August 23, 2019

The Coming Amazon Desert


What’s left of the Amazon rain forest is burning from hundreds of fires the orcs have set to clear space for ranching, timber plantations, mining and industrial farming. The lush paradise of water is burned out and transformed to arid pasture which withers to dust in a few years. The same scorched earth campaigns are underway in Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere. This final burndown is civilization’s final push to exterminate as many plant and animal species as possible and turn the entire terrestrial Earth into a desert. The Amazon and its companion rain forests are the lungs and the rainmakers of the world. Much of the Western hemisphere depends for its rain ultimately on weather patterns driven by the transpiration of the Amazon. Civilization’s goal is to stop the rain, permanently. And the destruction of the breathing forests, coupled with the heating and acid assault on the even more oxygenating ocean ecology, has the goal of rendering Earth’s system of oxygen, our very life breath, stagnant and failing. The elemental death wish, the fundamental urge to collective suicide at the heart of civilization, couldn’t be displayed more starkly, short of a joyous frenzied nuclear missile party, the 1914-style celebration of the launch of WWIII, which we may yet see as the entire US political class is lusting for it.
Civilization always has been an arsonist, modern civilization is the worst firebug of all. Starting in what used to be the Fertile Crescent, wherever civilization has gone it has turned fertility to desert. Thus the deserts have spread over the Middle East, southern Asia, Australia, North Africa, Latin America, the West and Great Plains of North America. The destruction of as little as 20% of what’s left of the Amazon – a few years more at this rate of arson – will render the residue untenable. The whole thing will wither to rainless dust.
Brazilian president Bolsonaro always has openly declared this to be his goal, to transform Brazil and as much of the hemisphere as possible into a desert. His voters, his supporters in Brazil, across Latin America, and in the US and European governments, all ardently embrace this goal. They prove it by their words and especially their actions.
This ecocidal goal dovetails with Bolsonaro’s proclaimed genocidal goal: What’s left of Brazil’s indigenous peoples must cease to exist, through forced assimilation or whatever other way is necessary. It’s clear that this government considers these natural peoples to be outside the law, and the orcs have gotten the message. Already hundreds have been murdered by ranchers, miners, loggers and other predators.
Just as with desert-driving ecocide, so this genocidal drive to generate a hominid desert is acclaimed or tolerated by a near-consensus among the civilized in Brazil, the US and elsewhere. Actions – of voters, media, officials – prove this.
The destruction of the Amazon and the rest of the world’s rain forest is the supreme destruction of the world’s greatest terrestrial carbon sink. To burn what’s left of the Amazon biomass would release as much carbon as all modern fossil fuel burning. Here again we see the kamikaze civilization’s drive to pump the atmosphere as full of carbon as possible, to heat up the Earth as much as possible, in a berserk lunge to perpetuate the interglacial Holocene (better called the Psychoticene) and stave off Gaia’s return to the normal colding, icing trend of the last several million years.
The Amazon is one of Gaia’s ultimate centers of biodiversity. Therefore it is a core target of the civilization’s campaign to exterminate all life except for elite hominids and their livestock, both of these groups to exist only in a genetically engineered eugenic form.
The goal is maximum destruction, maximum extermination of humans and other animals and plants, before the orc civilization is brought down by its own energy collapse, economic collapse, nuclear war; before Gaia’s Kinesis in the form of climate chaos, ecological collapse, pandemics and other retributions bring civilization’s omnicide-suicide ride to a close.


  1. While a close friend has just departed for participation in a conscious expanding weekend facilitated by an Amazonian gift from the rainforest (need I name it?), I read your account of these abominations. May she return with a message from Madre Aya’s wisdom to preserve her sacred habitat.

    Comment by juannie — August 23, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

    • That would be great. So far it seems Gaia’s arc is slow and ponderous from our hyper-sped-up point of view (slower than that of a fly, but blinking in and out in an instant from the point of view of a redwood), but at least we know enough about ecology to know that Earth’s correctives are more reliable than, say, waiting for Jesus to come back. Gaia will slough off this infestation and continue and eventually thrive once more, probably in a different phase state.

      Comment by Russell Bangs — August 23, 2019 @ 4:28 pm

      • Ah yes. But almost certainly without Homo Psychopathicus. It’s reassuring to think a few who haven’t take the psychotic turn, perhaps nurtured by Madre’s influence, would survive in pockets to establish Homo Trancendicus. So much potential had Homo Sapiens that it’s too disappointing to contemplate its complete demise without a trace of their genetic inheritance. I have a 27 month old grandson who is a total delight and is already showing signs of what the future of our species could be. I just have to hope in spite of what Derrick says. Maybe Gia’s correctives are also programed into our genes. Wishful, imaginative magical thinking. Perhaps. But I have to hold onto something to not completely abandon ship.

        Thanks for being there Russ to articulate what we so desperately need to hear and to bounce my musings off.

        Comment by juannie — August 23, 2019 @ 6:09 pm

      • We know that ecological corrections aren’t wishful thinking: Any time a species goes into overshoot it eventually is corrected. Homo necropolis is not exempt. Indeed this kind of apex species often is vulnerable to extreme corrections, just when it looks most triumphant and prosperous. No one would dispute a word of that where it comes to any other species. It’s only the fundamentalist religion of human supremacism which makes an idea like that seem odd or outrageous to anyone. Now that’s magical thinking.

        I suppose “hope” is just a word, and although so many from the Greeks to Jensen have disparaged it (and I try to avoid using it myself; it’s surprising how many contexts there are where the English language seems to offer no alternative), we all still feel the kind of feeling for which “hope” is the most common word. The point is to do something beyond just mere blind hope. That’s what’s really objectionable about it,

        Comment by Russell Bangs — August 23, 2019 @ 6:37 pm

  2. This picture…First found on Apr 23, 2008/and subsequent years.

    Yes the Amazon is burning but actually less this year than last few years.
    Not to say the burning is okay…just that there is something else afloat.
    There is an agenda underway but it’s not what you might think.
    Any time lamestream media pushes something up front and in our face there is an agenda.
    Don’t look at the fire…look for the agenda.
    The information is out there for Inquiring Minds~

    Comment by rose imagine — September 2, 2019 @ 6:01 pm

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