October 11, 2018

Eugenic War II Proceeds According to Schedule


The First Eugenic War against humanity and the Earth was launched by ideologues of scientism and social Darwinism in the latter 19th century. In America and Europe eugenics quickly became one of the most popular cultural and political ideas among the entire educated and political class. Political progressives especially were enthralled and as usual joined hands with conservatives and militarists. In America only the churches and a small band of political and social critics opposed the cultural eugenic wave.
Although the movement failed to gain policy traction in Britain in spite of massive propaganda efforts, America quickly began enacting eugenic policies. California and other states were passing laws informed by eugenic notions early in the century. By the 1920s forced sterilizations of alleged inferiors, enshrined by the Supreme Court (“three generations of imbeciles is enough”, chirped Oliver Wendell Holmes for the 8-1 majority), were being performed on a large scale, while eugenic ideology played a large role in the crafting of immigration policy.
Europe’s big day came when the Nazis came to power. The Nazis warmly praised American eugenic policy and consciously adapted it. Nazi eugenics escalated in tandem with anti-Jewish policy. They eased their way from voluntary euthanasia of deformed infants to a full-scale policy of the murder of asylum inmates launched in tandem with the invasion of Poland in 1939. The program used both shootings and gassing. In this way Nazi eugenics both psychologically and in terms of technical experience prepared the Nazis to embark upon the vastly greater program of exterminating the Jews with poison gas. Genocide is the inherent goal of all eugenics.
Much to the chagrin of scientists and technocrats everywhere, the Nazi experience discredited the eugenic concept in the public mind. Eugenics had to go underground under the guise of regular genetic research. It eventually began to resurface in the 1960s in the form of reproductive assistance technologies marketed as mere medical treatments but whose practitioners actually had far-reaching eugenic goals. This stealth eugenics was accompanied by the development of genetic engineering technology. At the same time Arthur Jensen and Harvard University resurrected scientific racism. These three pathways have since intertwined and comprise an ever more aggressive propaganda and technological deployment. The Second Eugenic War was on.
I’ve been writing analysis and forecasts about this war for many years now. Just to select a few out of many pieces, see here, here, here, here, and here.
My basic point has been that agricultural GMOs, in addition their inherent uses as weapons of power, also are a stalking horse for GM animal eugenics and eventually GM human eugenics. The idea of so-called reproductive “medical” engineering treatments has run parallel in the propaganda and research.
It’s not necessarily the case that right at this moment there’s some master cabal somewhere which is consciously planning to repeat the Nazi experiment on a far more comprehensive technocratic basis, though they often informally talk about it quite openly. But the entire history of scientism and its eugenic preoccupation, and their entire pattern of action is trending toward this goal. The entire history of their type (the history of eugenics specifically, and the control ideology among engineers in general) proves that at some point they will consciously organize to attain this genocidal totalitarian goal.
Today Australian regulators have taken the latest step*. Out ahead of regulators anywhere else, they have endorsed the full deregulation of all GM eugenic animal research and deployment.
“A new report by Friends of the Earth reveals that scientists are using these new GM techniques, such as CRISPR, to develop more muscular and disease resistant livestock that can endure intensive conditions without getting sick; and to produce animals that don’t reach sexually maturity so they eat less food.”
Of course animal eugenics posits only goals which are purely instrumental for capitalist productionism. From the point of view of the economic civilization animals are nothing but a resource to be exploited. (In the same way, literally all alleged “safety tests” on GMOs which have been performed by corporations and governments have focused on nothing but whether factory farmed animals being fed on GM-based feed can reach their slaughter weight without dropping dead. Self-evidently this has zero relevance for testing the safety of GM-based foods in the human diet. Governments, corporations, universities, and the media systematically lie when they propagandize that GMOs have been tested and found safe.)
Economic exploitation is also the primary usage of human beings, and the primary way the consciousness of civilization views them. Today’s eugenic ideologues among scientists and social Darwinists also spew the same utopian fantasies of engineering a Master Race that the Nazis did, but since this is genetically impossible the main uses of genetic engineering technology will be to engineer more useful slaves and to use gene drives, along with biological weapons and artificial famines, to exterminate everyone else. Exactly as Hitler planned to exterminate all Germans and other “Aryans” who weren’t physically perfect once the war had been won, so that the end result would be a pure bifurcation of the alleged “Master Race” and the slave races.
To sum up the schedule:
1. Agricultural GMOs.
2. GM animals.
3. GM humans as “medical treatment”.
4. GM humans as “positive” eugenics, i.e. boutique engineering of the embryos of rich rubes stupid enough to think they can turn their brats into Mozarts and Einsteins and Michael Jordans that way.
5. Massive social pressure upon all expectant parents to have their embryos engineered.
6. Coercion and the revival of negative eugenics (forced sterilizations and so on).
7. The full Nazi euthanasia program via genetic modification.
I’ve been forecasting this for years and so far everything’s happening right on schedule.
*A striking feature of the corporate-technocratic onslaught is how regulators everywhere see themselves as nothing but servants of the big corporations and seek nothing but to divest all of their own powers. That’s not historically the usual behavior of bureaucracies. It goes to show what the true role of regulatory agencies is under capitalism, and how stupid it is for anyone to still look to regulators for any kind of action whatsoever which isn’t on behalf of the corporations. You can’t “take back” or “reform” these agencies any more than you can the corporate demons themselves. I’ve written innumerable pieces on this as well. Here’s just two of them.
To all mammals: Destroy the dinosaurs’ eggs every chance you get.

January 6, 2016

The Elemental Falsity of Genetic Determinism


Today the establishment “life sciences” tread as epigones the same path of reductionism and mechanism which physics trode in the 19th century, the path which physics debunked and abandoned long ago. Social Darwinism, biological determinism, genetic determinism, sociobiology, this ideological complex never had any scientific validity and was demonstrably false even prior to its full congealment. Francis Crick’s aptly named “Central Dogma” was already known to be false at the time he promulgated it. The same was true of the foundation doctrine of “one gene = one trait”, which together with the Central Dogma comprised the ideological basis of biological determinism. This “science” was falsified in toto and in detail even prior to its full ideological elaboration in the 1970s. It has since continued as the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated. It’s not just that determinist theory is completely wrong – almost all of history’s scientific theories were disproven, and almost certainly most of those believed in today will be disproven. It’s that this “theory” has always been known to be wrong by its publicists, and yet they fraudulently go ahead anyway. Crick with his dogma of a one-way information flow from DNA to proteins when it was already known biological information loops back from proteins to DNA is just the most infamous of the countless examples of conscious lies on the part of these charlatan “scientists”.
In truth biological determinism is just the transcription of Randroid hyper-individualism and the “genius” delusion to the realm of pseudo-science. This junk science gets such a preponderance of funding and fawning mass media publicity because it’s a potent branch of capitalist propaganda.
Even in basic form, biological determinism is not scientific but religious. The “selfish gene” concept represents an extreme of animist superstition. All thoughts and feelings and aspirations and endeavors of humanity are said to be generated by a godlike homunculus in the gene. This is of course just another version of the vitalist “ghost in the machine”. At least vitalism had the virtue of being holistic in its outlook, and therefore to that extent in accord with bona fide science, which finds all phenomena to be ecological, networked, cooperative. Meanwhile monotheist religion at least posits an omnipotent cosmological deity. But the mysticism of genetic determinism envisions an infinite number of identically “selfish” ant-like deities in the genes. Presumably each selfish gene has to see itself as the one and only “real” gene, with all the others being replicants of itself and acting in obedience to itself. They’re not supposed to be commies, are they? Cooperating selfish genes sounds like a contradiction in terms. How do they agree to combine as chromosomes? It seems to me the truly selfish cells would be the cancerous ones.
Or maybe the selfish genes aren’t really so selfish and are supposed to form a collective deity, who knows? These cultists are extremely muddled about their science/theology.
It’s absurd in general to try to find the “cause” of ecological wholes in an arbitrarily chosen cherry-picked element. (Why the gene? Why not the cell, or conversely the DNA itself, or the bases of the DNA, or the atoms that comprise them?) Again, the point is to provide a pseudo-scientific support and justification for the delusional individualists who consider themselves to be “self-made”. Anyone with a shred of rationality or simple common sense knows there’s no such thing as being self-made. From our total prenatal and infant dependency to our ongoing if not always as directly obvious dependency throughout our entire lives, we all remain mostly dependent upon, or in the best cases interdependent and in cooperation with*, the ideas, institutions, and emotional communion with our artificial surroundings. No one is an island, and no one is self-made.
Of course individualism itself is a fully developed ideology which today’s sociobiologists and biological mechanists needed to have spoon-fed to them by the society they were born into. It’s part of the delusion when the likes of Dawkins and Wilson flatter themselves that they’re colleagues of Descartes or Hobbes, when they’re really nothing but the most derivative, conformist, mediocre epigones.
Imagine each brick that makes up a building seeing itself as the visionary, architect, and sole creator of the building. But perhaps our reductionists see themselves and their fellow geniuses as keystones, and therefore “better”? But what is a keystone without the other bricks comprising the structure? It’s then no longer a keystone, just a stone like the rest. Only the cooperation of all the bricks can render any one of them a keystone, while without the assembly there’s no such thing as a keystone.
Nor are buildings with arches and keystones necessary. If arches become too troublesome to maintain, all the necessary and sufficient structures can be built without a single keystone anywhere.
(We can extend the metaphor. What can the bricks do without the laborers to assemble them? And indeed some of these laborers see themselves as the architects and engineers, though they too would be no such thing without the laborers and the bricks. Here we speak figuratively of the general natural ecology within which the artificial is ensconced as one dependent and perhaps interdependent part. This displaces the individual brick, insofar as it maintains an individualist delusion, even further from this notion that it’s at the center of a universe which spins out only from it.)
This demonstrates how there’s no such thing as a necessary, let alone superior, individual. Either all human beings are necessary or none. But there can never be a superior individual in any positive sense.
Unfortunately it is possible for individuals to render themselves inferior in a negative, Socratic sense. When the oracle at Delphi named Socrates the wisest man in Athens he was confused at first, because he didn’t consider himself especially wise. But when he reflected that he at least recognized that his wisdom and knowledge were nothing special, whereas everywhere he looked he saw the pompousness and egotism of those who were just as ignorant and unwise but who labored under delusions of great wisdom and expertise, he realized that at least in this negative sense he was wiser than they. He, unlike they, recognized his limitations and interdependency.
Similarly, greed, competitiveness, hatefulness, lust to dominate, are parts of human nature, albeit minor parts – all the evidence is that humans are naturally cooperative. But it’s possible artificially to spur and maximize these, especially through malign institutions such as the competitive individualist ideology, including its pseudo-scientific manifestation. By willfully surrendering to the worst elements of human nature, giving these free rein, and trumping up an ideology to justify and proselytize for this sociopathy, there are those who render themselves beneath humanity. Our biological determinists, Social Darwinists, techno-cultists are classic examples.
This ecological statement is not a manifesto for sameness. That’s just another hackneyed individualist lie. On the contrary it’s they who seek to enforce monoculture everywhere from the crop field to the human soul. On the contrary, we are not bricks but human beings radiating an unlimited brilliance of feelings, ideas, personalities, hopes, aspirations, endeavors, as individuals and in cooperation. The human ecology celebrates this true diversity of the individuals who combine to form the great whole. The ecological philosophy denies only that any of these are better or more important than the others, let alone prior to the ecology. But the kind of mind which, the moment it perceives difference, must posit a hierarchy of better to worse, superior to inferior, is a poisoned mind, the victim and vector of poison.
For humanity there is no ontological better or worse. We can judge among ourselves according only to ecological reason, ecological science, ecological morality, which are the only real manifestations of these. And all our judgements are encompassed within the greater ecological whole of the Earth, its ecosystems, and its broader sunlit and sun-dependent home.
*The only true human goal is to cooperate to build societies based on ecological interdependence and then to sustain these human societies. All else is falsehood.