April 19, 2020

No Herd Immunity to Mental Lockdown


Everything I know, from my ten years experience of growing crops and studying agroecology, from years of ecological study, from a lifetime of experiencing nature; everything I know tells me that any potential pathogen is best balanced through biodiversity, while forcible violent attempts at segregation and sterilization are doomed to fail.
So it will be with this economically-driven virus.
It’s clear that “lockdown” always was a completely insane notion which never could attain any goal but deliberately to collapse the economy, on a vastly more profound scale than 2008, so the 1% could plunder all real assets. Unemployment and inability to pay rent, mortgages, outstanding bills, are now becoming truly pandemic for individuals and small to medium size businesses. Homes, buildings, land, all will flood the market by prior intent of the system, and the elites will escalate their program to buy control of everything real in the economy.
Meanwhile the terror-deranged wingnuts who have been shrieking for ever more totalitarian assaults on all human agency are the same who assure us the disease will keep coming in waves, and so their lockdown religion aims to become a boot repeatedly stomping on a face forever. We see the world they truly want.
All the evidence is that this virus isn’t very dangerous to the great majority of people. Its danger is overwhelmingly to those advanced in age and already ill. For everyone else it’s basically a somewhat more contagious version of the regular flu. The threat it objectively poses is not even in the same galaxy with the totalitarian remedy which governments, media and various system lapdogs have stampeded the masses into embracing.
That’s why the system undercounts the infection rate while overcounting the death rate. It’s likely that majorities in most affected countries already have been exposed, with the vast majority of those infected experiencing mild or no symptoms. These are undercounted by being discouraged from going to the hospital, and non-tested through the artificial scarcity of reliable test kits.
At the same time any death of anyone who tests positive is logged as a Corona death, no matter what the real proximate or underlying cause, while in the case where no test is performed doctors are encouraged to log as a Corona death any death where the patient experienced any kind of flu-like symptoms.
This program of systematic undercounting of infections and overcounting of deaths hass the goal of attaining a fraudulently bloated mortality rate numbers, which then are used as propaganda to justify the lockdown with all its evils.
The expectation of waves of infection and large numbers of asymptomatic carriers proves how insane it is to try to build fortresses and forcibly lock down 7 billion people and build totalitarian police states trying rigidly and violently to drive back an inexorable tsunami, when all wisdom of the ages would say all you can do is go as limp and flexible as possible and let it wash over you.
If waves of Corona infection, along with much lesser waves of illness, comprise some “new normal” then the only sane thing you can do is let the new normal get on with it. That’s the quickest way any illness will become milder than any actual severity the epidemic possesses right now. This alleged severity for the population at large is something constantly shrieked by governments, media, and the obedient authoritarian followers of these institutions, but never proven.
The most important statistic for gauging the real existential danger of any epidemic is the mortality rate among the healthy, not any stat which artificially inflates deaths which really are part of the category “dying of old age.” So far as I can see the government and media simply are commanding that one element of this latter category arbitrarily be extracted and exalted as of galactic importance to the point that all of humanity must sacrifice every aspect of our well-being, freedom and happiness for what’s clearly intended to be a permanent duration.
No matter what, this bug is going to do whatever it’s going to do. The world can either roll with the punches while continuing to live life, at the same time refraining from letting a totalitarian police state make a massive quantum leap; or you can rigidly resist with all your might, dragging everything out and maximizing every kind of collateral social harm while submitting to permanent tyranny.


  1. Have you looked at the CDC Flu Surveillance reports lately? These reports are weekly and they have been doing them for 20 years now. Without going into them into too much detail here are some recent anomalies that are quite striking- not sure what to make of them.

    Historically and almost without exception the flu positive numbers are at their highest around Jan/Feb and taper off gradually- you know flu season.Putting aside how the flu is categorized (or even what the “flu” actually is) by the CDC what one finds is that here in the last three weeks flu positives are at an overall and unprecedented low.

    In Weeks 12,13,14 (the latest reported) those positive specimen percentages for the flu went down from 6.9%, 2.1% and 0.8% respectively. This after all time highs in weeks 6,7,8 of 30.8%, 29.6% and 26.4% respectively.

    I examined the weekly CDC flu data going back 10 years and never in this time frame had they ever recorded a flu positive percentage under 10 percent. And in EVERY single year and week up until this year the taper was gradual as it would descend in say Week 6 from 24% to 18% by Week 14- for example.

    The drop after Week 11 this season was off a cliff- and here we are in Week 14 at 0.8%? That’s simply not possible no matter how many schools are closed, “social distancing” measures are in place and so forth.

    I’ve charted all of this data for the last 10 years- Weeks 6-14- and when you see it in graphs the statistical deviation of the last 3 weeks of flu positives as recorded by the CDC is jaw dropping- we are talking aberrations on the order of 600-900 percent- that is not a typo.

    On average Week 14 flu positives over the last 10 years has been 13.5% and this year it is at 0.8%? That’s simply not possible.What gives?

    The CDC also states this on their site:

    “Nationally, influenza activity is now low.With ongoing declines in influenza activity and the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, FluView will be abbreviated for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.”

    In short it seems the CDC is no longer going to be charting flu data and will focus (replace?) on COVID data in it’s stead. Has the flu been disappeared?

    Does this not have to have been done with intent? How can you go from reporting flu numbers of around 13 percent in Week 14 for twenty years to 0.8 percent this year during a time when you want everyone’s attentions to be on this Other virus- this is a deviation over 1,500 percent.

    And then the CDC states they will no longer be doing the meticulous studies of the flu virus which has been their main focus almost to the point of being a religion for the past twenty years.

    And they were doing a similar numbers of flu tests in Weeks 12,13,14 this year- in fact more than most weeks from past years.

    Something smells rotten here.

    Comment by Allen — April 21, 2020 @ 2:37 pm

    • Thanks for that Allen. Which group are those percentages of, hospitalized patients and doctor visits who are tested? It seems obvious that they want to disappear the non-novel flu, though on the other hand I assume they don’t want to inflate the actual Covid infection numbers since that would reduce the death rate and seemingly chart the progress of herd immunity.

      Maybe they would claim that the health system is so preoccupied with the Corona flu that there’s no resources to test for pre-existing flu. That would be in keeping with the general neglect of heart disease, stroke and all other health problems which likely is going to be part of the police state lockdown itself killing more people than the new flu.

      Off the top of my head I can’t figure what they’re up to with this, but it’s certainly part of the government’s systematic manipulation of numbers for ulterior purposes.

      As for all those turncoats that used to define themselves by their distrust and rejection of the government, one would think this systematic lying, which none of them disputes, would be enough to shake them back to sanity. But obviously we’re up against deep-seated psychosis here.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — April 21, 2020 @ 4:28 pm

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