March 17, 2020

A Fake “Cure” Much Worse Than the Disease


There seems to be a gathering consensus around a false either-or: A society must impose extreme lock-down or go hog-wild with business as usual including leaving the non-wealthy ill and dependent to fend for themselves. (Of course any US version of martial/police-state law will do that as well.)
As usual, the rational, healthiest alternative gets less support: Take reasonable care and precaution for the elderly and other vulnerable groups, act with reasonable prudence (no mass gatherings, avoid indoor gatherings as much as possible), but otherwise continue to live life. This is the most psychologically healthy perspective, whose goodness for mental health in turn contributes to how it’s best for the individual and collective physical health.
But more and more people seem to be embracing the notion of the police state imposing draconian restrictions in order to “save” them from a danger the system itself generated, and which we already know the system will use only as a pretext radically to increase its power and control and to escalate its plunder of all the people.
This embrace of police state power includes many of our self-alleged “alternative”, “dissident” types. As with so many other things, they talk tough when nothing seems immediately at stake, but the moment things start to look serious they run home to Authority mama. It reminds me of the advent of ISIS, where many erstwhile “leftists” suddenly turned into NATO-mongering neocons.
Almost no one has authentic principles any more. Everything’s fake. And that’s why it’s always so easy for governments to continue their totalitarian progress.
Thus we’re being set up for a much more radical clamping of “emergency” power, like after 9/11 but much more severe; and like after 9/11 the “war on terror” turned out to be a permanent emergency requiring the permanent maintenance of what were called the “temporary” restrictions, so the same is being set up to stem from the pandemic emergency, at a much more total level.
It’s typical of the psychological crisis that the ubiquitous term “social distancing” has no stable meaning but can mean literally anything, so when someone uses it by itself there’s no way to tell what they really want to see happen, assuming they themselves have any firm ideas at all as opposed to floating unanchored on the froth wave of panic.
I’ve seen it mean everything from “Continue to live life, get outside, do the things you enjoy, get together with people in small groups, just keep a few feet away” (which is what those who feel healthy should be doing) to “Weld yourself shut inside your bomb shelter and never emerge again.”
As for the system authoritarians calling for people to bury themselves alive or issuing orders that people do so, no doubt they have nice big properties themselves where they can stroll about to their hearts’ content. They probably live in swank gated developments where everyone will continue strolling the streets. Their own private parks will remain open while I’ve heard examples of how they’re insanely closing public parks in some places. Literally the exact opposite of what any sane society not run by psychopaths would do. We know that just as fresh air and sunshine are important for the recovery of those who fall ill, so these along with physical exercise outdoors are critical to sustaining the health and well-being, physical and mental, of those not sick. (The NJ state park system so far is maintaining sanity: They’ve closed visitor centers, restrooms and other indoor facilities but are keeping the parks themselves open for recreation and are encouraging people to get out and enjoy the outdoors, precisely because it’s good for the individual and public health.)
But as we’ve known for a long time from every other health policy the elites impose, so the currently touted anti-medical, anti-health isolation indoors is for the non-wealthy who, as far as the system cares, ought to die anyway. And today we have a near-consensus among both the mainstream and fake-“alternative” media classes that all people ought to surrender to this systemic imprisonment and destruction.
If there were a way to test it, I’d bet any amount of money that deep down it’s not really any physical fears for themselves, let alone for others, that has everyone losing their minds and shrieking for the government to imprison them all in order to save them, but rather they’ve come unhinged from seeing the tottering of their worthless economy of worthless ecocidal junk.
Thank god I still know some people in real life who still retain their humanity and vow to continue living as human beings, even as so many are, in real time, openly screaming that they want to rush to permanent totalitarianism right this moment.
And over NOTHING even remotely comparable as an evil to the “cure” for which they shriek.
If you’re thinking any lock-down and regime of restrictions on movement really are likely to be temporary, remember that even if warmer weather does suppress the worst of this round of the Corona pest, it may repeat the 1918 pest’s performance and come back more powerfully in autumn. And this cycle could be repeated for years.
None of that may happen, but the idea of it all is at the core of the government’s malign perspective, every bit as virulent as the idea that “terrorism” is a permanent feature of our lives, and therefore so must be the police state measures allegedly against it.
In every case it’s never the drugs/terrorists/viruses which need to be controlled and dominated, but the people.


  1. Sanest words I have read in a long time. I copied it for myself. Wish I could share on Fb.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Astrid Watanabe — March 21, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    • Thanks Astrid. If you want to post it on FB, post away. Though it looks like almost literally everyone is in a combined state of mass hysteria and mass abject sheep conformity.

      It’s been especially enlightening to see how almost all the people I knew and/or read online as being anti-authoritarians, skeptics of power, self-styled “rebels”, have run home to totalitarian mama, the moment there seems to be even slightly anything at stake. Turns out the lot of them were liars and frauds. The list of those I used to respect to some level but for whom I now have nothing but contempt keeps growing.

      Can you imagine any of these worms being able to sustain even a single principle in a time of real crisis?

      Comment by Russell Bangs — March 26, 2020 @ 5:13 am

    • I did put it on Fb, thank you.

      Comment by Astrid Watanabe — April 14, 2020 @ 4:28 am

  2. On Maui, where I normally live, the Farmer’s Union is very active, working to make the Island self-sufficient. Small farmers are delivering boxes of vegetables to anyone who orders it, and they also donate a lot to people who need it. We got some good people into the county council, but not a majority yet. I think the Hawaiians do have a good influence still, that makes a difference.
    Hardly ever though do I hear anybody say anything about our murderous foreign policy. The necessary information is simply not available unless you look for it or learn to read it between the lines.

    Comment by Astrid Watanabe — April 14, 2020 @ 4:48 am

    • True, it’s always been hard to get good information until you learn where/how to look. Today it may be harder than ever, with almost all the erstwhile truth-tellers now schizophrenically acting as direct government propagandists.

      In the past I’ve followed the attempts on Maui and elsewhere to support local farming and the ecological base by opposing the toxic campaigns of agribusiness. Here’s wishing well in your ongoing fight.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — April 15, 2020 @ 2:43 am

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