April 8, 2017

“…as physicians and mothers…”


Glyphosate causes reproductive problems and birth defects, as was proven many years ago though Monsanto and the US and European governments continue to deny it. Today the evidence continues to pile up.
The latest study links glyphosate residue in the bodies of pregnant women with shorter pregnancies and lower birth weights. Lower birth weight in turn goes with many physical and cognitive developmental problems.
Monsanto pays physicians to reply: “As physicians and mothers ourselves, nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of children. We stand by the safety of our products and the extensive regulatory oversight provided by agencies like the U.S. EPA.
It’s no surprise that Monsanto’s “staff physicians”, i.e. medical doctors who now work as PR flacks, assure us that poison is not poisonous. It’s always been easy to find doctors willing to lie about anything you’re willing to pay them to lie about. To this day there are M.D.s who deny that smoking causes cancer. So it goes with every kind of “expert” who denies that pesticides cause cancer.
But some people may pause at the bit about “mothers.” Would a mother knowingly feed poison to her child? Well, sure, lots of them would.
Some parents physically beat their children, and some sexually molest them. So it’s no surprise that some are willing at least to deny the evidence of dietary poisoning and feed poison to their own children. It’s the path of least resistance and they can rationalize the odds of its leading to disaster. So it’s also no surprise that when someone offers to pay a parent to say publicly that feeding poison is safe, some parents will have no problem taking the money and reciting the script.
And then there’s the many hypocrites who would never feed the poison to their own children but happily avow in public that other parents should feed poison to their own children. The ranks of Monsanto are riddled with such conscious liars.
In addition to its mundane profiteering and power aspect, the corporate-technocratic campaign to force pesticide laden GM-based food upon humanity is also a massive uncontrolled feeding experiment which is a kind of dry run for subsequent controlled experiments. There’s no reason to doubt this: It describes perfectly the pattern of action of the scientific establishment, and no other theory explains the evidence nearly as well.
This is reinforced by the fact that even though biological determinism was debunked as junk science in the early 20th century, and even though geneticists themselves have overwhelmingly debunked genetic determinism, nevertheless this determinism remains the mainstream paradigm for the entire scientific establishment. Even the very geneticists whose work disproves it will turn around with no apparent cognitive dissonance and publicly support genetic engineering, for example.

This active, relentless reinforcement of a long debunked paradigm, such that by now it’s a Big Lie, can only be in the service of an ideological commitment. This commitment is, of course, the exact same Social Darwinist and eugenic commitment which first promulgated biological determinism in defiance of the scientific evidence a hundred years ago.
If we take these facts into account and from there interpret the persistent pattern of action of today’s pseudo-scientific liars and experimenters, we see that the Poisoner campaign is a kind of self-fulfilling eugenics enforcement mechanism. This is a core purpose of the massive uncontrolled human feeding experiment. Genetic mutations and hormonal imbalances caused by dietary and environmental poisons, and all the diseases which follow from these, can be envisioned as markers of unfitness. For example, Hitler intended after the war to quarantine and probably then kill all German families who had any incidence of heart or lung disease, on the grounds that such disease was proof of biological decadence running through the genes of the family.
Therefore if eugenic elitists forcibly, if surreptitiously, feed the “subjects” the agent of their own poisoning, this can bring about in reality (to the experimenters’ own satisfaction) the result they dogmatically pre-assumed, the proof of their physical/genetic superiority and the inferiority of the victims of poisoning. Anyone who doubts this should read what these same technocrats spew about transhumanism and the Singularity. They start from the fundamentalist assumption that evolutionary humanity is inferior and that technological transformation will render “someone”, which obviously includes themselves, superior.
This carries over from the original eugenics campaign the assumption that the right “breeding” will improve humanity. Today the focus of all such eugenic breeding ideology is genetic engineering, which combines the original eugenic aspiration with the more recent transhumanist aspiration.
Finally, it follows from all this, if implicitly, that technology also can deform, which in practice will be taken to mean that it merely exposed the latent genetic weaknesses. Therefore, in the same way that Hitler used to call Nazi ideology a magnet traversing the metallic substance of the German people, attracting the good iron and rejecting the dross, so today’s technocratic ideology and technology is the magnet which will not only attract the good metal but actively repel the bad. It will reveal existential inferiority by causing this to manifest as cancer, birth defects, etc. This is the way technocratic experimentalism conceives the massive uncontrolled feeding experiment of the GMO/pesticide complex.
Obviously all this is insane, and most of all the pretensions to superiority of this group of parasites who are demonstrably inferior by every traditional and scientific measure: Socially, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, ecologically, and biologically (as early as the 1920s critics were ridiculing how often the technocratic Master Race types had no children and seemed incapable of conceiving them; the same demographic pattern continues to this day) the technocratic type tends to be a subhuman reject, and their whole elaborate eugenic religion and technological deployment is one massive exercise in overcompensation.
The only thing which temporarily has empowered them and rendered them capable of partially carrying out their campaign of destruction is the fossil fuel binge and the technological deployment it has enabled, organized by the corporations. From the long view of the Earth this circumstance is only temporary, and history soon shall return to its normal course.
But in the shorter run, and especially from the perspective of the near-term human future, the corporate-technocratic campaign of destruction threatens to do incalculable damage and render humanity’s redemption extremely difficult, even impossible. This is why it is imperative for humanity finally to hear the call of the Earth and organize itself according to this call, organize into the great necessary movement to abolish corporate agriculture and accomplish the global transformation to agroecology and Food Sovereignty.
Humanity is pregnant with this future, but pesticides are symbolic and more than symbolic of the system’s will to turn the entire human future into a stillbirth.
Help propagate the new and necessary ideas.

January 27, 2016

Zika, Part of the Corporate Normal


The media’s found itself another scare story to splay all over the front pages. They’ll do this when they can misdirect attention, analysis, and blame.
The Zika virus outbreak and the daunting prospect for the disease’s future, like with most others in recent years, is caused by corporate globalization. These diseases are rooted out of the wilderness in the first place by deforestation and the spread of industrial ranching and plantations. Then they’re incubated and given all the opportunity they need to mutate in the shantytowns and/or factory farms which are intentional creations of globalization. Therefore the function of these facilities as disease incubators is also a known and intended result of the corporate onslaught. The nutritional denuding of food and its toxification with agricultural poisons weakens people. Then there’s the growing epidemic of corporate-driven hunger. We can add how globalization sends cargo and people casually jet-setting all over the world, so any pathogen almost instantaneously spreads as far as it easily can (much like the way commercial GMOs are immediately propagated as globally widely as possible, the most extreme of the many ways genetic engineering denies evolution and seeks to leap over its safeguards), and will be given every opportunity to spread gradually even to the places where it has trouble adapting. Climate change, destruction of biodiversity, monoculture in everything from agriculture to suburbia, and the wholesale poisoning of ecosystems by industrial chemicals combine to create the perfect weather and habitat for potential pathogens.
We can see how the corporate system does all it can to generate epidemics, since it does all it can to provide and intensify the three components generally necessary for an epidemic: The potential pathogen, the favorable terrain, and the weakened target.
The rising incidence of epidemics in recent decades parallels the rise of chronic disease among Westerners and the rise of crop disease and pest infestation. These are all caused by the same malign combination of climate change, artificial poisons in the environment, habitat and biodiversity destruction, and the ferocious, insane corporate drive to escalate and accelerate all of these as much and fast as possible. (Another analogy from genetic engineering is the way the transgenic promoter is tuned to switch the transgene on at maximum power, 24/7, in direct contrast with the way genes within natural genomes are turned on and off at varying levels of intensity as the physiological or environmental circumstance warrants).
As is standard for the disaster capitalism which seeks to exploit any problem or crisis generated by the corporations themselves, this outbreak is being used as an occasion for Malthusian racist talk (racism is always seeking “respectable” opportunities to express itself), to shill for the GM mosquito technology which is already a failure, and to call for greater poison use against mosquitoes, including the frequent attempts to rehabilitate DDT and slander Rachel Carson and Silent Spring. But one of the reasons DDT was banned was because it no longer worked against mosquitoes. These had become resistant, as the pests always become resistant to every poison. This too is intentional, the planned obsolescence of the pesticide treadmill. One of the reasons GMOs have been such an attractive product for the agrochemical corporations is because they’re such perfect escalating poison delivery vectors. As the weeds and insects become resistant to poisons like clockwork, genetic engineering lets the corporations stack more and more poisons and poison tolerances into the product, so it will produce and receive more and more poisons. DDT, in addition to causing human cancer and birth defects and its horrific environmental effects, was a shoddy product which had ceased to work. That part especially the Poisoners don’t want us to know when they try to rehabilitate this cancer-causing, bird-killing, worthless poison.
Meanwhile the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to researchers working on the potential of artemisia as herbal malaria medicine. As always, the real way to deal with disease is a combination of social-ecological rationality, good sanitation, a society based on healthy food, water, and lifestyles, and where necessary the appropriate treatment. Poison is never part of any constructive solution.
It’s ironic that the Zika virus is feared so much because of its ability to cause birth defects, while the same governments and media suppress information about the vastly greater epidemic of birth defects and other reproductive harms being caused by glyphosate, 2,4-D, malathion, and other agricultural poisons.
When we ponder a political system which systematically lies about the birth defects caused by pesticides while scare-mongering about the much lower number of birth defects caused by a virus in order to propagandize for using more of the teratogenic pesticides and against all real solutions, we know we’re dealing with a systematically criminal system. That’s the Poisoner ideology and campaign in action.
I wrote about this and related matters at greater length here.