August 31, 2017

Brief Comment on the Stupid Spectacle of Nazis vs. Anfita

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Here’s a brief comment on the spectacle of Nazis vs. Anfita vs. shrewish pseudo-radical schoolmarms. (The latter two perhaps being two groups of pseudo-radicals.)
At this site I’ve never advocated violent tactics of any sort. The main reason is that the preponderance of force is overwhelmingly against dissenters, so such tactics are not expedient. The second, for some kinds of violence, is that history proves such tactics are always toxic for social movements. Of course, I have no moral objection to smashing windows or antisocial criminals. (You can tell the difference between someone who is criticizing Black Bloc/Antifa solely as bad tactics, vs. someone who objects out of an elemental outrage, their inner bourgeois freaking out. How dare they damage private property!)
But I think getting worked up over the very existence of a handful of de jure Nazis, to the point you’re going to expend such time and energy on them and give them so much publicity they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten, when there are so many more important things to do, is stupid. Sure, it’s possible that ignoring them gives them room slowly to grow, but with limited resources, time, and energy we can’t do everything at once, and some possibilities have to be left to themselves for the time being. Anyway, it’s more likely that conjuring a violent spectacle with them gives far more fuel to their fire, especially since such basically aimless violence (Antifa is not part of any broader affirmative transformational movement that I’m aware of) is far more indigenous to nihilists and the “right” than to the “left”. As I said earlier, history demonstrates that this kind of violence is always toxic for social movements.
And in our case today, it’s symptomatic of the fact that there is no movement. Anyone serious about getting one off the ground would eschew such pointlessness. The idiocy of the confrontation is exemplified by the shared obsession with literal shiny things, statues, that the 1% are dangling in their faces. Sure enough, we have two groups of children shrieking about these shiny things and getting in fistfights over it.
Of course that’s not to posit any kind of moral equivalence, but there certainly is a mental equivalence, an equivalence at the level of lack of consciousness and lack of vision. Of course that lack is universal across all existing political groupings.


  1. Yes, and as I’ve said the original Nazi/Communist battle was the great cleansing of the first corporate age. It ended perfectly for the system. Mass death to clear out the rabble, mass destruction to enable the rebuilding, with the international system now based on an unabashedly corporate country, the United States.

    The problem this time is that there are no new frontiers, no country to take the helm, no new resources. So we know we will have mass death and destruction, but without the rebuilding. Interesting times ahead.

    Comment by dolph — August 31, 2017 @ 4:16 am

    • Certainly all existing political groupings, no matter what their cosmetic ideology, think and act only in terms of a global ecological murder-suicide.

      Comment by Russ — August 31, 2017 @ 6:36 am

  2. It’s obviously just agitprop. Soros is behind it – more kabuki to keep people distracted and occupied.

    “most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all”

    – Michael Rivero

    The occupy tactic directly focused on wall street which is the root source of the problem, and look how they all reacted – did a coordinated nationwide sweep, involving the entire spectrum of security/intel/LE agencies.

    Now look at the ‘reaction’ to this current fake manufactured crisis – the corporate media plays along, the cops play along, etc.

    If one were to ignore the corporate media one wouldn’t even know about this issue.

    until now

    Comment by Anonymous — September 1, 2017 @ 12:45 am

    • I do ignore the corporate media except insofar as alternative types critique it, and if it weren’t for the Antifa-haters among leftists I’d not have heard much of it. It strikes me that, just as much as there are any potentially real activists who have let themselves be distracted into what does seem like a liberal-tending phenomenon, so those leftists who are putting so much energy into excoriating Antifa also are responding to the stimulus, joining what basically is a media spectacle.

      One thing I’m not clear on is the ideological character of Antifa itself. I know that in principle it’s one of those broad, catch-all concepts, amorphous by design. It seems like in this case we have people willing to engage in street fighting, and so not typically liberal in that sense, but who are letting this energy be channeled by what’s basically a liberal motion. That would especially be the case if those who fight neo-Nazis are the same who are so obsessed with statues. Do they also follow the astroturf likes of the CPUSA and DSA in supporting the Democrat party? I get the impression that all the 2017 street stuff, from the patently fraudulent “Resistance” to whatever is quasi-real about Antifa, all smears together in the end to comprising such a Democrat astroturf.

      As for the de jure Nazis themselves, they seem a pathetic little group so far though they certainly get tons of sympathy from some elites and NGOs and some misguided segments of the people. It’s a real revelation how much flat-out Nazi sympathizing there is, for example at “prepper”/Peak Oil sites. Same as the ACLU they concern-troll about “free speech” but clearly are motivated by a real ideological and/or temperamental preference.

      Comment by Russ — September 1, 2017 @ 3:49 am

  3. The Democratic party is the graveyard of movements.

    by design

    And these distinctions mean nothing, the only real disparity is economic – the economic warfare being conducted by the ‘elites’ on the working poor.

    Their present reaction, coddling them, compared to the prior reaction of systematically wiping them out, while their media demonized them, both during and after, speaks volumes about what’s real and what issue is threatening to the status quo.

    – after all the status quo MUST be challenged to affect change, so merely by their reaction can a person tell what’s real and what’s staged.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 1, 2017 @ 8:27 am

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