April 23, 2018

…And the Pulitzer Goes to Der Sturmer


“For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest” – the Pulitzer committee

Following in the tradition of the Nobel War-Is-Peace Prize (past recipients include Norman Borlaug, Henry Kissinger, and Barack Obama), Pulitzer Prizes are now awarded to the New York Times and Washington Post for their contributions to journalism on US-Russia relations.
“For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration. (The New York Times entry, submitted in this category, was moved into contention by the Board and then jointly awarded the Prize.)”

The Nuremburg prosecutor sums up the case against Julius Streicher (p. 118) :
“My Lord, it may be that this defendant is less directly involved in the physical commission of the crimes against Jews, of which this Tribunal have heard, than some of his co-conspirators. The submission of the Prosecution is that his crime is no less the worse for that reason. No government in the world, before the Nazis came to power, could have embarked upon and put into effect a policy of mass extermination in the way in which they did, without having a people who would back them and support them and without having a large number of people, men and women, who were prepared to put their hands to their bloody murder. And not even, perhaps, the German people of previous generations would have lent themselves to the crimes about which this Tribunal has heard, the killing of millions and millions of men and women. It was to the task of educating the people, of producing murderers, educating and poisoning them with hate, that Streicher set himself; and for 25 years he has continued unrelentingly the education – if you can call it so – or the perversion of the people and of the youth of Germany. And he has gone on and on as he saw the results of his work bearing fruit…
“In the early days he was preaching persecution. As persecutions took place he preached extermination and annihilation; and, as we have seen in the ghettos of the East, as millions of Jews were being exterminated and annihilated, he cried out for more and more. That is the crime that he has committed. It is the submission of the Prosecution that he made these things possible – made these crimes possible – which could never have happened had it not been for him and for those like him. He led the propaganda and the education of the German people in those ways. Without him the Kaltenbrunners, the Himmlers, the General Stroops would have had nobody to carry out their orders.”
“For his twenty-five years of speaking, writing, and preaching hatred of the Jews, Streicher was widely known as “Jew-Baiter Number One.” In his speeches and articles, week after week, month after month, he infected the German mind with the virus of anti-Semitism. and incited the German people to active persecution. Each issue of Der Sturmer, which reached a circulation of 600,000 in 1935, was filled with such articles, often lewd and disgusting…As early as 1938 he began to call for the annihilation of the Jewish race. Twenty-three different articles of Der Sturmer between 1938 and 1941 were produced in evidence, in which the extermination “root and branch” was preached…With knowledge of the extermination of the Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territory, this defendant continued to write and publish his propaganda of death
“Streicher’s incitement to murder and extermination at the time when Jews in the East were being killed under the most horrible conditions clearly constitutes persecution on political and racial grounds in connection with war crimes as defined by the Charter, and constitutes a crime against humanity.
“The Tribunal finds that Streicher is guilty on Count Four.


  1. The Times and the WaPoo could just as easily call themselves The Military Industrial Complex Gazette and the CIA Propaganda Tribune. They know the public love a good villain to make things easier and comfy for when their brains can’t process what the hell is happening, such as the last election theatrical presentation. How did we end up with a carnival barking cartoon character? Was it because the best the Plutocracy had to offer was a crooked murderous war criminal as the only alternative as temporary overlord? No. The Russians did it. Putin is 12 feet tall. The news people told me. We don’t want to take account of the true state of affairs with the criminals in charge, holding us up at gunpoint in our own living rooms. We’d rather look for big bad bogey bears under the bed and will tell the ‘journalists’ thanks for shoving that down our throats for us. Here is your prize!!

    Comment by Pete — April 30, 2018 @ 6:14 pm

    • That’s certainly true. Ironically, in internet circles the NYT and WaPo have long been nicknamed Pravda and Izvestia.

      Even more, the cadres at this de facto propaganda ministry are true believers in the god-given US right to subjugate, exploit, and murder all other people. The editors and scribblers at these papers are sincerely offended that Russia, after lying nicely prone and willing to be mass-murdered in the 1990s, has had the temerity to get back up and fight back. US elite wingnuts, both Reps and Dems, liberals and conservatives, are as one in this mortal outrage. That’s why they sincerely hate Russia. But since they’re too morally cowardly to admit the real reason for their hatred, they’re forced to trump up such idiocies as Russiagate as well as the whole delusion that Russia is an aggressor against America and is a threat to American interests. Of course the truth is the pure polar opposite: The US government’s aggression against Russia since the collapse of the USSR has been total, 100%. Same for the preponderance of which country assails vital interests of the other – the US assails Russia, 100%.

      Of course all one needs to do for this to be clear is to look at a globe and see where US forces and US corporations are positioned, and where Russian forces are positioned. But then we’ve always heard that Americans can’t locate anything on maps.

      Comment by Russ — May 1, 2018 @ 12:45 am

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