August 18, 2017

The EPA Stalls for Monsanto


Stonewalling the people, building a wall against the future.

The EPA’s most common practice is to receive PR copy from corporations like Monsanto and launder Monsanto’s lies to the public with its own “regulatory” imprimatur. But sometimes the collaboration is more actively hands-on, as in this long-running delay of a toxicological review of glyphosate. The new review was promised for 2015. The delay leaves in place the EPA’s 2013 proclamation denying the fact that glyphosate causes cancer. This proclamation was a prime example of the stenography and rubber-stamping of the corporation’s own self-description I mentioned above. This new information about EPA/Monsanto collusion is the latest to come out of the many cancer lawsuits Monsanto is now fighting.
Note well, this is Obama’s EPA in action. The Obama administration was the most aggressively pro-pesticide and pro-GMO to date. Trump certainly will try to catch up and surpass Obama, but as with so many other crimes against humanity and the Earth, he has a long, long way to go.


  1. Such a sorry state of affairs. Great post.

    It’s funny how the innumerable lawsuits against Monsanto are indeed what is taking down the false regulatory agencies. Everyone in these fake roles have gotten by for decades, getting payed exorbitant salaries for traveling around, lying to the public, poisoning people and planet, and basically being completely subservient to the status-quo.

    Here’s a great article by a 30-year vet of the EPA itself, William Sanjour:


    Great prose.

    It’s hard for the unawakened to accept that it could really be this bad, that almost all regulatory science isn’t true science at all, and nothing of value can be gleaned from it. Can you imagine the waste of taxpayer $ ??

    My friend I was just hanging with last night, on the board of Latham’s Bioscience Resource Project, has a funny joke: it’s not an environmental protection agency, its an environmental AUDIT agency… the EAA.

    His mom is a scientist as well, and she is suffering from a recent cancer scare. Of course, the medical establishment wants to poison her even more with chemo (another scam). When will all this madness end?

    Comment by Robert — August 18, 2017 @ 11:04 am

    • Audit in the sense of just show up for class but not receive a grade, don’t take exams etc., just passively watch? Yeah, that’s the EPA’s stance toward the environment all right.

      I don’t share Sanjour’s faith in a non-zero possibility of reforming the regulators (and he starts out the piece admitting this is impossible), but his insider description of the problem is good.

      I expect the regulators will eventually cave in and admit the facts about glyphosate but will try all the harder to prop up the poison regime as such, with glyphosate just becoming one of the classic “bad” chemicals, as if there’s such a thing as safe pesticides.

      Here’s hoping your friend’s mother recovers, with as little invasive and toxic procedures as possible.

      Comment by Russ — August 18, 2017 @ 12:02 pm

    • Robert,

      If his mother is post menopause and has Hormonal/Her2 Negative Breast cancer (also nicknamed ‘older white women’s breast cancer’; one of numerous different breast cancer diagnosis’) Chemotherapy (versus hormonal therapy such as aromatase inhibitors (not that they are perfect)) is a huge Hospital money maker (a ‘gift’ to the Hospital which keeps giving in terms of insane expense and side effects treatment) despite the fact that major oncologists acknowledge that Chemo is fairly ineffective for that cancer diagnosis (the head oncologist at my world known hospital acknowledged it). As a scientist, she will likely discover this, but if not someone should gently inform her because this fact appears to be widely unknown, along with the fact that breast cancer can reoccur in mastectomy scars, the lungs (Stage IV), skeleton, etcetera. Also if it’s a DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) diagnosis (which makes tons of money for Hospitals), I would suggest she read, for one, a Time front paged piece dated October 12, 2015, titled, What if I decide to just do nothing – Breast Cancer’s new frontier, by Slobhan O’Connor.

      My own experience with cancer as regards those – direct and indirect – who profit off of it and/or claim to be support networks for those with cancer, and those without a cancer diagnosis who knee jerk offer up stunningly horrid and utterly unsolicited ‘advice,’ has pretty much given me PTSD far, far worse than my cancer fear.

      My very best wishes and an embrace for her, her son, and others who love her.


      I’ve spent some time reading some of your posts over the last year and much appreciate your writing, particularly the anti technocracy aspect.

      I’ve found myself increasingly worried that WordPress might one day be acquired, as I have never even visited a Facebook page and have never commented on anyone’s Google blogspot now matter how much I might admire what’s stated by the person who started the site thinking they were its ‘owner.’

      Living in Silicon Valley for decades (now stuck here, thankfully not homeless – yet – but if the only decent landlord I’ve ever had dies …) as it was where livable wage jobs were once abundantly available (who knew the Financier owned DOD was behind it all when they were twenty in those days), I’m acutely aware of how utterly Fascist horrid and inhuman Uber, Facebook, Palantir, EBay, Google, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, et al, and The Blue [/Red] State™ (Economic Empire) of California is.

      (sorry for the fake email address, quite some time ago I ceased emailing for privacy’s sake, bad enough that as a US cancer patient, one is automatically (there is no opt out) put on a shared database for all of the Cancer Industry predators to abuse, and there’s the fact that way too many people use Gmail which I swore off ever responding to – outside of a jawb requirement on a company IT system – in 2007.)

      Comment by diane — August 19, 2017 @ 5:39 pm

      • Sigh (and this is not at all pointed at you Russ, I much appreciate your commentary, as I’ve noted above),

        And, let alone an acquisition, it’s already clear that WordPress has its own rather horrifying – when one meditates on the implications and possibilities – algorithms going on. I always tend to spell WordPress with a lower case p, and always keep a copy of what I posted on a text file from which I paste my comment. The above is the second time a post I made to a WordPress site auto corrected my post to a capital P. What else is auto corrected – or may be into the Progress™ of the False NewsBranding™ – in long posts where one didn’t keep a record of what exactly they posted, and even when they do, just how would they prove what they actually posted, and how much money and countless hours of their lives would they be required to spend doing that?

        The last time that lower case WordPress “p” was auto corrected , I mentioned it to a site ‘owner,’ not in an accusing way, and got my head chopped off. Haven’t been back to that site to comment since my last response to that ‘page.’ Then again that person has acknowledged themselves to be making, at least a partially, a living Coding – on one of a handful ,or so, of their twitter accounts – and turned out, much to my utter horror, to be a Facebook supporter for those organizing against the powers that be, so who knows what was up with that.

        Comment by diane — August 19, 2017 @ 6:43 pm

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