July 24, 2020

Technocracy Delusions in Exaltation

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They left out, Total Destruction of the Earth Unto Collective Suicide Means Victory

These are great days for all puritans, closet fascists, bullies, solitary misanthropes living in cellars, the obese and sedentary. As part of the new mass cult they all can dress up their vices as public virtues.
Most of all it’s great days for the fundamentalist cult I’ve written against for over ten years: The fanatics of the technocratic scientism faith and especially how the economic civilization systematically injects these pathogens into a career position to act upon this theology. They dogmatically assert that any time any government or big corporation says any profitable technology is safe and necessary, the people should believe them on faith and that no questions or doubts ever should be allowed. The acute mass psychological-cultural-social crisis centered on Covid-19, astroturfed by a pre-planned government-media campaign of mass psychological terrorism and lawless autocratic lockdowns, is the most fertile terrain yet by far for this malevolent religious pathogen to make its spurious claim to authority and demand obedience.
(The epidemic itself, comparable to the rougher seasons of flu, is not in itself any kind of crisis. Only its social and political superstructure is being trumped up into an artificial crisis. But given the pathetic abdication of “the left” in recent years culminating in their mass covid-conversion to statism, authoritarianism, imperialism, globalism, it’s no surprise that almost all of our Marxist “historical materialists” also have ditched materialism completely in favor of atavistic political vapors. After all, this is the time of wholesale regression to medieval belief in the toxic miasma, that the air itself is poisonous.)
The scientism-technocrats claim there’s no such thing as social or political conflicts, no such thing as causes or origins, there’s no such thing as society period. Their faith says there’s nothing but purely technical challenges to be solved in purely technical ways, and that these technical solutions are safe and actually work. The fact that these never work and usually are unsafe never registers, only the fundamentalist technocratic belief.
It was these automatons themselves who served as the SARS-COV-2 vector by searching for it in the wild, bringing it back to their laboratories in order technologically to enhance its communicability and virulence, and then either deliberately or “accidentally” releasing it into the environment. (The record of lab escapes is too promiscuous for it not to be clear that there always will be many such incidents in these labs, so epistomologically and morally these long ago ceased being accidents and became premeditated “collateral damage”, merely a cost of doing business.) Generating the Covid pandemic in the first place was their solution to there being no such pandemic. It was their solution to the need for such a pretext for radical escalation toward their cherished vision of a techno-caliphate as openly planned at the Gates Foundation’s 2019 pandemic conclave, and as Gates has continued to proclaim openly.
Most fundamentally, these cult fanatics believe in an indelible total war of extermination of Man vs. Nature. They believe this war can and will be won through technocratic regimentation of humans and deployment of technology.
The civil religion of scientism/technocracy is nothing more or less than a secular manifestation of the age-old Dominion theology, seeking to impose the same age-old vision of theocracy.
It’s easy to see how they’ve so effortlessly joined and become leaders of the technocratic terror-lockdown campaign which is using the Coronavirus as a pretext.
They’re sincerely deluded that their shoddy, threadbare institutions and technologies can control Gaia’s bug. This is idiotic. The bug long has been at large, it will do whatever it will do, it will complete its natural cycle toward herd immunity in the host. Nothing undertaken by egomaniacal narcissistic technocratic power structures can change this. Any and all “lockdown” measures, any and all attempts at control, will accomplish nothing but to drag out the inevitable while inflicting every kind of man-made evil upon humanity and the Earth. Today the elites including the technocratic establishment are perpetrating the worst crime ever against humanity and the Earth, while the benighted masses who obey, however ardently or reluctantly, are foot soldiers of evil.
Meanwhile controlling the bug is really secondary to controlling human beings. This always was the real motivation of the architects of the terror.


  1. Thank you for this essay. I keep reading on the formerly ‘left’ sites that the economy is “collapsing”,
    but I’d say “being collapsed” [for private gain, by the Few] is closer to the truth.

    We’re in a new dark age.

    Comment by Carey — July 24, 2020 @ 6:53 pm

    • These days they especially give variations on “the Coronavirus caused economic shutdown”, when of course the virus did nothing, rather the gratuitous premeditated corporate-government plan used it for a pretext to carry out many malevolent operations including the controlled demolition of the entire economy in order to help prop up the finance sector.

      The fake financialized economy would collapse immediately without massive Fed support. The physical economy is collapsing, albeit more slowly, on account of accelerating ecological collapse, resource depletion, and capitalism’s own self-destructive tendencies being allowed to run rampant.

      All this goes into the Corona brew: The system uses the terror-lockdown campaign as misdirection from the ecological and economic crises. The system uses it to destroy large swathes of the economy to recreate an invasion plain for yet another round of “primitive accumulation”. Capitalism always requires this not-yet-digested bleeding boundary. If this virgin land no longer exists, as it has not for many decades now, assimilated space and structures need to be destroyed in order to recreate empty space which can be re-plundered. When this is done deliberately it’s called disaster capitalism, and it long has been the primary mode of capitalist action. They use war, and they use artificially caused or aggravated “natural” disasters. SARS-COV-2 is by far the most extreme example yet of the latter, a vastly more intense and globalized Katrina.

      Meanwhile direct conscious personal economic and political fears, and more potently the vast reservoir of free-floating fear-itself engendered by intimations of personal economic destruction and accelerating ecological collapse, have driven the mass embrace of the terror cult. It’s a monumental attempt at a mass exorcism.

      But since no one is willing to repent and transform their existences, since the official priest-sanctioned response to this great existential crisis is the empty, pointless ritual of wearing a mask, which is exactly analogous to the idiot notion that the climate crisis and general ecological crisis can be solved by changing light bulbs and driving an electric car, since no one beyond a tiny handful of pioneers ever will take the slightest action of real repentance and change, the propitiation attempt will fail, the system’s plan to prop up all its power and luxury will fail, and all will collapse to dust, burn to ashes.

      The Earth will suffer greatly during this tribulation, but once Earth comes out the other side and begins to heal, it will not mourn this civilization. Nor will any surviving humans who have returned home, if any do survive.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — July 25, 2020 @ 3:01 am

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful piece, Mr. Bangs. I found you via the Off Guardian, just about the only place on earth where we can still find accurate and non-hysterical journalism.

    But, can I ask you a favor? You’ve already shown you can think outside the box and think for yourself. I ask that you consider the possibility that the epidemic is NOT “a rougher season of the flu,” that it is not even an epidemic at all, that “epidemics” in general are not quite what we’ve been led to believe.

    There is a radically different scientific theory of disease, called German New Medicine, that seriously challenges almost everything we thought we knew about health and disease. I ask you to consider the possibility that it might just be correct.

    I’m going to offer a pair of links, but before I do, I offer this page of verification documentations first. Please take a careful look at the numerous signed letters testifying to the accuracy and empirical validity of GNM:


    Now, take a look at the overall theory, which you can find elucidated here:


    And also here:


    If this theory is true, and I strongly believe that it is, it’s imperative that the truth emerges, and soon, so that people can make informed decisions regarding their health, and this Bill Gates inspired technocratic madness come to a screeching halt.

    I’ve given this some thought, and consider this, Mr. Bangs, if this novel theory of health and sickness really is true, the mad quest to eliminate all “pathogens” and neutralize all “viruses” would NOT lead to perfect health, but its exact opposite, the destruction of health, and perhaps even of life itself. As Lynn Margulis once out it, “We ARE our viruses.”

    You title your blog entry “Technocracy Delusions in Exaltation.” I think if you read about GNM carefully and with an open mind, you will soon see that the “delusions” you so rightly describe are even worse than you imagine, far worse and far more harmful than your worst imaginings. For they are dead set against the very bedrock fundamental processes of nature itself!

    Comment by Bronze Blaze — July 27, 2020 @ 1:37 am

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