March 18, 2018

Russia Derangement Syndrome

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The US corporate globalizers hallucinate their own image as a new “Red Menace”

The “bipartisan” insanity over Russia (just a typical example of how Democrats and Republicans are identical in all their evils and mental illnesses), and its counterpart insanity in Europe, is easy to explain.
Russia was supposed to remain permanently subdued after being raped by Western globalization in the 1990s. The fact that Russia has undergone a resurgence and is now reasserting itself against US-driven corporate tyranny is therefore deeply disturbing to the Western elite class. There’s also the psychology of the bully who feels entitled to hit his victim and is genuinely outraged when his victim gets up and hits back.
This explains the entirety of Russia Derangement Syndrome. It’s the reaction of pro-corporate elites and elitists to a challenge to their criminal regime. This also explains their absurd and malign obsession with North Korea. From any rational point of view North Korea is nothing but a minor nuisance to Western power.
But in both cases, if there remain any sane, rational people out there, always keep in mind and never forget: These psychopaths in the US government and media, and the psychopathic Rep/Dem political class which follows them, all are trying to drive the world into nuclear war. It’s as I’ve always written: The corporate globalization regime absolutely will prefer the complete destruction of humanity to losing its power, and will do its best to bring this about. You can see examples of it every day in every government statement and on every show on every news network. These are the most vile criminals who have ever existed.


    • It’s an Orwellian twilight zone out here, Russ. Joe McCarthy would be blushing at the “liberals” new, ramped up red scare Hollywood rewrite echoing throughout the corporate press on a 24/7 cycle. I think “ISIS” and the ‘war on terror’ ran out of market share and fear value so they need to dial up a new super villain for Military Industrial Complex tax payer money laundering and to restore some perception of legitimacy and dependency (via enmity) in the form of “security” . As you already know, perpetual growth = perpetual war. I don’t know if these psychopaths think they can survive a nuclear winter in an underground bunker for a couple of years or what, but they are obviously mentally deranged and seriously ill.

      The “left” has revealed itself by the jumping the shark and moving to the right of the fascists and corporatists on the “right”. It’s never been more clear that they are two moving pieces of the same mafia in some sort of weird game of leap frog. All this infighting between the various intel agencies during this dog and pony show seem to indicate that the empire is suffering from the natural entropy of corruption and will soon implode…. maybe that’s why they want to take us all down with them.

      Comment by Pete — March 21, 2018 @ 6:55 pm

      • Given how their entire mode of existence centers on destroying the soil, water, and air, it seems they must believe on some level that they magically use a “different” soil, water, and air from that which they’re destroying. And although nuclear war is a more concrete thought than the murder-suicide of ecological destruction, I guess once you become insane enough and comfortable enough with the thought that you really don’t depend on the ecology, even nuclear war starts to sound like something that will only effect “other” people.

        I’ve long been done with the whole left-right thing. Whatever any of them do can be no surprise since they’re all just factions among the productionist depravity, the same depraved will of so-called “civilization” to destroy all of humanity and the Earth. The acronym I use is PCTC: Productionism-consumptionism-technocracy-corporate rule. That sums up modern civilization’s action as such and its mode of organization. All political factions within the civilizational framework, whatever their usually-purely-superficial differences, are aggressors

        Their cancerous metastizing, i.e. their very existence, is based on destruction in the first place, so they’ll certainly destroy all they can in order to maintain their power, and would sooner destroy everything than lose their power while leaving anything behind. That’s why I think you’re right, they’re so freaked out at how they’re clearly losing ground within the globalist system, even though they still have such a massive preponderance of power, that they’re already gearing up to leap to the final total immolation.

        Comment by Russ — March 22, 2018 @ 2:04 am

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