May 15, 2014

Work to Rule

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Here’s an action which attained modestly good results, but which also provides an example of what could be done if a critical mass of workers broke free of system indoctrination and determined to stop giving free labor and self-sacrificial obedience to economic and political hierarchies.
Imagine if all workers acted toward employers (and all citizens toward the government, where it comes to laws, regulations, etc.) the way those hierarchies act toward us. If we stopped being altruistic toward them, stopped being self-sacrificial, stopped cooperating in order to make up for the idiocies of the corporatist system, wherever such cooperation would be for the benefit of elites rather than for ourselves, the system would jam up and collapse very quickly.
Of course that wouldn’t really be reciprocating the way they act toward us, since Work to Rule means punctiliously following the rules. Government and employers, on the other hand, feel free to break each and every one of their own rules whenever they like.