, and I gather the elite technocrats’ bureaucratic henchmen would lose their ability to implement further biometric surveillance and control measures by using the medical industrial complex and their fear of germs as the cover. And of course people would have to scrap their white washed fake history textbooks and start fresh. Hmmmm, ‘what else have we been lied to about our entire lives….?’

        A difficult task is ahead because the world is undergoing a massive mind control torture campaign (that’s precisely what lockdown measures are), but like Stockholm Syndrome victims, when you try to explain the spell that has been cast on them, they become emotionally fragile and start defending their cult & captors. When your mind is controlled and gone through decades of conditioning, the logical fallacy of appeal to authority becomes even more entrenched. The systemically dumbed down population are a bunch of overgrown babies in diapers. And now they put the diapers on their faces and do whatever their told while believing it to be virtuous.

        Comment by Pete — October 27, 2020 @ 7:18 am

      • Yes this is the most extreme manifestation of the whole pathology of sundered dominionist belief in the discrete “pest” or “germ” as a free agent enemy that can be isolated and suppressed by artificial segregation and sterilization measures (a parallel with genetic engineering theology centered on the non-existent “precision” of its chaotic maneuvers).

        To accept that harmful organisms exist only with a terrain framework and can be balanced to lessen their harm only within this framework will require the abolition of this entire ideology of scientism and technocracy on a monocultural basis and all its practices (including all the temporary profits and power accruing therefrom) and the substitution of a reintegrated ecological framework, in terms of physical practice and cultural-spiritual grounding.

        Comment by Russ Bangs — October 28, 2020 @ 8:39 am

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