August 17, 2017

Which is Worst?


What all system education, and all system career paths, boil down to.

How to deal with those one hates and wants to destroy? There’s three basic modes of destroying humanity and the ecology. Each of these three modes has its direct practitioners and its support structure.
1. Kill them outright. This was the Nazis’ preferred “Final Solution”, and has been enacted in several other genocides. Ecological examples include campaigns to exterminate predators. Poison-based agriculture claims in theory to want total monocultural sterility and the total extermination of so-called “pests” and “weeds”. Similar anti-scientific theories of medicine and food safety also claim in theory to want the total extermination of all biology not specifically cultivated by man. (I say “in theory” because this paradigm’s record of failure and counterproductive results is so long-proven and complete by now, that we must assume its practitioners really want the opposite of what they claim. E.g., poisonism really seeks to maximize the destructiveness of agricultural pests and disease.)
2. Enslave them with the calculated goal of working them to death. The Nazi system made extensive use of this mode. Where it comes to natural resources and the ecology, most capitalists think and act this way by default. This is the way industrial agriculture practices upon the soil, crop biology and genetics, and the ecosystems upon which agriculture depends.
3. Enslave but conserve. This is the difference between a Nazi slave labor program and an antebellum US Southern cotton plantation. This is the allegedly “good”, paternalistic form of slavery and exploitation.
This is the utopia of all pro-capitalist reformism. It’s the ideology of conservatism/liberalism as such. This is the position of “moderates” within productionism, globalization, technocracy. In particular, this is the essence of the corporate version of every kind of social and environmental movement, and the NGOs which have helped the corporations co-opt those movements.
As for the ecological philosophy, science, and practice which rejects enslavement and exploitation completely, instead building the cooperative symbiotic ecological good of all humanity and the Earth, this paradigm is still only a seed today, especially in the West.
We won’t find it anywhere amid existing “politics”. If we want this revolution and restoration, we have to build it anew ourselves, completely from outside the existing system, in complete rejection of this system.


  1. We don’t have to start from scratch. Permaculturists work with natural systems to engage people into symbiotic relationships with other species. Many environmentalists are discovering intersections with movements that celebrate diversity and seek justice through nonviolence. Compassionate activists are overwhelming and undermining militarism and incarceration as we all learn to grow our own food, pedal our own bikes, and care for our neighbors.

    Comment by VernonHuffman — August 17, 2017 @ 11:05 pm

    • Practices like permaculture, insofar as people actually do them, are part of the transformation humanity needs. But to the extent that they’re conceived and practiced only within the framework of existing reformist politics, they’re extremely self-constrained and indeed have gatekeeping as a primary function. That’s my point here.

      Most “justice” groups and campaigns I’ve seen aren’t offering any alternative to productionism/consumptionism, and usually explicitly disavow any such goal. The few authentic-seeming ones I’ve heard of are almost all small and locally-based, which certainly is an excellent way to start building, though it doesn’t have to be the only way. I’d love to hear about more such groups.

      Meanwhile almost everything is like this:


      MacNeil: Thank you, Mr. Ginn and Jim. The secretary of the Committee for Regulatory Reform in Slavery is Eric Halfmeasure. Mr. Halfmeasure, give us the other side of the story.

      Halfmeasure: Robin, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear. We are wholeheartedly in favor of slavery. We just see abuses that diminish productivity and reduce incentives for free men and women to compete in the marketplace. Lynching, tarring and feathering, rape, lack of holidays, and that sort of thing. One recent study suggests that regulation could raise productivity by 15 percent.

      Comment by Russ — August 18, 2017 @ 8:17 am

  2. The problem is growth. The system demands and feeds off of growth. The system doesn’t produce for the benefit of mankind, nature, or anything else, and certainly not for the benefit of future generations. If we do derive some benefit from it (such as food, work, shelter, electricity, sewage, cars, entertainment, the vast array of industrial products), it is merely incidental. It’s not the fundamental purpose. This must be true, if you think about. We long ago passed saturation point on all of the above.

    The system only knows whether profits, mostly short term, are growing. Since profit = debt, debt must also grow. Debts are the inverse of the profits of the capitalist class. All future resource production is now collateralized. There is no turning back. We will exhaust everything, cook the atmosphere, and pass on a degraded world to every human generation to follow, and do it all in the span of a few decades.

    I wonder if they will write our history, or even bother.

    Comment by dolph — August 18, 2017 @ 10:39 am

    • Yes, these are the cancer people. “Growth”-seeking economic (i.e. physical) action is precisely analogous to metastasizing cancer cells, and just as malignant for Gaia as such cells are in an individual human body. This is biological warfare. And as you say, growth productionism/consumptionism have little contact with actual use values. As I’ve often written over many years now, the corporate “food” system is designed to produce nothing but commodities, NOT food for human beings. Any such use value as food is only a side effect which is supposed to trickle down from commodity productionism. GMOs/pesticides are designed to do nothing but intensify this global cancer system.

      They intend to depict actual human history as a Dark Age prehistory, with “real” history beginning with their eugenic/transhuman “Singularity”. This is nothing but religious insanity on their part, of course, but they’ll continue to be as violent and destructive as possible trying to realize it until humanity and the Earth put a stop to them.

      Comment by Russ — August 18, 2017 @ 11:05 am

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