December 18, 2017

The Main Problem is Fake People


There’s two kinds of fake people: The corporate persons, which are a kind of demon which has been summoned for worship and for attempts at control; and those flesh-and-blood people who nevetheless have renounced all human responsibility in order to worship these demons.
Corporations are fictions rendered real only by the lies and violence of the state and the inertia of the people. They are created by government and are extensions of government, an extra-constitutional fourth branch of government. The proximate purpose of corporations is to shield criminals from the legal and political consequences of their crimes, and to shield gamblers from financial risk. More broadly, neoliberalism is based on transferring all real power from the nominal “public” government (the three constitutional branches) to the “private” corporate branch of government. The public government is maintained only as thug, tax collector, subsidy-conveyor, and the sham facade of fake democracy, including running sham elections.
Economically, politically, ecologically, the corporate-technocratic state works to impose maximum monopoly monoculture control with minimum real-world apparatus or indeed contact with physical reality at all.
For example, the sector comprising corporate agriculture and food, along with its lead enablers from the state like USAID and the USDA, all coordinated by the quasi-governmental Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, thinks exclusively in terms of Mammon’s fictive numbers. The measure of agriculture is never food for human beings but sanctified fake numbers like GDP, trade balances, sovereign debt, commodity and stock prices, corporate profits, money as such. These pure fictions are rendered real only by the corporate state’s violence and the tolerance of the people. Thus the corporate/government/NGO structure is able globally to impose and enforce the agricultural model which conforms to these measures and eradicates, as much as possible, all actual food production for human beings. This physical control and destruction without responsibility is the grail of all corporations.
In these ways the goal is to render it as literally true as possible that food is produced by money, that food comes from the supermarket.
The entire corporate system is dedicated to enforcing the religion of Mammon to its ultimate extreme, where the only relationships which shall exist shall be between sterile objects, preferably legal fictions like corporations, patents, titles and money, while all ecological relationships, all relationships between human and human, human and Earth, shall be eradicated. These relationships are to cease to have any right to exist, and then cease to exist in the most literal sense. This is the logical end of all theory and practice of the profit-seeking corporation. As we see every day, the corporations at all times are working aggressively toward this end.
Forget “fake news”. Our main problem is fake people.


  1. Russ,

    I mainly agree with you. Where I depart from your view is that so many people who support the corporate destruction of our “Unalienable rights” don’t know any better. They’ve been conditioned to view their behavior as normal, which is not to forgive the behavior but to excuse them unless and until they exhibit understanding of the consequences of their actions. I cannot condemn these people unless and until they reject the opportunity for redemption.

    Comment by taojonesing — December 19, 2017 @ 3:38 am

    • Tao, of course you’re right that most people tolerate/support corporate technocracy out of inertia and being indoctrinated into the sense that there’s no alternative. That’s why this site is dedicated first of all to propagating the necessary alternative ideas and calls upon people to take up this propagation work.

      Nevertheless, there’s at least two major ways people reject the opportunity for redemption.

      1. Those who have internet access cannot claim honest ignorance of anything since they’re free to research the nostrums of the corporate system. Therefore, at least where it comes to active supporters of the system, where they’re not conscious liars they’re willfully ignorant, which morally is the same thing.

      2. Especially, I no longer have any tolerance for those who continue to vote for the Corporate One-Party. It’s simply not possible to be sentient and still look to the Democrat Party for anything but the destruction of all worthwhile values and goals. As I wrote in 2016’s “Reason” series leading up to the fake election, every kind of evil, and every socioeconomic and ecological bottleneck, is promoted most of all not by those who openly exalt it, but by those who claim to oppose it but nevertheless consistently vote for it. I no longer consider such pro-system voters to be gullible dupes. I think they vote for the Democrats and Republicans because they support everything those parties do. (If there really is anyone left who sincerely wants radical change but still clings to the Democrat Party, there we can no longer think in political terms, but in terms of addiction, or battered spouse syndrome, some kind of mental illness.)

      The cult of voting, and the cult of the Democrat Party, have to be smashed.

      (I’d say my position actually gives the voters more credit for having some awareness and agency than the position that they’re nothing but sheeple. You could say I show them more respect. In the same way I don’t consider non-voters to be just apathetic slugs. I think that many of them consciously reject voting as a sham. That’s part of the wager I’m making.)

      The flip side of the need for the propagation work is that I, at least, no longer think it’s any kind of virtue, even a tactical one, to keep coddling Western productionist/consumerist sensitivities. Hasn’t the middle class been coddled enough, and isn’t this very addiction to coddling, on the part of both the coddled and the coddler, a core reason for the persistence of the pathologies? Part of my wager is that if it’s possible at all to build a new movement for the necessary ecological philosophy and practice and against the corporate-technocrat system, this movement call has to be uncompromising and severe. If there’s people who want transformation, they must want a clear summons, not the same compromising and compromised muddle they can already get anywhere they like along the existing “political spectrum.” Politics is Dead. Today what’s called politics is just celebrity worship, half-assed authoritarian conformism, electoralism as a spectator sport (with “voting” a kind of fantasy league, purely vicarious and not participatory even the slightest bit) and submission to the status quo. Those who want a new politics must already sense they won’t find it among the lukewarm.

      Of course in any practical sense it’s not a question of excusing anything or not. Any movement has to recruit those it can, while it’s the corrections imposed by Gaia and the inherent decrepitude of the system which won’t excuse those who refuse to change their ways.

      These are things I sense, and I think the future will bear me out. At any rate, it’s the only way I can write, the only way I feel I’m doing the right thing.

      Comment by Russ — December 19, 2017 @ 5:20 am

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