September 28, 2020

Needful Covid Lessons


This goes with Artificial Origin and Covid in Globalist Context as part of a series explaining the philosophical and moral basis for rejecting the legitimacy of the governments of an evil, self-destructive civilization when it claims authority as a moral legislator for a so-called “pandemic” it deliberately artificially inflicted upon itself, in direct disregard of all our warnings for all these years.
All I’ve said about Covid boils down to this – however mild or severe, it is a 100% purely self-inflicted event on the part of the ecodical economic civilization. The terror-lockdown response has had zero public health motivation – we already know these governments care nothing for public health. All their ecocidal, poisonist policies, the way they arrange their health care systems, the deliberate systematic physical and mental health precarity they generate – all this proves the fact that whatever the motivations of governments and media in propagating the pandemic scare, whatever the motivations of governments and media in imposing lockdown measures, whatever the motivations of government and media in imposing social control rituals like the anti-science superstitions of masking and anti-social distancing, these motivations are purely malign.
The effects of the terror-lockdown campaign, including any economic disruption up to and including collapse, is a blow purely self-inflicted by a civilization at war with its own biological basis. This includes waging war on its own people. The pest arose either from a US bioweapon experiment or attack, or from the elements of globalization: Deforestation, global heating and climate chaos, factory agriculture, industrial mining, cramming masses into slums and shantytowns, the demolition of all public health systems and access to decent health care except for the rich. The system is deploying every kind of misdirection and scapegoating to cover up its complete culpability while seeking malign goals of covering up the ongoing collapse of every element of the economy except for Fed-inflated stock prices and other fake numbers; launch a new escalation of corporate bailouts and Wall Street plunder; intensify social control; escalate the police state; beat the anti-China war drums; carry out a mass euthanasia campaign among the sick and elderly; intensify the crisis of human alienation. The system wants to push these all as much as is politically or physically possible.
Unequivocally the virus has its source in the wickedness of the civilization, in globalization, imperialism, militarism, Mammon; and the response to it has been the most extreme manifestation of this wickedness.
This is globalization’s plague, globalization’s child, globalization’s affinity, globalization’s assault. And with the terror-lockdown campaign globalization wants to protect and maximize it all. Covid-19 coupled with the totalitarian assault and global religion stemming from it together comprise this civilization’s most typical and quintessential product, its crowning achievement.
We who oppose this, we who have opposed it all for so long (I’ve been doing this blog for eleven and a half years now, and studying for the fight for years before that, we who already have suffered so much and now again are made blameless victims of the crimes and insanities of this global Babylon, we have no truck with all this, we owe its perpetrators nothing, we are free as a bird.
Meanwhile all their pretensions are so much vanity. Earth guarantees with certitude that whatever this virus is going to do, it’s going to do. SARS-COV-2 shall complete its cycle regardless, and there’s nothing their stupid worthless ecocidal civilization can do about it. Since they generated this epidemic, however mild or severe it belongs to them, and how do they think you can recall your bullet with the same gun that fired it?
Perhaps the most obnoxious element of the entire top-down terror-lockdown assault and bottom-up (albeit heavily astroturfed) mass insanity is the arrogance of it all, the presumption, the sinful pride.
(This has an analogue in the presumption of the climate-industrial movement that “green” ecocide somehow isn’t ecocide and can solve the civilization-driven climate crisis and general ecological collapse.)
When we contemplate the many berserker vandalisms and demolitions perpetrated by these governments and corporate demons, indoctrinated by these schools, propagandized by these media, supported by these decadent masses, the full lunacy and moral disreputation of any institution or average necropolitan denizen to say a word about their crowning Corona becomes fully evident.
A civilization that ruthlessly and relentlessly digs up and unleashes hundreds of millions of years of sunk carbon in order to scorch the Earth can remain silent on Covid. It has nothing to say to us.
A civilization that ruthlessly massacres trillions of trees toward the goal of turning forests to deserts can remain silent on Covid. It has nothing to say to us.
A civilization that ruthlessly drives the mass extinctions of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, insects, can remain silent on Covid. It has nothing to say to us.
A civilization that ruthlessly slathers the earth, water, air with every kind of industrial poison and which poisons its own food and water and the general environment with pesticides and GMOs, these poisons being the real purpose of its agriculture, can remain silent on Covid. It has nothing to say to us.
A civilization whose own mainstream “environmental” groups and climate-industrial movement can envision no way to respond to these calamities than to double down on every technocratic evil up to and including advocacy for geoengineering can remain silent on Covid. It has nothing to say to us.
The basic guiding principles for understanding the entire Covid event are:
1. The origin of the epidemic lies in globalization, imperialism, militarism. The economic civilization’s weaponized use of the idea of a lethal pandemic (the idea, since no such thing exists yet in reality) is in the service of these evils.
2. Only the most extreme Dominion theology and technocratic ideology believe that once this virus is at large in the environment, as it has been at least since last autumn, that artificial government-applied measures can prevent it from completing its natural cycle toward its end in herd immunity. But then the real purposes of lockdown and social control measures aren’t really to prevent this end, but to use the opportunity toward the most malign economic, political, biological goals. This is history’s most extreme exercise in disaster capitalism.
As for anyone who really would want to try to contain a globally free-ranging epidemic, we know from every other ecological context that the only thing which works is natural balance through maximal biodiversity, while forcible violent attempts at segregation and sterilization, such as are characteristic of industrial agriculture and of these lockdown measures, always fail.
3. Everything that’s been done has been the radical opposite of what should have been done from the perspective of any sane, rational, well-meaning public health goal. Institutions where the vulnerable people (elderly and already ill) are concentrated should have been protected while everyone else went about normal life. Instead normal life was devastated, subject to the most extreme and intrusive terrorist propaganda and police state measures, subject to the psychological pandemic of constant extreme uncertainty, while the one thing which was not done was to protect the institutionalized vulnerable. This was no accident either. Although we’ll likely never know how many bona fide Covid deaths there were, only that the real number is vastly less than the manipulated official number, we do know that the vast majority of these deaths were government-perpetrated murders, the result of a systematic euthanasia campaign.
These are principles of Gaian social practice and politics for a pandemic era. Although Covid-19 is not a big one, it is a shot across the bow. Worse will come so long as the economic civilization continues on its self-driven quest to be the destroyer of the Earth. The time to learn that everything governments have done regarding Covid are wrong and upside down is now.


  1. If I may. The “virus” as a cover story turns out to be a scam as old as the hills. They just went bigger this time.

    1) No alleged virus has ever been properly isolated and purified according to the Church of Virology’s own gold standards (Koch’s Postulates) to demonstrate pathogenicity. The papers claiming “isolation” are all fraudulent junk and propaganda. Not one, zero, nada does what it claims or uses proper/honest methodology. The cell cultures are all loaded with contaminants and cellular debris during a tissue starvation and toxification process (they even add antibiotics). There is NO way for these lab tinkerers pretending to do science to definitively say the RNA/DNA sequences they are claiming to be the “virus” is not from another source in the cellular soup. Fraudster Bob Gallo and his ‘HIV’ “discovery” really set the template for this kind of magic trick. But the original magic trick was set up by Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory cultist counterparts who originally believed that the human body was a sterile environment.

    2) Virus patents kick off multi-billion dollar industries where the owners of the patent control all “research”/funds (tax payer looting) and subsequent germ theorist prescriptions… toxic drugs. The patents are merely genetic sequences claimed to be viral in origin (never proven), but are simply sequences that can be found eventually in all of us and/or nature. It’s another technocratic dream fantasy that matches up perfectly with all of your writings about their cult religion. They want to own and control every living thing on the planet. This creates a virus witch hunt which is always trying to create a new invisible enemy to chase in perpetuity and with unlimited financial rewards.

    3) The PCR test is scientifically meaningless. Even the Nobel prize winning inventor of it, Dr. Kary Mullis, told the world it was not to be used for diagnosing (virus) disease. It is a test with no gold standard that is chasing RNA/DNA only alleged to be viral in origin. It is not a binary test but an arbitrary test that if run at enough amplification cycles, can find what it is looking for in just about any creature on the planet. Even if the sequences it were chasing were proven to exist as “viral”, it still spits out false positives at an 80% clip. It’s real false positive rate is 100%. Antibody tests too. You cannot have an “antibody” if the “body” is never properly identified. Take this into account in addition to all the reclassification of all other forms of illness under one “covid” umbrella, an embarrassingly loose definition of symptom clusters, purposely falsified cause of death case counting (doctor guessing (“presumptive”) or old people with multiple co-morbidities), and you have a data set that has been manufactured from whole cloth. The data is junk being hammered into the public 24///7 by the MSM at the behest of the pharmaceutical cartel and the medical surveillance state.

    4) Viruses and bacteria/fungi (Germs) are not the cause of disease or even outside invaders. They are part of our microbiome’s janitorial crew to help clean up dead and decaying tissue which usually results from some other form of toxic insult- (which can also result from fear-based trauma)… Germs are life. Germinate. Watch bacteria and fungi go to work in nature. It’s the same thing with man’s own biological remediation process. Blaming germs for the cause of disease is like blaming firemen for causing fires (or flies for garbage) simply because you keep seeing them there. What they are claiming to be a “virus” is actually another cellular vesicle called an exosome. Our cells create them to be part of the toxicity clean up crew and work like little messengers to communicate with other cells. You see the trick here? They take something good and make it bad. They take illness from environmental toxins and blame them on our own biological process. They teach us to fear and loathe ourselves and mother nature from the moment we arrive on this planet (your baby needs an injection intervention). It is the best way to separate humans from each other, teach them to fear each other, and train them to be scared of mother nature.

    As the Germ Theorist cult was facing an existential crisis (pharmaceutical and Rockefeller “western” war-time medicine was being abandoned in a mass exodus for traditional healing), they needed a good reason to enshrine it as the new State Religion. Enter “the virus”. And trust me, the alleged virus wont kill you, but when your body is taking out the trash and these lab coats start treating you with toxic antivirals or shoving tubes down your throat during this process… they will surely murder you. No problem… just label the death certificate as a “Covid” death.

    ~ Pete

    Comment by Pete — October 1, 2020 @ 7:36 am

    • Well said Pete. The only question is why so many who were becoming more interested in traditional healing, along with companion projects like relocalization of food production on an organic basis, have so willingly, even enthusiastically snapped right back to total conformity because the TV told them to. Most of the people I know personally, in real life and online, who long have claimed to understand that only maximal biodiversity can control “pests” have suddenly cast away that principle and rushed to embrace Monsanto-style poisoned monoculture (lockdowns are to flu-type epidemics what pesticides and GMOs are to agriculture), just because the TV told them to.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — October 1, 2020 @ 12:04 pm

      • The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic) is still the most effective method for social engineering by the central planners.

        1) The corporate state creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others (a “virus”)
        2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights (“security”)
        3) The corporate state offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis (A lockdown and/or a magical injection shot)

        The underlying component to this application is a lifetime of conditioning for the herd.

        1) Public schooling indoctrination and teaching children the importance of obedience and blind trust of ‘authority’.
        2) Fear-based trauma

        From birth we are taught to fear the germ- scrubbing our hands and household surfaces in a futile attempt at sterilization. We are taught that scientists and doctors are gods. Even if they aren’t practicing real science or medicine. These are the high priests of war-time medicine (and agriculture), where we are in a perpetual fight against Mother Nature, who is always out to get us. The only solution is a technocratic intervention to save us from our flawed selves and the ‘dangerous’ environment we live in.

        If you don’t have a real scientific argument, just convert it into a faux ethical argument (masks and social distancing are “polite” and “responsible”). You can get the herd to go for virtue signaling and compliance rather than to think logically or critically (which is purposefully not taught in our factory farm education system). Many Stockholm Syndrome victims find it difficult to leave this paradigm, especially when under the daunting stress of fear. And now it is fear of the invisible. If Osama Bin Laden and ‘terrorist group X” no longer have the desired effect, roll out the new threat, the “virus”. It’s lurking around every corner in every human being, waiting to get you. The media pounds the fear message into the herd 24/7 in repetition (the key to proper mind control). The average person lacks the courage to stray from the herd. It’s herd mentality.

        It is so big and powerful it will even suck (back) in people who were on the margins, perhaps those who were ready to leave the herd paddock for greener pastures. If people didn’t have TVs, would they think anyone was any more sick or died more often than any previous year? Not a chance. The TV people have everyone in another state of mass hysteria through hypnosis.

        We have a testing epidemic. As long as people keep taking this scientifically fallacious test, which says nothing about an alleged virus or how sick one might be, they’ll have the “cases” and the bogus data to keep ‘the war on viruses’ going in perpetuity. The only way out is to educate people on the scientifically hollow and unproven dogma of Germ Theory, and replace it with Terrain Theory. Unfortunately most people are unwilling to take on new ideas (they’re actually old and suppressed as woo woo) when they are so used to the practice of outsourcing their personal responsibilities and health to authoritative institutions which they have been conditioned to trust. It is a very large cult of groupthink.

        The planners went big on this one. I see many people waking up to the BS, but I’m not sure if it is enough.

        Comment by Pete — October 2, 2020 @ 7:52 am

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