October 23, 2013

Shame-Faced Secrecy

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GMO proponents constantly display their lack of character in everything they say and do. The GMO labeling campaign has provoked many disreputable self-revelations on their part. One of these is their shame-faced secrecy where it comes to this product which, in other contexts, they laud as a wonderful thing.
I’ve asked before how GMO technicians and publicists are able to live with themselves if they feel the need to keep their whole endeavor a secret. What’s supposedly their great contribution to humanity, their heroic life’s work, is something they feel the need to hide from public view like some disgraceful vice.
This of course proves that everything they claim for their work is a lie, and they know it’s a lie. They know their work is worthless, that it benefits no one but their corporate masters, and is a great bane to humanity. That’s why they feel such shame, fear the light, and so desperately scurry for the darkest nook as if they were cockroaches.
They know their work is a disgraceful vice.
In this light, it’s funny to see how some of them are so ashamed and so afraid to stand and be counted that they have to double their secrecy. Thus, whereas manufacturers like General Mills, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nestle openly gave money to obstruct California’s labeling initiative, they suffered so much public backlash that they were too cowardly to do so to obstruct 2013’s Washington campaign.
Instead they laundered the money through a front group, the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA). The GMA has spent $7 million so far fighting democracy in Washington. (Whereas almost all of the Yes on 522 money has come from small in-state donors, literally ALL of the anti-522 money has come from out-of-state corporations and their front groups. Monsanto has spent $4 million, DuPont $3.2 million.) But it refused to obey state law and divulge where its money had come from until the state attorney general filed suit.
Only then did we learn which corporations were malign enough to spend this money, but too cowardly to openly do so.
They have good reason to fear. The Organic Consumers’ Association and other food freedom groups have organized boycotts of the manufacturers who spent to obstruct democracy in California. This backlash against the manufacturers and retailers, those in closest contact with the consumer and therefore most vulnerable to the consumer’s outrage, will only grow.
How’s carrying Monsanto’s water working out for you guys? That question will be asked more and more often, of more and more sectors and groups. Who knows, perhaps some of them will even start to ask themselves.


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