July 16, 2020

Do No Harm


One of the benefits of running before dawn as I’ve been doing for over twenty years is that the air is much cleaner than during the vehicle traffic of the day. The difference is such that the infrequent times a gluttonous vehicle passes, like a garbage truck did this morning, the exhaust fumes are very tangible. I always cover my nose and mouth with my hand for the next twenty yards or so. Today I said, “Too bad I can’t conjure a spontaneous mask which will last for ten seconds.”
Then I thought of the innumerable daytime pedestrians and runners I’ve seen on busy streets all these years, and never a single one of them wearing a mask against the very real health dangers of the soot and other particulate matter poisoning the immediate air. Yet today there’s verily a mass hysteria for masks against the medieval miasma which the mass believes has resurged in our modern “scientific” time.
That’s one of the many proofs that the current mania for masking is based in irrationalism and hysteria.
My reading and thinking of over 25 years now always has confirmed the same conclusion: Nothing could be worse than living under totalitarianism. To be a Jew or other targeted group under Nazi control, to be part of any group suspect under Stalinism, to be forced to exist in such a place at all, is the worst fate imaginable. No other consideration is worth running any significant risk of escalating the police state. That’s why from the start I always said it would be better to do nothing and let the virus do what it will than to deploy coercive government power, especially since the bug was on the loose already before anyone thought about trying to contain it and so its natural cycling is inevitable and unstoppable. The only thing lockdowns have accomplished is to drag out the inevitable and add a long list of artificial ancillary harms.
In reality, it was never necessary to do nothing. What could have been done was to protect the vulnerable. Yet almost everywhere this is the one and only thing which was NOT done. That proves the idiocy at best, and more likely the deliberate malevolence of the terror-lockdown campaign.
That’s why from day one I put the government-media terror-lockdown campaign in this holistic perspective and never was willing to view it in technocratic isolation the way system propagandists demand we view it. That was before I learned what specific manipulations they were performing and lies they were telling, especially about Covid death rates, though of course I suspected massive lies from the start and wasn’t surprised when I learned precisely what the lies were.
I always carry that in mind when I read things like “Ahimsa, Masks and Social Distancing” by Mark Halpern (found on facebook, no link) which strike me as exactly upside-down and expressing the exact wrong priorities. It’s antithetical to anything I consider human:
“Ahimsa is the practice of “causing no harm”. This is a core tenant of both Yoga and Ayurveda. In Yoga, it is core tenant of karma. The selfish act of causing harm will bring suffering to the one who causes harm. In Ayurveda, the practice of ahimsa is considered essential to the maintenance of ojas- that which protects the immune system* and stabilizes the mind.
Wearing a mask and social distancing are acts of ahimsa in an environment of a pandemic. No more would I unnecessarily harm a spider than I would not wear a mask in public. As practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda, there is really no other healthy or proper choice.
Those who argue that freedoms are being taken away are simply living from the ego. This is the origin of selfishness. Action that stem from the ego generate karma. So too, according to the Bhagavad Gita does non-action. Non action for selfish reasons generates karma!
To not wear a mask and socially distance is to put everyone else in harm’s way. You may say that “they can wear a mask or they can stay away”. But, this comes from a selfish place. And, risk to everyone is lower when both people wear a mask and both are mindful of socially distancing. It’s time for the yoga and Ayurveda communities of teachers and practitioners to stand up and teach it is important to take the action that causes the least harm, or no harm.”
(*Spoken by a devotee of the program which consistently has sought to drive people out of the natural outdoors where our immune systems are enhanced and into the indoors where immune systems are eroded. In general, by deliberately trumping up maximum stress, anxiety and fear-itself the government-media Covid campaign has sought systematically to weaken our immune systems. This fits perfectly with the general necropolitan state of permanent stress and nutritionally poor food.)
My rebuttal: This goes against the scientific evidence for the negligible prospects of outdoor transmission, while the evidence for how helpful masks and spacing can be when indoors is highly conflicted. In any event it seems that close contact over many minutes is necessary for contagion to be likely. As critics including many public health officials and scientists long have been saying, masking and anti-social spacing comprise more of a psychological epidemic, a superstitious rite rather than a rational protection measure.
Meanwhile, to comply unquestioningly is to cause great harm by abetting the totalitarian goals of this campaign. To refuse abject compliance is an act of ahisma in the environment of an escalating police state. Those who argue that fear-itself makes obedience necessary are simply living from the ego. This is the origin of selfishness.
To wear a mask and anti-socially distance in sheep-like compliance to what the government and corporations demand is to put everyone else in harm’s way. You may say that “they can wear a mask or they can stay away”. But, this comes from a selfish place, since a totalitarian police state will engulf us all.
“When tyranny is abroad, submission is a crime.” — Andrew Eliot, 1765
I’m no longer willing to tolerate flat-earth propaganda which seeks to reduce this world-historical crisis in all its complexity to the single technical matter of alleged protection against a virus and refuses even to acknowledge the many other critical matters at stake, such as police state escalation, the death toll caused by the lockdowns themselves (which I suspect will end up being higher than that from Covid-19), and how the whole terror-lockdown campaign is escalating the pandemic of human alienation, isolation, loneliness and despair already endemic to this civilization. Those actually are among the real goals of the campaign, while it’s self-evident that public health was never a goal, only a pretext, much like how every US war of aggression is waged in the fraudulent name of “democracy”, “freedom”, “humanitarianism.” It’s the same evil system, the same evil lies, the same evil goals.



  1. Russ,

    The mask hysteria around here has turned nasty. Same as most all places I suspect. Right from the git-go I knew we were being scammed and that’s when I started noticing something strange over at b’s. And not just his totalitarian stance on masks.

    I have been reading b’s writings literally daily ever since the Whiskey Bar days in the early nineties. Whiskey Bar readers moved to the Moon when b opened it. He personally invited me over to scope out his site after Billmon closed the Bar. My point is that I am quite familiar with b’s writings. Around the time of the start of the Covid scam I started noticing something different about b’s writings. One quite obvious difference was the absence of occasional idiomatic glitches which were a result of English not being his native language although his English was excellent. I suspect that you have been reading at the Moon for long enough to know what I am referring to. If not it is quite easy to scan some of his writings in the archives and it will keep popping up frequently. I’ve been looking for it in his writings since at least April and I’ve not seen anything that wouldn’t have been written by an English speaking American.

    My conclusion is that his site may have been usurped or he is being controlled. Not a lot of evidence but it’s been too glaring to me not to have taken notice. Or maybe it’s just the strange times we are going through and I need a hat of tinfoil. I haven’t seen a post from you over there in a long time. Have you given up on the site? All the above is from the for what it’s worth dept.


    Comment by Juannie — July 21, 2020 @ 3:48 pm

    • Hi John, I do know what you mean about b’s stylistic glitches. I didn’t notice whether his Covid posts lack these. I suppose it’s possible he’s somehow being controlled, although he’s just one of a long list of erstwhile anti-authoritarian, anti-imperialist, anti-globalist, anti-propaganda writers who have thrown down the mask, flipped 180 degrees and embraced this most extreme, virulent globalist propaganda campaign in all of history.

      Maybe some of them are being forced more or less against their will, though I consider it more likely they were always cowards at heart who always had a threshold which would send them running back into the arms of Mama System. We already saw lesser examples with “leftists” and Brexit, and with the very prospect of populism rising against globalization. The reason there was no left-Brexit option nor a non-Trump truly anti-elitist populist option is because of this indelible cowardice and fraudulence of “the left” and of “anti-authoritarians” in general. (The main reason I stopped identifying as an anarchist years ago was when I saw how almost all who identify that way turn into supporters of secretive authoritarian hierarchy and the surplus value-extracting economic system the moment the subject was high-maintenance technology and scientism. They were all frauds.)

      So I chalk up almost all of the Corona abdication and betrayal to the pre-existing underlying fakeness of all these internet radicals. Few if any of them needed any pressure to comply and to become system propagandists. And of course most of them always secretly wished they could stop being dissenters and find their way back to being propagandists of the system and the mainstream masses it directs. Evidently quite a few of them secretly nursed their own fascist fantasies they now finally have the pretext to exercise.

      For all these frauds, like for so many among the broader masses, the fake pandemic has been a liberatory experience, a way to cast away all prior identifications and principles which, people felt, had become stale irritations. They all were able to reinvent themselves as pure blank slates with only one thing written on them: “When the government and its media speaks on Covid-19, this is the voice of God and we must Obey.”

      It’s been a sudden mass religious conversion, including for the great majority of erstwhile “activists” and “dissidents”. In all of history there’s never been anything remotely approaching the near-consensus among billions of people that when a government speaks on the Coronavirus that’s God speaking. Conversely, there never has been such a fugitive skepticism and dissent held by such a small handful of people as to question and reject these lies. This is the most marginalized dissent ever undertaken in all of history.

      As for MoA, I have pretty much given up on it. Last few times I read comment threads (some days ago) it looked like the fascist conformism has triumphed and most of the dissenters I knew there are gone. I don’t know if they gave up like I did or if b purged them. By now I don’t want to read b on other topics either. From now on I could only roll my eyes each time he whines about fake news and propaganda in the Western media. Same for almost every other writer, the scribblers who continue to whine about such things even as they’ve proven their entire alleged position to be nothing but a fraud.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — July 22, 2020 @ 4:19 am

  2. hey Russ, how’s it going? how’s the novel coming along?

    though b disappeared a couple of my comments along this crooked covid path, i, like you, have pretty much given up on him, and them, his sycophants, by my own free will. i still might chime in at some point, but i also might not, i mean, what’s the point? quite remarkable the spectacle of obedience and compliance by so many self-styled empire slayers, though, to be honest, i realised long ago that my creed is apparently not shared by many.

    this dude says many things as you have, and makes a number of other prescient points, including the rejection of masks as a form of social disobedience, the vectors of push-back being as limited as they are.

    anyhoo, keep on keeping on…maybe i’ll check in with you from time to time, as i do enjoy your posts and your points of view in general.


    Comment by john — July 22, 2020 @ 6:03 am

    • Those who think China in global power would be much of an improvement over US imperialism aren’t really empire-slayers but the equivalent of Dembots or Repbots – it’s not the government/empire as such, but only that the bad guys are in control of it. We need to get the “good guys” in, and then we’ll have a kinder gentler imperialist ecocide.

      This morning reading Revelation 17 made me think of that – when the kings of the world turn on the whore Babylon and rend her, that’s a good metaphor for how the junior imperial powers are trying to figure out how to topple and rend the US Babylon and replace it with “multipolarity”. It’s taken for granted that total ecocide must and can continue.

      Thanks for asking about the novel. All the craziness this year knocked me out of inner equilibrium and I haven’t felt relaxed enough to write in a disciplined scheduled way so I put it on the back burner for now, though I continue researching and compiling notes/ideas for it.

      Comment by Russ Bangs — July 22, 2020 @ 6:59 am

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