April 3, 2020

Note 4/3

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I started blogging in 2009 based on the principle, derived from prior analysis, that the 1% understands that the fossil-fueled economic civilization is tottering and that they need to shore up their power to carry over their dominance through the transition from the extreme-energy age to the impending desert wasteland.
That was the obvious interpretation of the 2009 bailout, and it’s even more self-evident now.
As for the masses, obviously there’s no hint of any revolutionary potential, but that doesn’t solve the ongoing existential problem which confronts the global elites: There are over seven billion people who the capitalists no longer even want to exploit, but who can only comprise what from the elites’ point of view is a potentially dangerous waste dump. Just because so far there’s only astroturfing and easily co-opted “reform” scams percolating among these wastes doesn’t mean there never will arise any real threat.
So they’ll keep tightening the screws as long as they can, even if it means business suffers. What does business matter anyway, if today the top executives and shareholders can grab bailout checks. Tomorrow means nothing, as far as that goes.
Shortly they’ll be left with no extreme economy, since there’s no extreme energy to power it and no ecological grounding for it. All talk of “growth” and “jobs” will be defunct. The 1% plans to have attained such complete physical domination of the populace by then that it won’t matter, and they’ll simply be able to let everyone starve to death, through more or less active or passive policy, whatever’s necessary.
The knee-jerk “lockdown” is on account of something which, objectively, is not something this society would care much about. The cancer pandemic is worse, and few care. The pandemic of heart disease is worse, and few care. The pandemic of deaths and injuries from The Car is worse, and not only do few care, but Car-worship remains a fundamentalism even among self-alleged “environmentalists” and the climate-industrial movement.
All that goes to prove that the top-down constrictions are joining the mass hysteria in an unscientific and irrational way to deploy a prior totalitarian plan.

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