September 4, 2020

Covid in Globalist Context


Covid-19 and the terror-lockdown offensive which uses it as a pretext comprise a purely globalist project, and those who perpetrate or support globalization are responsible for this epidemic, however severe or mild it is. They own complete responsibility. We who oppose globalization, militarism, imperialism have no responsibility here but to do our own research and speak truth (i.e., normal citizen responsibilities in any democracy worthy of the name), and beyond that whatever we deem necessary to protect and defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our cherished principles and values insofar as these come under assault by either a pathogen or a cult using a pathogen as a pretext. Either of these is a malign affliction, and a mask-face is just another kind of virus.
This is a key part of the necessary Gaian position and the politics that logically follow from it.
In the same way, once an infectious microbe is on the loose in the environment, however dangerous or not, it will complete its natural cycle regardless of piddling attempts by governments to constrain it, however violent and forcible these attempts at segregation and sterilization are. This is the Dominionist-technocratic delusion that man can control and dominate nature. The terror-lockdown offensive using Covid as a pretext is history’s most extreme manifestation of this religious impulse. Its real violence and constraints are aimed at people, and social control is a core goal of the offensive. Meanwhile the disease itself will complete its cycle unto the attainment of herd immunity. Lockdowns can only delay the inevitable while adding a long list of ancillary evils along the way. These evils are the real purpose of the program.
So beyond the proven malevolence of governments, their claimed aspiration to want to use lockdowns and anti-social rituals to prevent SARS-COV-2 from completing its natural process is physically impossible anyway.
And then, those of us familiar with the principles of ecology and agroecology know that the most effective way to deal with a pest is through natural balance attained with maximal biodiversity, while attempts to eradicate the problem by exterminating all life in sight with poisons are doomed to fail. The attempt to use government force to stop the natural spread of a virus already widely at large in the environment is an extreme example of such doomed folly.
Let’s review what they’ve done and why they’re doing it.
The global necropolis plumbs the depths of Earth and rips Gaia apart. This includes gain-of-function bioweapon research in a lab. Like the mythical Satan, GE labs can’t create but only distort toward evil. They distort to generate weapons for their wars. Their militaristic wars, agricultural wars, ecocidal wars, social wars.
All this has culminated in the Covid terror-lockdown offensive, which the globalism cabal led by the US government has embarked upon toward the goals: Misdirect attention from economic collapse; perform a controlled demolition of the economy to avert a 2008-type chaotic collapse; set up a new escalated round of asset plunder; experiment with fascist top-down social control and bottom-up pressure for conformity; escalate the police state; suppress rising protest and populist movements; beat the anti-China war drums; perpetrate a Nazi-style mass euthanasia campaign against the aged and ill; radically escalate anti-human alienation and disintegration of all human community, all potential for human solidarity.
Those who perpetrate globalization, militarism, deforestation and industrial agriculture, genetic engineering and bioweapons research; every assault on the Earth and humanity, all who perpetrate or support these have consented, have volunteered for Covid-19 and far worse. They are responsible. They must repent before it is too late.
We few who always opposed all this (ironically, the vast majority of those who claimed to oppose these have chosen now of all times, have chosen the occasion of the Covid terror campaign to revert to system conformity and become system propagandists; never has a formerly dissident faction chosen so perversely to buy in to a fraudulent stock at the extreme peak of the market like this); we who continue to oppose all these never consented, never volunteered, and we have no responsibility on any level toward those who brought this epidemic, however severe or mild, upon themselves and us.
(I add: Those who perpetrate or support any kind of corporate-globalist assault on public health – industrial and agricultural poisons, mass habitat destruction, ecocide against the biological basis of our existence, support for profit-based health care systems, all neoliberal paradigms which drive stress, mental illness, malnutrition and hunger – has zero standing to say a word about the alleged danger of Covid-19, what allegedly needs to be done about it, the cult rituals such as superstition trinkets and hex distancing to which individuals allegedly need to conform, all allegedly for the sake of public health. Governments, corporations, media, those who support these, have long since proven they care nothing for the public health. Don’t let them claim now that they care. They do not.)
Where did SARS-COV-2, like any other bug, come from? The economic civilization dug for it, hacked for it, engineered it, relentlessly sought it out.
Therefore the economic civilization, its scientific-technocratic priesthood, did all it could, in the field and in the lab, to turn this bug into a terror idol. How lethal Covid-19 really is, how well it works, is secondary to the idea of a viral pandemic. It’s the same as any other war technology like pesticides or GMOs, which also don’t work toward anything but power goals.
This laboratory work, whether for weaponry or propaganda or both, is evil in intent and has no constructive purpose. The technocrats and engineers claim the work is toward public health goals, but they themselves are the biggest threat to health. This is the argument of a protection racket. And then there’s plenty of incompetence and negligence in labs.
So the lab release could have been deliberate or “accidental”, which really means collateral. Either way they intended the worst effects they could attain, whether this be physical mass murder or the pretext for a mass terror-lockdown campaign designed to terrorize billions, euthanize millions and guaranteed to murder millions more collateral victims of the lockdown itself.
Premeditation is proven by how the terror-lockdown offensive has closely followed the playbook drawn up at the Gates Foundation’s “Event 201” pandemic war games in autumn 2019.
All this proves the lockdowns have comprised a premeditated, malign plan toward stepping up economic plunder and the police state, and all the ecological, economic, social, cultural, spiritual evils listed above plus many more.
Did SARS-COV-2 come from the bowels of the military-engineering-industrial complex, or did ecocidal globalization roust it from the remotes, bring it back to civilized society and disseminate it far and wide? Either way it is perfectly designed/evolved, not just to infiltrate human cells with whatever severe or mild or nonexistent effect, but far more virulently to plug into the psychological and cultural structure of economic civilization in its late stage of collective suicide. The Covid Death Cult is the outward expression of this mass Thanatosis, this mass death wish.
From here we analyze the disease and the patient. The disease is not Covid-19, a relatively mild physical epidemic, but rather the cultural-spiritual Covid mass insanity. The Covid Death Cult is the disease, compulsive self-masking and anti-social spacing its main outward symptoms.
The patient, already staggering under a welter of socioeconomic and ecological morbidities, is the economic civilization itself.


  1. I’m curious, Russ, to know what you make of the fact that the USA, with less than 5% of the world’s population, has experienced about 25% of COVID cases and associated deaths.

    Comment by VernonHuffman — September 4, 2020 @ 1:35 pm

    • What I make of that is that it’s not a “fact” except for consumers of TV propaganda. (Much like how only on the TV and in the minds of its zombies is there any dispute over maskism, while the actual science is longstanding and not controversial – outside a professional clinical setting masks are worthless.) What is a fact is that given the overthrow of all prior canons of medical diagnosis and death reporting on the part of almost all governments including the US, and the extreme manipulation of numbers these governments have engaged in, and the well-known unreliability of the PCR test and its vulnerability to manipulated results (since it doesn’t give a Yes or No but a spectrum which is up for interpretation), likely no one will ever know how many bona fide Covid cases and deaths there were. Nor are governments likely to expend any honest effort to figure out how many people died as a result of the lockdowns themselves.

      As you no doubt saw, we did get one brief glimpse of honesty from the CDC this week when they admitted that out of 160,000 “official” alleged Covid deaths in the US, only 6% of them, 9200, were individuals in good health, and almost all of these were elderly. The rest, again almost all aged, were already in poor health. If I recall right they averaged 2.6 co-morbidities. Therefore, as we skeptics said from the start, in the vast majority of alleged cases there’s no legitimate way to separate Covid causation from the other causalities. From the start governments have acted illegitimately and in bad faith in order to manipulate the numbers for propaganda purposes, toward the evil goals I listed in this and other pieces.

      BTW your remark is irrelevant regardless. As I said several times in the piece, the points I make are true regardless of how severe or mild the epidemic is.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — September 4, 2020 @ 2:03 pm

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    Comment by con — September 26, 2020 @ 2:05 am

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