July 19, 2018


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For years I’ve gone out pre-dawn to run,
And never has Mars been so prominent,
Looming prior to dawn.
As if there rose a new spirit,
Or one ancient newly envigored,
Summoned from wherever portents wait,
Promising a sunrise bloody with war.
I feel it long familiar:
A new Mars has been looming in my mind as well.
I see how everyone wants the ultimate war,
I see new insanity at unheard extreme.
Many who I know in person,
In daily life decent and sane,
Pray all day to the god of war,
(No stranger; they’ve long supported the regular war),
Yearn for the ultimate war.
And look at the culture,
Long violent and crazed
As I’ve tallied with my pen these years;
Yet what psychic catastrophes range berserk today
On a blasted landscape
Of minds cleared of all thought,
As if battened down to give the coming blast waves
Ultimate free range.

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