September 19, 2018

Death to the Car

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(Whereas almost everyone prefers, Cars to the Death.)
Few things appeal to most people’s selfish desires more than the liberal-version climate-denier fraud of “Let’s all buy electric cars…”*, This perpetuates the Big Lie that the personal car as such is compatible with any meaningful action on the climate crisis or other ecological and social crises. The car fetish, and America’s entire centrally planned economy based upon it, is at the core of ALL the crises. All the wars of the US for at least the last fifty years have been for the sake of corporate profit and fueling the cars.
[*Electric car, aka fracking car, nuke car, mountaintop removal car.]
The car is violently dangerous and yet Americans have completely normalized this extreme violence to the point that they don’t even see it as violence. And for what? For something which has only destructive ecological and social effects, something destructively symbolic. Far more than gun culture, the car goes to the core of the characteristically American sickness. I’d say it’s the mental illness with regard to the car which, more than any other single cause, guarantees that Americans of every political persuasion will never do anything more than cry crocodile tears over the climate crisis until nature itself brings the malign structure down.
BTW no electricity production, whether fraudulently called “renewable” or not, is intended to replace fossil fuels. All modes of industrial generation and deployment of electrical capacity are intended only to add to the destruction/consumption maw. Here too there is consensus across the US political class, the Corporate One-Party and its supporters. They’re all avowed destroyers of humanity and the Earth.
Trump = Obama. Just like in everything else.
Here’s a fun game: Which of these slogans makes a better chant?
      /                  /
“Drill Baby Drill!” (McCain/Palin campaign 2008)
      /                        /         /      /      /
“We’re Number One in Oil and Gas!” (Obama in his 2015 State of the Union address)

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