January 25, 2020

Now Toward Where (A Note)

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I have zero expectations of the system. I’ve always said: The economic civilization will burn every last BTU’s worth of fossil fuels it can, and will destroy every last yard of the carbon-sinking earth it can. Big Green is on board with this. The NGO-industrial complex is on board with this.
So the only thing a sane human being could do is try to find fellow sane people and work to build some kind of communities where the people could help one another weather every kind of storm.
We can forget about the “Overton window”. That could exist only amid a feeling of abundance. But today, even though the empire nominally is still rich (but not for much longer), the entire “political spectrum” agrees on Mammon and specifically on how Mammon now dictates a zero-sum game.
I remember well the excitement at the econoblogs in 2009. I was an avid participant at Naked Capitalism, Baseline Scenario and others. Some of us thought it just might be a revolutionary situation. If there’s any fellow fugitives still out there, you could remember it too.
Well, obviously we were wrong about that.
Part of the reason we were wrong is that we underestimated the Democratic Party’s capacity to suck in all free-floating dissension and misdirect it back toward corporate imperialism’s goals.

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  1. With so many progressive ideologues within the Democratic Party, there is too much of a possibility that they might exert some influence to counter the Oligarchy, i.e. deep state or whatever other name for the collective actors that exert the most influence in mandatory policy decisions (government), so,

    just as the legislature and bureaucracy must be infiltrated and brought to heel, so too must the potentially dangerous (to the elite) Democratic Party.

    for a profound expose:
    The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight,
    https://youtu.be/EYS647HTgks (27 min.)

    Comment by Juannie — January 27, 2020 @ 4:02 pm

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