September 11, 2020

Hear Earth Speak

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The Lord’s warning, Psalm 50, which I first especially noted on March 1st:
I come with fire and tempest
From the rising of the sun to its last setting, I call to the people of the Earth to see before your eyes the perfection of beauty.
I shall not remain silent
Gather to me, who made a covenant to me with sacrifice.
I won’t take your bulls or goats, for all the Earth is mine. There is abundance for all.
But the wicked, those who lie, those that would steal till there’s never left for any,
From them shall I take all unless they repent.
Thus Gaia now speaks to civilization.
This Coronavirus is a warning from God. It’s a shot across the bow. Earth’s kinesis, its equal and opposite reaction to the atrocities of the economic civilization, is gathering.
To try to suppress this is vanity. It’s vain defiance. Dominion is false theology, scientism and technocracy comprise false ideology. These twain are delusion.
The one and only thing humanity can do is repent and transform from its berserker ecocidal state back to ecological home. This is the one and only end. There is no alternative. The only choice is whether people want to reach the end dead or alive.
With its insane embrace of the Covid Death Cult, humanity is indicating it prefers collective death to renunciation of “growth” and ecocide.
The lockdowns and other measures are only so much vanity. This bug is a creation of globalization and is the pet of all globalists and their supporters. This bug, whatever it is and however severe or mild, long has been fully at large and will do whatever it will do. It will complete its natural cycle.
It will be followed by more and worse. We’re amid the storm of our self-inflicted plagues. The climate thrashes, the air is as if simmered in fire, the birds and frogs and insects cease to be, everywhere the desert crawls forward, the oceans become sterile and die, the land and food and water and air, all we need, all we few remaining humans love, are full of poison.
All these plague you, and what mask will protect you? Why do you think it all can go on if only you obey the madmen driving the madness?
Repent. Abolish all industrial emissions. Stop destroying sinks. Stop assaulting the oceans. Let all sinks resume their natural ranges. This is the only possible end. Humanity’s only decision is whether Gaia will attain her end with humanity or without it.
No part of the economic civilization shall avail. No version of cancer, least of all the “green” version of lethal cancer, will work anything but evil and horror and pain. Nothing short of total repentance and change of life will avail to stave off the ultimate worst.
Failing that, all their pathetic tries at subjugation and control are the vain pipsqueaking of a mouse.


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    Comment by Thomas Prentice — September 11, 2020 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Russ, Warren here from the good old days at Naked Capitalism. You have always been an anchor, the brightest of lights. I must now bid you farewell…may peace, love and happiness always be yours… My last article…


    Comment by Warren — September 18, 2020 @ 4:55 pm

    • I wish you the same Warren. All the best.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — September 22, 2020 @ 1:52 pm

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