March 11, 2016

GMO News Summary March 11th, 2016


*The movement to abolish glyphosate once and for all is developing. Over the past week the portents have been especially strong from Europe.
The magnitude of the crisis becomes ever more apparent as the latest study of glyphosate exposure found that well over 99% of Germans have glyphosate residue in their urine. “The report analysed glyphosate residue in urine and it concluded that 75% of the target group displayed levels that were five times higher than the legal limit of drinking water. A third of the population even showed levels that were between ten and 42 times higher than what is normally permissible.” Children, who are most vulnerable to glyphosate’s genotoxic and endocrine disruption effects, had the highest levels. When we consider that Germany has no cultivation of Roundup Ready crops and therefore significantly less indigenous use of glyphosate than countries like the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, or Australia, we can see how the aggressiveness with which this extreme poison is invading our food, water, and bodies has reached an intolerable level. No political prescription which wants to take the extremely circuitous route to an eventual glyphosate ban is sufficient to the crisis. The monarch butterfly won’t wait either.
This news added force to a rising momentum against at least the most rote re-approval of glyphosate, which the EU government had expected to see the member states wave through earlier this week. The Commission has proposed that the cancerous poison not only be fully re-approved through 2031 but that its use even be expanded. Meanwhile the EFSA is already in the process of almost doubling the allowed “tolerance” level for human ingestion. This is in spite of the fact that the EU has known since the 1980s that glyphosate causes cancer and birth defects, a decades-long cover-up finally and definitively unmasked by the WHO’s Cancer Agency in 2015. There’s no longer the slightest doubt, factually, morally, or legally (in Nuremburg terms) : Those propagating glyphosate, from the manufacturers and technicians to the regulators to the marketers to the users, are willfully causing cancer on a mass scale.
This realization and culpability isn’t enough to drive most governments to ban glyphosate, and in most cases they concur with the European Commission that glyphosate and cancer need to be maximized. But under rising pressure from the people, several European state governments are at least balking at the most rote fast-track procedure. The environmental ministers of France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden stated that they would vote No if the re-approval is to be based only on the EFSA’s fraudulent assessment, which was nothing but a regulator rubber stamp on the industry’s own propaganda package, issued by Monsanto’s Glyphosate Task Force. The French environment minster stated that her agency concurs with the WHO’s assessment and rejects that of the EFSA. Even the Netherlands agriculture minister said that they need more information: “If there is no possibility to postpone the vote, then we will vote against the proposal.” Sustainable Pulse reported that Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria, and Belgium were also planning to vote No. Germany was said to be planning to abstain.
Facing this looming revolt, the EU postponed the vote rather than face possible defeat. Reports are that the vote is rescheduled for the next member state meeting in six weeks. They still need a decision before the end of June, at which time glyphosate’s license expires. Officials and the media are saying expiration would lead to a “legal limbo”, which I think means governments would have to scramble to concoct ad hoc “legalizations” which would in fact be illegal by EU law, in order to allow the poison to continue to be sold and used in defiance of the law. The policeman is there to preserve disorder, and no entity is more lawless than today’s governments and legal systems. Still, if they can’t coerce the vote I’d expect them to just put off the expiration date again. The June date is already an illegitimate extension by the EFSA from the original expiration in December 2015. The Commission is now discussing concessions it could make in order to get the vote it needs, such as proposing a shorter re-approval period than 15 years, or banning formulations containing POEA (as Germany has already done). But as the WHO’s IARC recently reiterated, the evidence is that pure glyphosate itself causes cancer, and not just commercial formulations. PAN Europe greeted the news that the EU had postponed the re-approval vote by calling for a ban not only on the POEA co-formulant but on glyphosate itself.
The increasingly hostile political climate I recently described continues to build and to force at least cosmetic concessions from the regulators. “Public pressure against glyphosate in countries across Europe has been intense, with nearly 1.5 million people petitioning Andriukaitis for a ban on the substance.” Now EU health and food safety commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis is saying his agency DG Sante will start to think about someday requiring scientific evidence for its assessments and rejecting the non-science, secret, ghost studies which make up the bedrock of all regulator assessments today.
Potentially as momentous, the European Chemicals Agency will reassess the human health effects of glyphosate in light of the WHO’s finding. If the ECHA finds that glyphosate is carcinogenic, harmful to the reproductive system, or an endocrine disruptor, according to EU law the chemical will have to be banned. But this assessment isn’t expected to be completed until late in 2017. Greenpeace calls for any reauthorization of glyphosate to be postponed until after this report is released. Whether or not this becomes a true legal and most of all political deadline for glyphosate or whether it’s another EFSA-style whitewash will depend on the grassroots will of the people. The more the motivated people force the facts into the public consciousness and pressure retailers to stop selling glyphosate, food retailers to stop selling food poisoned by it, and towns to stop buying it, the less tenable it will become for regulators to continue telling lies which will only further discredit themselves and destroy their own legitimacy.
Here’s a tally of some of the campaign accomplishments in Europe so far. Several retailers have pledged to stop selling glyphosate-based products. These include do-it-yourself shops in Germany (Bauhaus, Baumarkt, Hornbach, Obi and Toom), Switzerland (Coop, Migros), Austria (Bauhaus, Bellaflora) and Luxembourg (Cactus, Profi Zentrum). In the Netherlands, major garden centres and DIY shops have stopped selling glyphosate, including Intratuin, Praxis, Groenrijk, Ranzijn and Hornbach. Several cities including Edinburgh (Scotland), Barcelona (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Rennes (France), Rovereto and Livorno (Italy) have promised to ban or otherwise end the use of glyphosate in public spaces.
In Europe there’s enough grassroots and public pressure to drive member governments to sometimes take pro-human positions. We see how glyphosate’s progress is tangibly being hindered, and how it will eventually be banned completely. The exact same thing can be done in America.
*If GM maize cultivation is legalized in Mexico, this will trigger a radical escalation of the already dire contamination of the world’s center of genetic diversity for this critical crop. Farmers, scientists, and civil society groups are fighting in court the government’s plan to legalize this cultivation. With one exception the court rulings have been in accord with the law and against the government, but in 2015 a corrupt judge removed the injunction against the GM plantings. The people appealed and have just won a restoration of the injunction. The legal struggle will continue toward a final trial, but for now the ban remains in place and no GM maize has legally been planted.
*Here’s the revolving door at its most frenetically swirling and a strong challenge to anyone who still wants to claim that a regulatory agency like the USDA has some kind of adversarial role vis its affiliated corporations, or indeed that there’s any real organizational demarcation between them at all. The evident fact is that there is no difference between corporations and regulatory agencies – no difference in ideology, no difference in a fundamentally sociopathic view of people and the environment, no difference in careerist commitment, no difference in the literal personnel. Regulators and what they themselves call their clients, the industry sectors, comprise one indivisible whole, the corporate state.
*It seems that after years of being a US poodle the Indian government may be following the lead of its fellow BRICS and looking to shake free of US/Monsanto agricultural domination. The central government is already threatening to reduce the tax it will allow Monsanto to collect on Bollgard II cotton seed, and now it’s making noises about revoking Monsanto’s patents altogether on the grounds that the technology doesn’t work. Of course regulators don’t usually care about that kind of thing, and the Modi government remains pro-GMO (though there’s factions within the coalition which oppose GMO expansion), so the answer may be that the government thinks India’s ready to start building its own GM crop system the way China’s seeking to do. Monsanto-Mahyco cotton has been a bust, and globalization has done nothing but harm to India’s cotton industry in general. So it would seem that a nationalist government would find it easy to cut Monsanto out, as long as it had the pretext to do so within the WTO system, since it doesn’t want to quit that system completely.
*Sell! “Weakness in ag markets, which are currently over-supplied, is likely to persist for the foreseeable future.” These markets have always been over-supplied. That’s what productionism and commodification, including the crackpot “yield” statistic, are all about. But the end is in sight. The agrochemical cartel’s last big hope is that a mass Asian middle class will rise and adopt Western-style CAFO consumption patterns in order to provide a use for all that grain overproduction. But that’s not going to happen. The glut, the price depression, and the need to dump like crazy will only get more dire. For any thinking flack or troll, this must generate lots of cognitive dissonance, what with their need to continue touting the “Feed the World” lie and to blow up another tech stock bubble around things like “hi-tech agriculture”. Ironically, those putting Monsanto in the Buy category may be right for the short run, if this bubble gets blowing.
But as this whole state of things demonstrates, the GMO and poison cartel have nothing left but force, lies and hot air. These won’t be enough to stem the reprisal of reality, they won’t be enough to keep down the people, and they won’t be enough to keep down the Earth. In the end a patent certificate and a spray bottle of Roundup will avail them little against the hurricane.



  1. I’m going to go ahead and file this under “good news”. I’ve been checking back here daily since you started hammering away on the keypad again. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Have you gone down the Geoengineering rabbit hole yet, Russ? Since moving down to the farm 3 years ago I have been noticing when the skies are being assaulted by aerosol trails. SRM “solar radiation management” is the official name of the technology but I’m speculating there is much more to the intentions since there is so much coordinated effort to keep it out of the public eye (like any other corporate/military “technology”).

    “From the US National Academy of Sciences (1992):
    Large-scale engineering of our environment in order to combat or counteract the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry.

    From the UK Royal Society (2009):
    …the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to moderate global warming…
    Geoengineering can usefully be divided into two basic ‘classes’:
    1. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques whichremoveCO2 fromtheatmosphere;
    2. Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques that reflect a small percentage of the sun’s light and heat back into space.

    From the American Meteorological Society (2009):
    Geoengineering proposals fall into at least three broad categories: 1) reducing the levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases through large-scale manipulations (e.g., ocean fertilization or afforestation using non-native species); 2) exerting a cooling influence on Earth by reflecting sunlight (e.g., putting reflective particles into the atmosphere, putting mirrors in space, increasing surface reflectivity, or altering the amount or characteristics of clouds); and 3) other large-scale manipulations designed to diminish climate change or its impacts (e.g., constructing vertical pipes in the ocean that would increase downward heat transport).”

    Click to access ETC_geopiracy_4web.pdf

    As long as I’m digressing, a friend of mine has finished his book on vaccines. The end note references voluminous scientific literature that demonstrates that vaccines are neither safe, nor are they effective. We basically have a medical establishment that is embracing a 19th century, flat-earth approach to “health” which basically entails injecting everyone with chemical cocktails loaded with known neurotoxins. It’s written in an easy to understand style for any concerned parent looking to become informed on the subject.


    The poison assault is a multi-pronged attack. I hope everyone has good detox protocols….

    Comment by Pete — March 12, 2016 @ 8:15 am

    • Thanks Pete, glad you’re still reading. I feel the good news growing, about glyphosate and other things too. People are always surprised when I tell them how assured I feel about all this, however grim things seem at the moment. It just takes some patience and a slightly longer perspective than the norm in today’s politics.

      My plate’s full enough with the agricultural poisons and so I haven’t delved into the details about geoengineering or vaccines, among lots of other things. Although I am working on another piece, not about vaccines in themselves but about the political purpose of the current campaign drumming up hatred and a lynch mob mentality against non-vaccinators. These proxxers, as I call them (since they’re clearly lying when they claim to object to non-vaccination on public health grounds, so their hatred of this group of civil disobedients must have some other basis than the proxy pretext of health concerns), are the same scum intentionally destroying antibiotics as a medically effective treatment through their support for factory farms. Obviously the corporations and government are expecting increasingly severe pandemics to arise from factory farms and herbicide use (which also fosters antibiotic resistance) and are running this propaganda campaign demonizing non-vaccinators in order to have a scapegoat ready.

      How’s things at Honeywood? I’m starting tomatoes inside this week, spinach, lettuce, and parsley outside.

      Comment by Russ — March 12, 2016 @ 10:47 am

  2. Yeah, it’s absolutely crazy. As it turns out, vaccinations are essentially a giant fraud and an ongoing human lab experiment where they actually do the opposite to our immune system than what they are purported to do. Once the false tale that they saved us from infectious diseases was sold by the pharmaceutical mafia to the public through their various resources it was easy to set up the no risk profiteering racket for these dangerous chemical snake oils.

    Honeywood is rocking, thanks. We’ve started to transition away from the experimenting with all the different annuals to a few good annual crops we know we can do well and moving into more perennials. We’ve planted a couple hundred young fruit and nut trees to get the food forest going… we have noticed that planting on berms & swales is really making the trees flourish. We are finally going solar at the barn which is exciting and we have added a little commercial kitchen to use for value added products and agro-tourism events like pasture to plate dinners. I’m going to begin experimenting with fermented vegetables. I’m particularly interested in krauts because the probiotic benefits are immeasurable.

    It’s an exciting time of year for us growers! Glad to hear about the leafy greens and the maters… I forgot, you are in NJ? We are likely a little bit ahead of you with the planting schedule.

    Comment by Pete — March 13, 2016 @ 9:46 am

    • Even if one knew nothing else about corporate vaccination, the fact that the government makes the taxpayers assume liability for vaccines would be sufficient proof that Big Drug and the government think these kinds of vaccines are unsafe and are prone to cause dire harms resulting in major court awards. Of course it also completely abrogates the very thing which is supposed to justify capitalist profiteering in the first place, that the “entrepreneur” takes “risks”. But if there’s only going to be racketeers who assume no risks, then why allow profit or private corporations in this sector at all?

      Sounds like great things happening at the farm. It sounds like a wonderful operation and I’m glad it’s going so well. My growing is a bit more modest this year, probably just my own garden. No time for the larger farm plot. Yeah, NJ’s schedule is behind yours by some weeks. Our frost date is May 15th, though so far that’s looking extremely moot this year.

      Comment by Russ — March 13, 2016 @ 12:53 pm

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