October 31, 2019

Halloween Vision: Carboniferous Legion

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Life and undeath cannot co-exist.
There are many stories of the climate crisis. Most try to stuff it within the framework of the normal modern, which really means the extreme ahistoric abnormal though almost no one has the horizons to understand that. Other stories extend the horizon but would normalize it as typical of the “anthropocene”. Some stories deny it completely, usually with illogic that simultaneously denies the climate is changing at all while insisting the climate always is changing due to various causes. Well yes Sherlock, throughout natural history the climate often has changed, and there always have been causes. This time the cause is modern civilization’s berserk kamikaze unleashing of hundreds of millions of years worth of sunlight stored under extreme compression, setting it all loose, at least 5-10 degrees Celsius worth of global heating, in just a few years.
Another way to tell the story is to imagine this civilization digging its own grave when it digs to rob the vast graves of the past. The modern necropolis digs upon the burial ground of its own nemesis. Gaia’s carbon policy has been to bury it as the sun grows hotter. By setting loose the Lovecraftian ghosts of 300-million year old trees the kamikazes are restoring the sweltering climate of those times to bring those trees and their bacterial basis back to life and destroy themselves in the process. Those who Gaia would destroy, she first makes insane.
Hundreds of millions of years ago Earth concentrated the sun’s energy into algae, plankton, plants and trees, all suffused with bacteria and the vestiges of bacteria. Fossil fuels are the ghosts of these microbes. Their physical energy tallies their spirit power, as we see where that power drives civilized hominids into omnicidal ecstasy including collective suicide as they burn it all as fast and destructively as they can.
In every way modern humans are the vectors of these microbes: Bacteria control our minds and bodies through symbiosis and endosymbiosis; the fossil fuel ghost controls its civilized hominid addicts the same way heroin controls its addicts. The fossil ghost seizes the hard-wired tendency among the civilly-indoctrinated toward extremes and fanaticism.
We ascending primalists see the Gaian present, which always includes the bundle of all deep time since the bacteria alive today are the same as those of the Archaen. The orcs, the kamikazes, those who destroy the Earth see only distorted shades of the past. They see only a denuded graveyard where the only motion is the army of zombies it animates, the rising of legions of demons they summon, the miasma of fossil ghosts which make an atmosphere out of the rancid scalding air spewing from the grave.
In their mind’s eye they conjure deathscapes, strew wastelands, construct dead cities, slurp up rivers, lakes, seas, flatten plains to the horizon all sprouting toxic crops, deploy massive machines to sow pollution, noise, waste, destruction, death.
Their berserk commitment enlists every aggressive, competitive, nihilistic element of the inflamed brain. The neurobacterial element which evokes these maximizes itself at the same time that all the actions of the berserker civilization destroy microbial diversity and open all terrains for the most pathogenic bacteria, which then act back upon the hominid vessels.
Bacteria control the process from beginning to end: They formed fossil fuels, which comprise either their own compressed selves or were decomposed by them; and now they drive the kamikaze binge of civilization to unleash their own ghosts. Meanwhile the inflamed brain itself evolved out of bacterial networks and remains fully symbiotic with bacteria.
We see the collaboration of today’s living microbes with the fossil ghosts of those long dead.
The orcs, the kamikazes have enslaved the fossil ghosts in order to murder the living. The ghosts of ancient plankton and trees they now enlist to exterminate today’s plankton and trees.
These are the ghosts and monsters of hundreds of millions of years, dug up and the dead tissue reanimated, conjured and summoned by burning. Burning fuel, burning trees, burning homes, burning cities, burning air.
Their malevolence seizes the inflamed hominid brains while their carboniferous exhalations heat the air and drive the climate into chaos.
Our basic understanding: (1) An ecologically malign bacterial faction drives the kamikazes to liberate the fossil ancestors to help lay the Earth waste the better to dominate it. They commandeer the worst of humanity to serve as their agent while causing these hominids to think they’re the agents. An oil well, a fracking site, a mountain decapitated for coal, send their smoke poisoning and heating, as a war does for a whole country. Chaos and destruction are the paramount goals at all times in every place.
(2) Gaia makes her correction by turning this onslaught against its own perpetrators. The weak spot isn’t bacteria like A. tumefaciens or various botulins, it’s the kamikaze human vehicle which can be driven to destroy itself. Gaia’s bacterial counteroffensive drives the kamikaze civilization to inflict famine upon itself through its self-enslavement to industrial agriculture and deforestation. With their global heating offensive the kamikazes heat themselves out of home. They conjure pandemics against themselves through special animal-factory incubators, crops and animals specially engineered to induce bacterial antibiotic resistance, lavish spraying of herbicides serving as antibiotic-resistance selectors. Many of these are the very weapons of the kamikazes now turned against themselves. They heat the climate to help spread all hot-air bugs and plumb the furthest terrestrial reaches to bring out ALL the bugs. They ramify a global distribution network in order to propagate disease most intrepidly.

Today there’s little need for the fictional horror stories of ghouls, vampires, demon summoning, zombies rising from underground, from where they were buried mwaa ha ha ha. Fossil fuel ghosts are the real life horror rising from the tomb. We aren’t digging them up, they are using us to rise. It’s not vampire magic but bacterial control. All the atrocities of modern civilization are the actions of seized, infected, rabid brains. And today we undergo the final burn-off of all combustible material and all combustible thoughts. To modify one of Dostoevsky’s characters, the fire is in the mind of the people as much as the fire they set to the Earth. This is terminal riot.
And these demons, the ghosts of all past bacteria, algae, plankton, trees, arise as avengers to smite their summoners.