September 25, 2020

Silly Season


The corporate media speaks as one in proclaiming that, as sure as anyone killed in a motorcycle crash is a Covid fatality, if Trump says he likes puppies that’s a threat to refuse to leave the White House after the election which, this media is certain, has already been won by the corporate-technocratic congealment centering on the Democratic Party. Antifa shock troops continue to rampage in the streets amid an orgy of looting and fire. We’re reaching the extreme of that odd reversal which commenced in 2016, where Republicans and Democrats flipped polarity with the former suddenly lacking all conviction while the latter rage with passionate intensity. Trump himself for four years never lifted a finger toward building any kind of movement outside the government and party, nor has anyone else taken up that job. I never would’ve thought it would turn out to be the Democrats that would be fastest with the mostest in fielding a street shock army threatening a coup.
This coup attempt will be step two in the technocratic globalist counterattack against rising anti-global revanchist populism. Step one was the pre-planned terrorist propaganda-lockdown assault using Covid-19 as a pretext. Whether SARS-COV-2 was deliberately engineered in a lab and released last autumn, or whether the system waited opportunistically for globalization to roust it out of a cave somewhere (the timing strongly indicates the former), the terror-lockdown campaign was used to smash mass protest everywhere, further atomize all social relations in general and demolish every level of economy from global to local. This “Great Reset” is by far the most extreme exercise in disaster capitalism ever undertaken.
There are many proofs that the entire Covid-based assault has been history’s biggest lie ever. One of the best is the fact that all the same government and media operatives that were shrieking loudest about the alleged need to liquidate all small and locally-based economic structures, superstition trinkets and hex distancing for individuals, groups to cease to exist at all, suddenly dropped all that and began cheering as one with the advent of the BLM/Antifa street action.
That’s because this launched step two of the US’s very own color revolution whose ultimate goal is to topple Trump, preferably by “winning” through election fraud, by main force if necessary. Even though there’s practically no substantive difference between what Trump wants and what globalist technocracy wants (Trump has been less warlike than technocracy prefers), he’s undisciplined and mercurial and embarrasses the carefully constructed propaganda facade of neoliberalism. His Kaiser-like idiot bluster, strategic and tactical boneheadedness and lack of any propaganda filter threaten to disenchant friends, alienate reluctant allies and embolden opponents and enemies all toward the effect of speeding the inevitable collapse of the empire.
Therefore, both as a prophylactic measure and in the hope of regaining an effective offensive position the globalist-technocratic forces want him gone “by any means necessary”, as their own “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) openly puts it. (In the same way, the globalists telegraphed their plans for a fake pandemic-driven totalitarian campaign months earlier at their “Event 201” convention hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and run by the Gates Foundation.) It’s guaranteed there will be a full spectrum onslaught, from the courts and media, perhaps an attempt by elements of the army leadership to order forces to march, to the street rioters, to force Trump into oblivion. Whether they succeed will depend on whether anyone’s willing to lift a finger to defend him. Like I said, in four years there’s no sign he’s lifted a finger to help himself.
Meanwhile the mask-faces are going back to school, and the fundamental purposes of universal schooling – indoctrination into direct obedience, system conformity and physical constraint – never have been more pronounced, as the primary goal of pedagogy now becomes to teach children to fear and loathe the physical proximity of their fellows, to walk only the white lines laid out on the floor before them and nowhere else, and to prepare for a lifetime with a muzzle over their faces. As for how restricted breathing and low blood oxygen will affect academic performance, we’ll soon find out, but that’s not important now anyway. If the system has its way, if the masses remain insane and allow this to continue, this entire generation of children is literally nothing but a sacrifice to technocracy’s brave new world of completely atomized, effectively lobotomized pseudo-humans servicing ever more high-maintenance, ever more worthless and ecocidal technology.
But we’re told the mask-world is necessary because the Second Coming of the Black Death continues apace, even though no one can produce the corpses outside of the nursing homes and hospital wards which were sealed at the outset so the campaign of mass euthanasia-by-Covid could be carried out with no witnesses other than the deliberately unsanitized health care workers that have served as the Typhoid Marys of this campaign, presumably unwittingly in most cases. (According to rumor this euthanasia campaign is dubbed “T-5” by some of its government and media technicians in homage to the Nazi T-4 campaign upon which it is modeled.)
Of course the media assures us that there’s a great surge of “cases”, otherwise known as positive tests (one of the terror assault’s indelible features has been the complete relegation of all pre-existing medical concepts and terminology to Humpty-Dumpty Land), according to test methods known to be highly unreliable. Reliable or not, any surge of positive results is of course nothing more than the result of a greatly stepped-up level of testing. This is not an accident; testing rates were deliberately kept lower during the so-called “first wave” precisely in order to set up the propaganda blitz of a “second wave” simply by increasing the testing rate. The drunk stopped rooting in the bushes in the dark and looked under the street lamp where he dropped his keys in the first place. And assuming the positive rate really is higher than the media previously touted, why is that a bad thing? On the contrary it would measure the progress of the virus toward its naturally inevitable end at herd immunity. If there never had been lockdowns in the first place we’d be there by now and it would all be over. Not that “it” is a big deal anyway – this is a relatively mild epidemic.
At core, the real nature of the plague of the mind, plague of the spirit: Scientism/technocracy has launched it, both the virus and the spirit virus, in a bid for total power. Like the German conservatives of 1933, they deliberately muster the monsters of mass derangement in the arrogant belief they can control it to their own advantage and the disadvantage of this force of nature. But the genie, the demon they’ve unleashed will end up consuming them once and for all.
The mask-faces are merely the first, most stupid exponents of the real monsterhood of superstition coming down the pike, now that mass insanity not only is on the agenda but is given a permanent mandate.
All this proceeds amid growing shadow of billows of smoke here, thunderheads there, as Earth simultaneously floods, dries out and burns. All the crises of Gaia are converging, as all the ecocidal onslaughts of the economic civilization reach their points of maximal destruction immediately prior to collapse. The eschatology of Gaia is a metastasizing counter-tumor at the core of the cancerous civilization itself, rotting it and the collective leadership mind, collective mass spirit, all from the core. This is the underlying desperation of all elites who race against a clock whose bell will strike without warning, while it also drives the pistons of mass ecstasy and terror which continues to discharge and yet enlarge itself through the Covid Death Cult, by many orders of magnitude the fastest-evolving global religion in history. Today we watch history accelerate beyond our ability to comprehend, just as all prior history no longer makes sense.
There’s nothing to do but repent and bring an immediate end to our sins against the Earth, or Gaia forcibly will repent us.
As for the imminent mass child sacrifice, since humanity wasn’t going to repent from its sins anyway, this was already set to be the last mass generation. Since the exiles of Babylon refused to come home when called, Gaia’s having to go fetch them and drag them back kicking and screaming. Since that’s no way to cross a desert, especially a desert specially generated by cutting down a cedar forest, most won’t make it back.


  1. Methinks you’re getting a bit too much right wing news, Russ. Please perform your own test with a simple blood oxygen meter and the mask of your choice. Masks do not limit the flow of oxygen, which is one of the smallest elements of air. Even nitrogen, which is much bigger, flows freely through the best mask. The goal of the mask is to slow the exhalation of moisture particles, which may contain contagion. It is absolutely possible to conduct normal social functions from a distance of at least six feet through masks, unless you rely upon lip reading, in which case clear face shields are preferable. COVID-19 has clearly been politicized, but it is not a hoax.

    Comment by VernonHuffman — September 25, 2020 @ 11:27 am

    • Stop being an idiot. There’s zero right wing news in my near nine months of researching this, nor in the decades of consensus science that masks are worthless outside a clinical setting. Maybe if you stopped getting all your information from cable news (all of which is, of course, “right wing”) and started using your brain for once it might occur to you how absurd the whole thing self-evidently is. Then maybe you might do some research of your own and find that self-evidence abundantly confirmed by every other evidence record.

      As for Covid-19, objectively it’s comparable to a moderate flu season, dangerous only to the elderly who already are ill and to other who already are in very poor health. Again as you’d know if took a minute to think for yourself.

      My main source thruout, BTW, has been Off-Guardian.


      t is absolutely possible to conduct normal social functions from a distance of at least six feet through masks, unless you rely upon lip reading, in which case clear face shields are preferable.

      So you’re such an arch-wingnut you simultaneously employ the superstition trinket AND the hex distance? My goodness, almost everyone else thinks just one of those is sufficient.

      Only those who have renounced all humanity would even think in such fascist-enabling terms. But then, given how you’ve done little but troll here for so long, I’m not surprised you ended up a Bill Gates enthusiast in the end.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — September 25, 2020 @ 11:55 am

  2. Russ,

    The total number of daily COVID tests have been relatively flat for the last two months.

    Testing does not create more cases, it merely detects cases that already existed. If increasing the testing results in increasing positivity rate, it is because there are more cases. If more testing results in a decreasing positive rate, as it has the last two weeks in California, it is because there are fewer cases. There are several states with falling testing numbers but increasing positivity rates, i.e., less tests result in more positives. Look at South Dakota for example. There are also states like Rhode Island where the testing numbers are down, and so is the positivity rate.

    Seek out the raw data.


    Comment by taojonesing — September 25, 2020 @ 6:50 pm

    • That’s what I said – if you embark on a stepped-up campaign to test more hitherto untested people, and the infection rate (or “case” rate as you call it in conformity to corporate media usage) was higher than hitherto known and reported, you can produce a surge of “new cases”, just what they did. And you are of course aware that in both the UK and US the media log of “new” infections also regularly includes large numbers of positive tests from often months earlier, with large numbers of such seemingly old, and probably double-counted, results included for no apparent reason. The most notorious such incident, because it was so egregious at just the right propaganda moment, was in the UK in early April.

      Of course the tests themselves have long been known to be unreliable and at any rate, contrary to propaganda, often don’t give a magisterial Yes or No but are subject to the interpretation of the tester. One of the many kinds of data manipulation which has been rife thruout has been how interpreters have been more or less loose depending on whether their orders were to generate more “cases” or not.

      To say again, any such metric, even one far more reliable than the PCR test, merely traces the progress of the inevitable. As the virus proceeds through its cycle, probably a large majority of us will become “cases” if we haven’t already. The eventual percentage infection rate necessary to attain herd immunity is in some dispute, plus the more the process is dragged out artificially with lockdown measures which have many motives, public health not among them, the higher the final infection percentage is likely to be.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — September 26, 2020 @ 12:20 am

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