December 21, 2018

Liberals Shriek for More War, More Blood

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…and for more profits for the weapons contractors and the rest of the long list of war profiteers.
There has never been more perfect proof that American liberals want war, mass murder, the aggrandizement of the military-industrial complex, the dictatorship of corporations, authoritarian government, mass starvation, genocide, and total ecological destruction, than the chorus of braying we’re seeing today objecting to Trump’s claim (which is probably bogus anyway) that the US is going to pull its military out of Syria.
I thought it wasn’t possible to feel greater hatred for liberals than I already did, that their vileness could reach a greater extreme. But today they’re proving me wrong.
This liberal psychopathy goes well with the Democrats’ fake Yemen resolution, a typical Sanders con job, which they specifically designed to ensure it wouldn’t end US aggression and genocide in Yemen.
And as we’ve seen for many years now, but especially since 2016, liberal Dembots salivate at the prospect of nuclear war against Russia. It seems to be their ultimate fantasy. I can’t think of any other reason for Russia Derangement than the fantasy of WWIII and total destruction. God knows there’s no rational explanation for the 21st century Russia-hatred in America.
I think sometimes of how in the 1950s, said to be a social dark age, it was still possible to shame the supporters of a Joseph McCarthy by asking if anyone had any human decency left. Today there would be no point in asking such a question. It would only bring laughter from the mob of psychopaths who pass for “political” people today. There’s no decency left in the US Sodom and Gomorrah. No humanity period. Abraham was able to haggle the Lord down to agreement to spare the cities of the plain if ten honest people could be found. Abraham plead in vain. And he’d be no more successful today, not if he looked for honesty and decency among partisans of the Corporate One-Party, and especially among Democrat partisans, the most vile persons ever to defile the Earth with their existence. The whole shithole needs to be scoured by its own flame and heat and poison. It all needs to come down. And most of all, the anti-politics of liberalism, dedicated to total human atomization and total ecological destruction since its inception in the 19th century, needs to cease to exist. This is an absolute social, aesthetic, ecological necessity.

September 14, 2013

Notions of Syria: Mass Escapism on the Part of the Left

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I’m starting to think that the whole obsession among leftists with the Syrian civil war, a problem which they can’t possibly do anything about, and where their positions couldn’t possibly be more irrelevant, is a kind of mass escapism on their part. All the furious disputation is so much meaningless sound and fury, since no one’s position could possibly have any effect on events whatsoever. The people, on their own, are opposing any US intervention just fine, without any help or influence from “the left”. The leftists might as well be hammering one another over what political form the US colony on Saturn’s moon Titan should take.
Why this irrelevant obsession? It’s an issue where the fiercely disputed positions (it’s not really clear what they’re fighting about, since almost no one among them advocates US intervention) are just so much competitive navel-gazing. I think this is exactly why the issue is so charming to them. Perhaps it’s a consolation for their general feeling of helplessness in the face of the corporatist onslaught. 
By contrast, the whole welter of anti-corporate struggles force upon them the feeling that in principle there must be something they can do, and yet they just can’t figure it out, or else just can’t get organized to do it. It would require lots more hard work, and they’re demoralized at the failure of all their efforts in recent decades. Obsessing on Syria is more like playing a game. The very fact that they can’t possibly do anything about Syria is the main attraction of the thing.
The whole Syria tempest-in-a-teapot is more evidence that the pre-existing Left is defunct.
I’m writing this toward my basic point that existing political categorizations are worthless, are artifacts of the Oil Age, and must be transcended.


August 30, 2013

The Right Way to Look at Syrian Intervention

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There’s lots of anguish and recriminations among radicals and radical chicists about what the “right” position is on US aggression in Syria, just as there was with Libya. It seems to me that much of this is on account of an epistomological mistake.
Now, if one is personally committed to the Syrian civil war for whatever reason, that’s one thing. You’d have to figure out what you think is best from that point of view. But that’s not the case for the vast majority of Americans who have taken an interest in this. We come to it primarily from the point of view of opposing US imperialism.
The mistake many people make is that if there’s a tangible enemy involved, they think that opposing US aggression means or implies support for this enemy. Since this enemy is often itself a malign actor – the Saddam regime, the Qaddaffi regime, the Assad regime, etc. – the implication that opposing imperialism has to mean support for all of its target causes these people to hesitate and split among themselves.
But to me this makes no sense. I oppose the US system in every kind of case, and I don’t see why this particular kind of case is different from any other. Given any weapons system like the F-22, I say cancel it. I say that in opposition to the Pentagon. But it’s not clear to me who I’m “siding with” in that case.
Similarly, given a project like the Libyan assault, I oppose it. I do that in opposition to the Pentagon and the rest of the system, same as with a weapons contract. I see no reason why in that case I need to be “siding with” anyone, any more than with the weapons contract. The fact that there was a specific target of the project doesn’t change that.
So it is today with Syria. While we can expect that eventually US overextension will help speed up US collapse, this is speculative in any particular case, and therefore my default is to oppose every prospective act of imperialism. I oppose these acts because as an American citizen my job is to oppose every aspect of Western corporate aggression. It’s emphatically not my job to take sides in every conflict outside the West. The notion that it is, so beloved of liberals and radical chicists, and even some radicals, is of course part of the pathology of Western aggression. Such alleged radicals simply reveal themselves as old-style authoritarians who still want the corporate state and hierarchical domination, but somehow in a “better” form. But a true anti-corporatist knows that the only non-evil thing the West can do, is capable of doing, for anyone, anywhere, is to GET OUT. And stay out.