October 5, 2017

Climate Scientists Offer No Alternative Where It Comes to the Climate Crisis


Technocracy has one vision for Earth.

James Hansen continues his second career as a nuke shill. This is a perfect example of how the climate crisis (and all the other environmental crises) will never be met by anyone from the establishment, including the “climate scientists” who analyzed and publicized climate change. To paraphrase Machiavelli, you can’t take action with the same people who first analyzed the need for action.
If you’re in any doubt about Hansen’s corporate technocrat ideology, check out the person he calls his nuke mentor, Tom Blees, and the straight nuke propaganda site Blees presides over. Blees is also associated with the Breakthrough Institute, an ideological clearing house for every kind of corporate-technocrat “environmental” scam, from GMOs to geoengineering. Hansen is now thick as thieves with the most odious of climate change deniers. Personally, I prefer the old-fashioned de jure deniers. They’re more honest and thus less spiritually repulsive.
To recap the fact, there is one and only one way to avert the worst consequences of climate change: Greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stop destroying carbon sinks, rebuild carbon sinks on a massive scale.
All else is a lie. Especially, any version of claiming the crises can be met within the framework of productionism and capitalism is the most odious lie of all.


  1. Nuke shills always ignore the carbon footprint of Uranium mining, extraction, purification, and processing (or re-processing)

    They likewise ignore the carbon footprint of Iron ore mining, smelting, steel making and rolling/milling.

    And also ignore mining and roasting of limestone to make quick lime (which releases HUGE amounts of CO2) along with the crushing of gravel and sand for the hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete required for both the reactor and the steam/generation buildings.

    Then there’s the enormous amount of water required (most often fresh water is used, which is precious).

    And then there’s the issue of waste containment, along with Tritium and other ‘routine’ emissions. Even just holding the waste requires more carbon-intensive materials, much less the predicament of long-term containment, but the nuke industry’s biggest dirty secret of all – Neutron activation, which produces millions of tons of new ‘low level’ nuclear waste, is _always_ ignored.

    That no nuclear plants are ever privately insured (too dangerous), they all survive on our tax dollar provided subsidies in which mass evacuation and causalties are ‘written off’ with no money provided or set aside, either from the nuke shareholders who profit enormously from these ‘too cheap to meter’ tax subsidized boondoggles, nor FEMA or the NRC, etc

    Meanwhile solar and wind are cheaper, have far less carbon intensive inputs, can be non-centralized (such as roof-top solar), are inherently safe, and present no radioactive waste containment predicament. Solar distractors like to harp on the energy required to fabricate the most energy-intensive first-generation mono-crystalline Silicon solar cells, then proceed to wail about how short their lifetimes are, ‘only’ ~ 30 years (as if from a script), but this ignores newer generations of solar cells such as flexible, printed and ‘painted’ on glass types (my favorite), and also that the required energy to manufacture them can it’self be from solar/wind. But most solar cells are still made from sand, which is a very common feedstock, for the glass they’re deposited on too.

    They also like to wail about ‘rare earth’ mining, but fail to inform that rare-earth magnets aren’t actually required, it’s just that the companies that build generators _prefer_ to use super-magnets – they don’t actually have to, ordinary ferrite magnets will do, or even no magnets at all, just an excitation winding with a capacitor works too..

    Comment by Anonymous — October 5, 2017 @ 11:52 am

    • Good summary of the nuke fraud.

      Comment by Russ — October 6, 2017 @ 2:37 am

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