January 21, 2019

Ghosts and the Goddess

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The Kentucky Coffeetree, a mainstay of the ecology and native culture, is now rare in the wild, more ghost than wildlife. It will endure and return to its wild vibrancy.

The wooded ghosts sprout in a vision flung
Across a century spanning the phase
Our Earth reaches of healing, a few days
To germinal wilds. Gaia’s broken lung
Breathes back the airs the bright bunting had sung
Through the dry winds, chaotic fires’ dark haze
For joy for the end, as the cities raze
Themselves. Sing out all birds with cheery tongue,
Serenade tree blossoms where bee-bells rung
Throughout the night in dreams of new-grooved ways
Of sun and moon and stars, for newborn trees
Who spire to new heavens, bring them to Earth.
No longer ghosts for birds, new vibrant bees
Conjoin on blossom branch, Gaia’s rebirth.

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