October 11, 2017

No Gene, and No Individual (Fake People, Part Two)

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(Part one.)
Here we refer to the false notion of the “individual”. This ideological concept is false in two ways.
1. There is no “gene” (“selfish” or otherwise). There is only DNA amid the four-billion-years-evolving genetic and cellular structure on the one hand, and on the other the combined holistic organism inextricably part of the ecology.
2. There is no “individual”. There is only the symbiotic bacterial-human collective organism on the one hand, and human society, the human community, on the other. The “human” part of this combined organism is dependent upon and interdependent with its bacterial counterpart, and both are dependent upon and interdependent with a healthy, intact, diverse ecology. This human being, a social primate as much as it is a combined organism, is as dependent upon and interdependent with the community as it is with the biodiverse ecology. And this community is dependent upon and interdependent with the ecology.
It’s clear that the only ideas which can be part of a human future are ecological, communal ideas and acts. All anti-ecological ideas and acts, most of all those redolent of the false and destructive notion of the “individual”, must be purged from our Earth if we are ever to make it back home.


  1. bacterial, and also fungal, protozoa and viral. This microbiota is also in our skin, along with spiders (mites)

    Soap pushers/peddlers are horrified people will learn this, that their products don’t work, can’t work and are just profitable toxins.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 11, 2017 @ 10:15 am

    • Yup, science keeps uncovering the ever-expanding range of the symbiosis. Same for the crop/soil system ensconced within the ecology. And yet according to the imbecile techno-cultists this is controllable via a handful of allegedly independent variables.

      Comment by Russ — October 11, 2017 @ 10:56 am

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