October 31, 2017

Who Are the Proxxers? We Start With the Vaccination Controversy


Here’s the source of death. An eminently respectable, scientific campaign.

Governments and corporations are engaged in a systematic campaign to eradicate antibiotics as a medically effective treatment. The three main vectors of this campaign are mainstays of corporate industrial agriculture:
1. In factory farms animals are massively dosed with antibiotics in order to keep them alive under such disease-promoting conditions, and to promote quick weight gain.
2. In genetic engineering the transgene often includes an “antibiotic resistance marker”. Following the insertion process the engineers douse the cultured cells with an antibiotic, which kills all but the cells which incorporated the transgene.
3. Herbicides like glyphosate and 2,4-D are antibiotics, and in the process of weeds and bacteria developing resistance to herbicides they also develop a general resistance to antibiotics.
In all these ways the corporate-technocracy system deliberately drives the ever faster evolution of antibiotic resistant microbes, and the escalating failure of antibiotics as a medical treatment.
Since these effects are well known we also know that this is a consciously intended result of corporate industrial agriculture, and that the cadres and supporters of this mode of agriculture are part of this campaign to wipe out the effectiveness of antibiotics.
Peculiarly, many of these corporate fanboys are in a state of rage about the existence of people who are nonconformists where it comes to the ideology of vaccination.* Although their denunciations are usually incoherent, to the extent they give a reason they claim to fear for the public health.
But they’re obviously lying when they claim to care about public health, since they express no concern at all about the corporate state’s campaign to wipe out antibiotics, even though this systematic campaign on the part of the power structure is vastly more dangerous to public health than the actions of a relatively small, ad hoc group of vaccine dissenters. This proves that the hysteria against the non-vaccinators is a proxy for something. Therefore this figurative lynch mob should be called proxxers.
What motivates these persons? Most obviously, they’re hard core members of the religious cult of scientism, statism, technocracy, “progress”, Mammon. This gives us the first, most obvious clue: As typical authoritarian followers, these persons will hear no evil said of the corporations, but gleefully will attack any dissident group the media directs them against.
In recent years there has been a top-down media-engineered campaign designed to demonize the trivial group of non-vaccinators. Given the growing evidence of the ongoing harms and great dangers of the corporate agricultural system, as well as how obviously destructive the rest of the corporate onslaught is becoming, the corporate media is increasingly desperate to trump up diversions and scapegoats. In the case of the lethal pandemics already being caused by globalization’s shantytowns and factory farms, and the far worse inevitably to come, the system’s goal is to provide scapegoats to divert public fears and anger, as well as to muster fascistic discipline among potential cadres along the lines of scientism, the only pro-corporate ideology which can tap into threads which aren’t purely mercenary. Thus the most unreconstructed, brutal greed, powerlust, sadism, and hate try to make common cause with what’s left of the withering “Progress” ideology.
The progress religion also explains why these cultists faithfully believe that antibiotic resistance is no problem for public health while non-vaccination or raw milk allegedly are. From their point of view, antibiotic resistance is the result of the profound “progress” of CAFOs and genetic engineering. Where a more spectacular progress is trumping another, the bigger spectacle wins. Thus the doomed efficacy of antibiotics is a price the technocracy cultists are willing to pay in order to fully develop the technocratic domination of agriculture and food. By contrast, from this perspective raw milk and non-vaccination are not examples of further “progress”, but alleged regressions. Thus the public health fears which cease to exist in the case of the far greater danger of antibiotic resistance suddenly become “real” for the cultists, and they shriek accordingly.
Most intense of all, the proxxers become all the more enraged and incipiently violent in direct relation to how they’re losing faith in their religion. They see ever growing numbers of people losing faith in scientism and statism, ever growing numbers rejecting these with contempt. And the cultists themselves give a daily demonstration of how they’re losing confidence in themselves and their cult. The corporate state and technocratic establishment are still in full power and still wield the overwhelming preponderance of power, while dissidents are only so many small mammals hiding in the underbrush. What kind of snowflake would a dinosaur have to be to go on shrieking hysterically about the alleged misdeeds of these powerless mammals? Obviously they sense the impending destruction of their dominion and are becoming ever more desperate, even as their power seems still to be fully intact.
The pogrom mentality of the proxxers against the non-vaccinators is an expression of their rage against the civil disobedience of a small dissident group. They see non-vaccination as an intolerable affront to the religious majesty of scientism and statism. They experience it as a form of lese majestie. Sensing the inevitable collapse of the system they worship (since in terms of resources and ecological destruction the technocratic civilization is unsustainable), they react with all the venom of their despairing rage against an officially designated target.
This brings us to a more concrete reason for the demonization campaign. The CAFO system with its corresponding eradication of antibiotic efficacy inevitably will generate lethal pandemics. The corporate state at least accepts this as a cost of ramifying the system, same as the rank and file cultists do; and it may believe it can control such pandemics as a weapon of terror and population control.
Whatever the nightmare visions of the likes of Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the US military, everyone knows CAFOs, along with the rest of the general campaign of environmental poisonism, will generate pandemics. So the system is already setting up non-vaccinators to serve as a scapegoat when such pandemics arise. That’s a big part of why the corporate media obsesses on the mouse in the room (vaccines) and not the elephant (antibiotics), and that’s a big part of why the lynch mob responds the way it does.
So we have a first draft toward understanding why supporters of the eradication of antibiotics** turn around and shriek about the alleged threat non-vaccinators pose to public health. It has zero to do with any real concern about public health. On the contrary, it’s rooted in technocratic religion; it comprises a lashing out on account of the cultists’ losing faith in this religion; and it’s preparing the ground for a disaster capitalist scapegoating of an innocent minority when the actions of the corporate system inevitably bring disaster.
Anyone who doesn’t fight for the abolition of antibiotic abuse has zero credibility if he turns around and claims to be concerned about the relatively small risks from non-vaccination. The shrillness of the proxxers juxtaposed with their resounding silence where it comes to antibiotic abuse adds up to proof of their bad faith and cowardice. They’re nothing but authoritarian statists who are outraged by a form of civil disobedience they find particularly offensive as an affront to their statism and scientism. They should be systematically counterattacked as such, whatever one’s views on vaccination itself.
Faced with anyone who claims to criticize non-vaccinators from the point of view of a concern for public health, I start with one question: What have you done to oppose sub-therapeutic antibiotic abuse in factory farms and genetic engineering? Please direct me to where you’ve written or taken action on this.
A satisfactory answer to this question is necessary to establish one’s bona fides. Anyone who can’t do so is a fraud who’s really jumping onto an anti-dissident bandwagon out of typically cowardly bullying authoritarian motives. Where it comes to the vaccination lynch mob, dissenters and critics should always counterattack these bad faith liars the way I describe.
Do you really care about public health? If so, here’s two of the necessary goals: Abolish factory farms, abolish GMOs. Nothing short of this can suffice, and nothing short of this can comprise a rationally or morally coherent position for anyone who claims to care about public health.
*This piece is not about vaccination in itself. Vaccination makes sense in principle. But there are three separate matters here: The science of vaccination in principle; the alleged need for and safety of the corporate-manufactured vaccines we actually have; and the ideology which decrees that humans need an indefinitely expanding array of vaccinations, and that wherever the technocratic establishment orders people to get themselves and their children vaccinated, the people must obey without question. This, of course, is fundamentalist religion, not science or reason (let alone democracy). But in a typically fraudulent authoritarian tactic, those who criticize non-vaccinators always blur these three together and come up with the standard lie, “non-vaccination = anti-science”. That’s because neither the case for corporate control of vaccines nor the scientism religion of vaccines can stand up to political or rational scrutiny.
**Most antibiotics are derived from soil bacteria, the same soil microbes systematically being eradicated by industrial agriculture. So the corporate-technocratic campaign also strikes at the very root of medical research. Conversely, only the transformation to agroecology and a massive commitment to rebuilding the soil can provide any future basis for antibiotic development. More on this later.


  1. As a physician, let me say that the healthcare industry is definitely totalitarian.

    Do you know they torture old people in hospitals with all manner of invasive lines, intubation, and chest compressions? And why? Because they want to save them? No, because the hospital administration mandates that mortality rates decline so the numbers look good. To them, the patients are just cattle being processed through the system.

    Family members don’t know what to do with all of this, of course, since they have hope that their loved one will make it, and they don’t want to feel guilty for not trying everything.

    Think about that for a second. Our mortality is 100%, but they will now actually torture you in your final moments to prove that this isn’t the case. Insane.

    On the question of vaccines, they are getting out of control, and why? In the elusive quest to eliminate everything, not even a 90-95% success rate is enough. It has to be driven down to 99% by giving third, fourth vaccinations, giving yearly flu vaccinations, etc.

    Again, nothing is ever good enough, which is the hallmark of our corporate technocratic age.

    Although not anti vaccine per say, I wish to say that it is not the case that diseases are out of control without vaccination. Go back to the basics and just reflect for a moment. Control of infectious diseases lies mainly in sanitation and research and development of appropriate targeted therapies, i.e. antibiotics. In fact isn’t the whole science of infectious diseases based on this principle? Vaccination, therefore, is purely secondary, and should not be mandated for public health.

    If the system was concerned about “public health” they would mandate gym memberships for all adults, tobacco and alcohol would be illegal, sugar and television and internet would be heavily regulated. Again, I’m not making an argument as such, just making a point about the contradictions of our system.

    Completely independent of infectious diseases, the healthcare system is going to be bankrupted by obesity and diabetes. Proving how futile it all is in the end.

    Comment by dolph — November 1, 2017 @ 6:23 am

    • If the system cared about public health it would start by instituting single payer. It would then abolish pesticides and sub-therapeutic antibiotic abuse.

      Compared to those systemic health crises, the existence of a few non-vaccinators is trivial, as a matter of objective fact.

      Comment by Russ — November 1, 2017 @ 8:28 am

    • Fantastic response, Dolph.
      I couldn’t agree more that the healthcare system is going to be bankrupted by obesity and diabetes.
      Please read, if you haven’t already, Dr. Robert Lustig’s new book:
      The Hacking of the American Mind – The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of our Bodies and Brains.

      Relevant and Important!!


      Comment by Ariana Beels — November 4, 2017 @ 12:19 pm

  2. Can you be more specific about who doesn’t care about antibiotic resistance?
    I’m a Science and Society grad student, with an interest in AMR.

    Comment by STS Emily — November 1, 2017 @ 7:56 am

    • Anyone who supports or tacitly accepts industrial agriculture.

      Since industrial agriculture also is the #1 driver of the climate crisis, it follows that those who support it also don’t care about that except insofar as they want to drive it to its worst possible extreme.

      Comment by Russ — November 1, 2017 @ 8:25 am

  3. Vaccines will go down as the biggest medical fraud of all time. One only need to study the ingredients, something very few physicians or pharmacists know anything about (by design). Vaccines are loaded with known neurotoxins and foreign proteins that actually trigger auto-immune responses. There’s no logical reason to inject yourself, much less a small child with known toxic poisons in some farcical religious attempt to manufacture immunity from the ‘scary’ wild viruses. The entire concept is ridiculous. Vaccines actually violate the body’s natural immune defense system.

    The anti-poison injection movement is growing rapidly because too many children have been damaged or killed… mothers don’t tend to stand around and accept that kind of thing no matter how well it’s been covered up in the past. They’ll investigate, start researching ingredients and reading books from responsible doctors and toxicologists. Big Pharma knows this which is why medical tyranny through bribed legislation and massive propaganda campaigns is the only method left to cling to the fraudulent profiteering scam known as vaccines. Every vaccine manufacturer has an endless criminal rap sheet that includes bribes, fraudulent “research”, studies, and marketing, not to mention mass murder. Because they are corporations, this is just a cost of doing business as they pay off the victims in court and walk away to continue the killing . But why would any rational human being trust a product from such pirates? If Merck or Pfizer were an individual, they would be locked up and never allowed to practice “medicine” again. But I digress…

    Comment by Pete — November 4, 2017 @ 3:45 pm

    • Now that you mention it, I bet the average doctor (let alone Tyson-type media bloviator or fanboy) knows nothing about what a vaccine actually is in terms of its chemical constituents, but knows only the ivory tower science/ideology of what a vaccine is supposed to do in principle. That’s why they seem so utterly confused when anyone questions corporate control of vaccines, i.e. vaccines as they actually exist in reality as opposed to the good civics/”science” pamphlets. There’s a good example of the banality of evil.

      I’ve heard of this online, but for the first time I met someone who told me her doctor physically assaulted her with a needle. She says they were just talking, she was looking away, the doctor mentioned a shot she could get and without warning or interlude my friend felt a needle jabbing her.

      I would’ve physically decked that doctor. My friend says she was so dismayed she couldn’t think of how to respond.

      I recommend everyone be on their toes when seeing any doctor. I’ve already had the experience of having an illness (Lyme disease, which I had several years ago) reported to the government without my permission. After that I’ll never trust any doctor again.

      Contrast Russian doctors of the late 19th-early 20th century, who were stubborn in resisting tsarist regime demands to report on their patients, and who would often make a point of assisting injured activists free of charge. This is a barometer of resistance as opposed to latent fascist conformism, a perfect example of everything I say at this site against system professionals.

      Comment by Russ — November 5, 2017 @ 8:38 am

      • Yes, I always tell friends and family that if the first conversation you have with your doctor isn’t about nutrition and lifestyle, run for the door. They can’t be genuinely interested in your health if this is the case. You will be processed like cattle, diagnosed from a pharma medical bible, and prescribed synthetic pills or slashed and burned with other chemical and medical assaults. It’s no wonder that nutrition and vaccines are all but completely left out of the thousands of pages of pharma-controlled medical literature. Most mainstream physicians are trained to follow a corporate medical protocol that ignores the real foundations of good health. The vaccine “training” itself within the textbooks is mostly just few pages which amount to nothing more than a running list of the ever-expanding CDC (a corrupted marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry) recommended poison shot schedule.

        I wonder how anyone could qualify as a “doctor” without a basic understanding or natural curiosity of the toxic effects of things like aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde when injected directly into the blood stream…but merely follow top-down orders to administer injections into defenseless children. Unfortunately most people see the white coat and follow the logical fallacy of appealing to authority without thinking for themselves and taking control of their own health. Meanwhile the doctors are incentivized by pharma $$$$ to tow the line and careers are threatened by the full brunt of the medical industrial complex of they dare to challenge conventional “wisdom”. Corporate domination and control of ‘medicine’ is set up exactly the same way as it is with ‘agriculture’. They have no interest in either… only how to turn it into another profiteering scam.

        Comment by Pete — November 5, 2017 @ 9:54 am

      • Here’s an excellent example: “We prefer to medicate for [any] condition.”


        I have a friend who suffered from severe asthma. She was on four different asthma medications, each accompanied by its own bevy of nasty side effects, which more or less kept the asthma under control without curing it. After many years of this, she happened to learn that another health problem she had was associated with a dietary allergy, cut the offending food out of her diet, and was startled and delighted to find that her asthma cleared up as well.

        After a year with no asthma symptoms, she went to her physician, who expressed surprise that she hadn’t had to come in for asthma treatment in the meantime. She explained what had happened. The doctor admitted that the role of that allergy as a cause of severe asthma was well known. When she asked the doctor why she hadn’t been told this, so she could make an informed decision, the only response she got was, and I quote, “We prefer to medicate for that condition.”

        I haven’t written much about how the corporate science paradigm dictates medical research, but here’s an example.


        Comment by Russ — November 5, 2017 @ 11:03 am

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