September 29, 2015

First Commandment: Care About the Earth

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In the hallowed halls they’re claiming to have found their best evidence yet of seasonal liquid water flows on Mars. Meanwhile, human access to water on Earth is increasingly assaulted by corporations like Nestle, while corporate campaigns like fracking and poison-based agriculture increasingly monopolize and poison our water. Once again those who have eyes to see can see the great irrelevancy of the scientific-industrial complex to actual human beings and their needs, and how the whole endeavor is more of a misdirectional propaganda gambit.
Meanwhile agroecology, a fully developed and demonstrated science and set of practices ready for full deployment, conserves and cleans water.
Auden put it well:
It is our sorrow. Shall it melt? Ah, water
Would gush, flush, green these mountains and these valleys,
And we rebuild our cities, not dream of islands.