July 21, 2019

Goon Shot


I wish I’d seen this article in time to post this yesterday for the big anniversary of one of America’s greatest propaganda scams. By that I don’t mean the moon landing was a hoax. I mean that real or not, the moon landing’s primary purpose was to serve as a techno-triumphalist, anti-Gaian, Cold War propaganda stunt.
But perhaps the hype is starting to wear thin?
A recent survey of 3,000 kids found that being a YouTube star was a more sought-after profession than being an astronaut among kids in the US and the United Kingdom.
Children ages 8 to 12 in the US, the UK, and China were recently polled in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which resulted in the first person to walk on the moon.
Kids in the US and the UK were three times as likely to want to be YouTubers or vloggers as astronauts, while kids in China were more likely to want to be astronauts.
It sounds like a good sign to me if kids in the US and UK are disregarding the system hype about “space travel”, a stupid worthless endeavor which never will accomplish anything except maybe to weaponize space. (If the fossil fuels last long enough and the missiles don’t fly first. But nuclear war looks more and more likely with every passing month.) Meanwhile it sounds like Chinese kids are still drinking the techno-necro kool ade.
The main reason the techno-cultists and their corporate funders always give for continuing with this white elephant is that someday it will be necessary to colonize other planets, with Mars the usual candidate. This always means, “Civilization must and should continue to murder the Earth unto the total end, but have no fear about humanity destroying its own basis for life, because we’ll simply move to another planet and commence destroying it.” (Basically the same rationale as for the geoengineering idea.) It’s a purely psychopathic, omnicidal mindset of hatred for all that lives, and all proponents of space travel share it.
So much for the real purpose of the idea and the moral-spiritual character of it.
As for the practicability, the kind of space travel required to colonize Mars is physically impossible. There could be no protection against such prolonged exposure to the sun’s radiation in space. Nor could anyone transport the vast resources even the most minuscule Mars base would require. One only need look at the results of the two Biosphere projects, earthly attempts to simulate a rudimentary base on another planet or other body. These failed almost immediately, physically and psychologically. This completely exposes the idiocy of the “terraforming” idea. And those projects had the deck loaded in their favor in many ways, much like the military’s “war games” always stack the deck in favor of the outcome the brass wants. Yet like many of these war games, and like so many other things designed by those who disregard reality, the biospheres nevertheless got clobbered by reality. I doubt Mars would give anyone such an initial advantage.
Any such attempt, like with any other necropolitan “great work”, would hoover up vast social resources and perpetrate further ecocidal ravages on THIS planet, our one and only home (but these persons are so insane they’ve forgotten that), for the benefit only of the richest and most powerful (and some of their thugs). Much like the geoengineering notion, it would be designed to convey vast amounts of public money and power to a few of the most privileged corporations. And even if a Mars colony were possible, those are the only persons who would benefit.
Of course, like with such technologies as geoengineering, pesticides and GMOs, the proponents of space travel and space colonization don’t really care whether it could ever work or not. The point is to gain time for further, total destruction of this Earth, and to exult in the idea for religious purposes.
Fantasies of space, wherever they go beyond escapist fantasy, always mean a psychotic hatred of our one and only home, Earth who created and nurtured us.
So it’s a good thing if kids today no longer have the literal stars in their eyes and no longer put “astronaut” at the top of their list of What I Want to Be When I Grow Up. Of course to obsess on Youtube or any other gadget with a screen also is to become alienated from reality, alienated from the Earth, mentally inert, maladaptive in an evolutionary sense. But at least one has stopped gazing “up”, the way every misguided religion from Christianity to modern scientism (actually a Christian epigone) has obsessively done. It would be one small step for man in the right direction.

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  1. All just a distraction, nothing more, nothing less in one sense and money making project for a project that will go nowhere. Pretty much everything we ‘see’ is designed to keep the sheeple engaged. The moon thing was obviously a hoax and yet so many still ‘believe’. Watched the 3 part series from a fav channel. And while yes 5g is somewhat an extermination event at one level, at the lower levels once again a huge profit incentive/few levels up total control of the populations. Russia, China…majority are on-board. The occasional renegade city or country that says no way does show pockets of critical thinking/at least pockets eh?

    As far as aspiring youtubers I don’t really see an upside. This is the age of narcissism.

    From an expanded perspective the scenario of advancement to a certain point and collapse/this was bound to come up again. It is interesting to see how fascism surfaces from under the waters and gains traction. I’ve said for so long that the good news is this model of rape and pillage of the earth is not sustainable so no matter the ‘designs’ earth will have her say before this madness reaches it’s zenith. The earth rumblings are increasing. It is no longer safe to swim in the oceans, gulf and many other bodies of water. Shark attacks are increasing. Recently a pod of nurse sharks attacked…and they are by nature a peaceful group. When I was young used to watch Jacques-Yves Cousteau and in one episode divers swam into a cave totally sealed off from any outside influences. The divers swam with sharks who were totally peaceful. It was pointed out that the cave frequency was alpha waves and the obvious correlation of frequency effecting behavior.

    To break the chain of hypnosis will take repeated ‘in your face’ environmental crisis. I welcome them.

    If there was any doubt that not only was trump selected but fed key words one need not look any further than ‘fake news’.

    Well done series…worth the watch (imho natch).
    Comments are worth the read also.

    Comment by rose imagine — July 21, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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