October 14, 2020

We Must Love One Another or Die


Motto from W H Auden, “September 1, 1939”
Love is not possible through a barrier emblazoned with the words, “I fear your existence”, emitted across a physical space symbolic of this existential fear.
We now are at the time of the most extreme Othering, the most extreme xenophobia of all against all, the most extreme bigotry, toward the most extreme war of all against all.
Why has almost everyone joined this cult? What is so attractive about it? Why, on the spur of the moment, for no good reason, spurred only by the propaganda of the TV news which so many of you claimed previously not to believe, have you so unquestioningly and abjectly submitted?
Why are you casting away all the principles you claimed to hold, why are you casting away all that humanity has known of social and cultural existence?
Why do you want so perversely and vainly and self-destructively to go directly against millions of years of human evolution and billions of years of microbial evolution?
Why do you want this permanent fascist deformation, no matter how directly destructive of human physical and mental health, community life, cultural life, the social and econo,mic position of yourself and everyone you claim to care about?
You say you don’t mean it to be permanent? And just when will you take off your face diaper and return to your previous life? When the TV says you’re allowed? According to the impresarios of the global assault that day will never come.
And even if it did and you obeyed, that still would mean your state of the most irresponsible, abdicated, anti-political, anti-social, cowardly, abject, submissive obedience to the government and media is now permanent.
And you didn’t even need to be directly terrorized by any police state in order to instill and enforce this obedience, the way that was necessary for Stalin’s regime. All you needed was a shoddy scare campaign over a mild epidemic. Which proves that covid was nothing but a catalyst which mobilized underlying mass-existential fear-itself over the near universal personal economic precarity and the universal ecological precarity of the economic civilization itself. Covid mobilized these immense vague fears toward this explosive reaction of desperate superstition and propitiatory rites which, it is hoped, if enough people participate, can somehow cause the real existential specter to pass over the house. The face diapers and hex distancing are the equivalent of lamb’s blood smeared over the door – pointless from any rational point of view, all-important from the point of view of the cult.
None of this can work. The only thing which can avert the worst of general economic liquidation and ecologically drive collapse is truly to repent of the evil ways of the civilization and completely change the way we live, away from worthless material junk, away from “production” and “growth”, away from “money” and “jobs”, away from everything which is destroying the Earth and murdering the human soul, toward a renewed mutual human community, friendship, caring, and toward the return to the Earth which Gaia shall insist upon anyway, whether we go willingly or she has to drag our battered frame while we scream.
Meanwhile the conceit that any of the policies of our stupid, incompetent, corrupt, wicked institutions can do anything to control a virus which has been at large in the global environment for at least a year and perhaps much longer is nothing but Dominionist-technocratic delusion. Gaia will out. The virus will complete its natural cycle regardless of anything the institutions and media do and say. The lockdowns have accomplished nothing but to drag out the inevitable while adding a long list of ancillary, purely gratuitous evils.
If we are to do any of what we need in time, if we are to do any of what anyone still human would want, the first thing is to stop digging this latest, deepest, most extremely fastest-dug pit of mutual anti-human fear and loathing. We must all drop the masks, approach one another and say “I’m sorry, I went crazy for a moment there”, and embrace one another.
We must love one another or die.


  1. your message is enduring, as always, but my prognosis of the reality is grim. the message i left at moa this morning addressed the relatively strong resistance to this insanity coming from Germany…until b pulled the iron curtain on me. chin up!

    Comment by john — October 14, 2020 @ 12:40 pm

    • I saw that MoA had another stupid propaganda piece up. I didn’t bother reading it or the comment thread – b is as much a liar and illogician on this subject as any fellow hack that works directly for the likes of the WaPo rather than indirectly like these fake “anti-imperialists”. Were many commenters pushing back? On those Open Threads it seemed like there were quite a few.

      He censored you? It’ll serve him and the rest of the ProporNot list right when they get kicked off social media completely, disappeared by Google, dropped by their internet providers. That WILL happen to them, and not very long from now either if things keep going the way they’re going. Their newfound calling to be junior deputy volunteer covidiot propagandists won’t save them. (I wonder if b at least got his crackerjack box “Covid Warrior” badge in the mail yet.)

      “First they came for the Covid dissenters and I cheered them on because I was a terror-lockdown propagandist and cultist, then they came for the rest of the anti-imperial dissenters and that was me and I was finished…”

      Comment by Russ Bangs — October 14, 2020 @ 2:33 pm

      • yes, he censored me, possibly banned me. meanwhile, here in Italy, after the latest directive for mask wearing outside, i’d say the percentage of compliance is about 99.9. when i take my daily stroll through the acropolis i even pass this masterpiece, completed in 1278, its sophisticated hydraulics already squirting water when the Black Death blew through some decades later, altogether across the regions wiping out up to 200 million people. so, perhaps the locals have some lingering angst, i dunno, Italians have never really pushed back against authority or fomented revolution, but in any case, it’s really creepy.

        Comment by john — October 15, 2020 @ 5:36 am

      • It’s very creepy, especially since what we’re seeing now is long past any stage of real panic, but rather a basically calm, sober decision that one truly wants to believe in this new cult and wants to be a long-term member of it and obedient practitioner of its rituals.

        Did you see if b was censoring other dissenters on that thread? I figured at some point he’d stop being tolerant.

        Ah well, I read the China piece (though in light of his dereliction on covid I no longer assume b knows what he’s talking about on geopolitics in general), noticed a new trend among some regulars to insist that the US elites are too rational to really start WWIII and felt inspired to associate that with their newfound faith in the honesty and competence of the mainstream media, so I commented to that effect. I’ll probably turn that into tomorrow’s post.

        Comment by Russ Bangs — October 15, 2020 @ 6:49 am

  2. yeah, he deleted at least 20 dissenting comments, though nothing any more ‘nonsensical’ than what he left up.

    Comment by john — October 15, 2020 @ 7:35 am

    • He and some of his sycophants feel a strong bad conscience and inferiority complex toward Off-Guardian and Global Research, two of the few real anti-globalist anti-imperial sites as proven by how their position opposed to the imperial terror-lockdown assault is consistent with their previous position, while MoA and almost all others have radically broken with the position they previously claimed to hold.

      Covid is “real” (no matter how objectively moderate and not severe), so everyone must believe the imperial propaganda and obey the imperial command? Prior “pandemics” of SARS-1, H1N1, swine flu, mad cow etc were just as real, so why didn’t they believe and obey then? (Ferguson and his openly named “Imperial College” tried to get this whole lockdown and death cult machine fired up for each of those but failed.) The terrorists have been real, so why didn’t they believe and obey then? The communists and their revolutionary goal were real so why don’t they believe the communists torched the Reichstag?

      I don’t doubt some of them were sleepers, faking the radical pose while waiting to flip and take up their real controlled-opposition role at the most opportune moment. Far more were simply regular frauds – I’ve long noted how almost every self-alleged “anti-authoritarian” has some sacred itch which if scratched causes them to run home to mama and embrace the power structure. We saw that with ISIS (which ironically turned out to be a US agent), we saw it with Brexit and Trump, for example.

      And finally there’s sheer physical cowardice, although it’s very strange that scribblers and activists that seem not to fear the reprisals of the state and its corporations do seem to exist in abject terror of the mere idea of this particular virus and its mild epidemic.

      Which, perhaps is further evidence that some really are controlled-op agents playing out a role.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — October 16, 2020 @ 4:57 am

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