August 11, 2017

Politics is Dead. The Situation Today


There’s lots of arguments in today’s Western “politics” about how to arrange these, but nothing more.

Most, regardless of their superficial politics, still believe they personally will have a lucrative career within the productionist/consumerist system. Many believe they will someday, somehow, be rich.
Most, regardless of superficial politics, still believe in civilization’s infinite energy consumption forever. This includes most who pay lip service to resource limits.
Most, regardless of superficial politics, still believe the status quo path is the path of progress, and everything will turn out for the best as long as humanity stays the course.
Almost none have liberated themselves from these. That’s why no coherent social/cultural/political movement has arisen against the productionist, extreme energy system. A prerequisite for this is that a sufficient number of articulate people must psychologically burn their bridges and irrevocably renounce all religious faith in the productionist global system. But so far humanity lacks even a small cadre of writers and intellectuals who can begin systematically propagating the new and necessary truths. So far all intellectuals remain co-opted and system-coordinated. But history proves that one of the surest indicators of a coming revolutionary situation, probably a necessary precondition, is that a tangible faction burn its bridges and turn definitively against the system, and actively propagate the reasons why.
At the moment there seems not to be any politically radical situation on the immediate horizon. (Except, of course, for what be any objective measure is the extreme radicalism of the status quo; let’s never forget that objectively we’re the moderates, while it’s today’s governments, corporations, scientific establishment, and mainstream media who are history’s most radical nihilist bomb-throwers.) What is the situation?
1. All the evidence is that corporations are destructive in every way, and we’d be much better off without them. (Even by middle class capitalist measures, those who think a mass middle class is desirable would be better off.)
2. But people don’t want to know this evidence. They prefer to believe Randroid lies that corporations are the “wealth creators”, the “job creators”. Why do people, including almost all progressives and most alleged radicals, keep voting for corporate rule and otherwise supporting it?
3. Probably part of it is path dependency. The people, and especially the cultural/intellectual elites, have become used to corporations being the main organizational form of capitalism and regard it as too difficult to think of switching to a different capitalist mode of organization, even if in the long run that would be better. (That’s even assuming the immortality of capitalism, let alone the economic and physical fact that capitalism, and productionism as such, are mortal and will soon die of resource limits the way a fly trapped indoors becomes sluggish and dies.)
4. But I think the main reason lies much deeper. Although the people steadily are being liquidated economically and physically, for the moment they’re still beneficiaries of the corporate West’s system of looting the planet and humanity so that a small group can squat on the surface of the Earth as parasites. Westerners are inured to this parasite existence and don’t want to give it up. They cling to it. They don’t even want to think about the proposition that if they were to transform their lives by taking responsibility for themselves and working to earn their keep as part of the ecology, they’d be much happier and more fulfilled, and over the longer run they’d sustain a much better material existence since industrial agriculture and all other systems based on infinite fossil fuels must inevitably collapse, and because the corporations led by the banks inexorably are liquidating them anyway.
5. But they feel the ground shaking and sense that all this must perish, that their own parasitism is running out of time, that capitalism is mortal. This gives them two reasons to double down on corporate rule.
(A) If time is running out, there’s no time to spare to transform capitalism. The “longer run” of an “improved capitalism” would never have time to exist anyway, so there’s no point reforming capitalism itself. (This explains the typical falsity of all claims of alleged reformists. The very notion is self-contradicting, since why would you as a pro-capitalist plant the seed of a tree which you sense will never have time to grow?) It’s similar to those who think the rapture will come soon, so why not trash the Earth.
(B) Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for those committed to faith in capitalism and parasitism like I described above, the less sustainable mundane belief in the perpetuity of growth capitalism becomes, the more necessary it becomes to resort to deranged Randroid notions. This is the path from toleration of corporations, to exalting them, to seeing them as actual “persons”, along the way developing an increasingly intense superstition, bordering on religion, about money and fictive numbers like GDP, trade balance, etc. The next logical step will some form of worshiping the corporations. All this is because it seems the only way to prop up belief in the perpetuation of the parasite way of life.
6. This also is part of the willingness and eagerness of the scientism/technocracy cult to be coordinated by corporate rule. They too see their own perpetuation as dependent in this way. Productionist STEM types have to be Randroids in order to believe they can overcome the Earth’s strong inertia to slough them off of its surface like the parasites they are.
7. And it goes toward the leftist tendency to regress to bourgeois ideology where it comes to scientism and technocracy. Since most Western leftists, just as much as any other Westerners, are physical parasites at the expense of humanity and Earth and want to be parasites, they too theologically must believe in the immortality of growth capitalism. They’ll continue to pay lip service to “liberating” all the machinery for the people; this explains the reactionary adherence of many of them to Marxism long after its disproof by history. But this is the same scam liberals run, pretending to want power for the people, really wanting it for themselves, and really to conserve the power of the existing elites. They’re really just talking about sustaining their own parasitism, by serving as misdirectional propagandists for the corporate system.
But rather than directly genuflect before the corporations the way the liberals and STEMs do, the pseudo-radicals launder their corporatism through scientism/technocracy. But since the corporations control science and engineering (as per Historical Materialism 101, as any real leftist would know), it amounts to the same thing.
8. All of which explains the great popularity among liberals, leftists, as well as many conservatives, of any version of “we can save the earth, avert the worst of climate change, attain socioeconomic equity/justice, within capitalism.”
Because all of these beliefs are false, because it’s all based on the plunder and destruction of humanity and the Earth, because it’s all evil, and because it’s physically impossible to sustain; because in all these ways the fundamentals are rotten, the result, for those committed to the “politics” of wickedness and impossibility, must become increasingly deranged, self-destructive, and eventually suicidal.
One predicted result is the advent of the likes of Trump. Trump is the logical product of the system. Not just Republicans, but Democrats, and all adherents of electoralism as this system has it, voted 100% for Trump.
As they are evidently committed to doubling down on this exact same course, having learned nothing and forgotten nothing, they’ll soon vote unanimously for far worse than Trump. It’s hardwired into their pathology.


  1. It’s remarkably easy to buy off people with food, sex, and entertainment. Heck, reflecting on it, I’ve been bought off since childhood. I’m living in a suburb of a metropolitan area that has mostly weathered the effects of the great recession. We are not really part of the power structure in America per say, but basically everything is running just fine. In fact, it’s almost embarrassing just how much food there is, how prosperous and safely tucked away the people are in their homes and corporate offices. It all really does have the feeling of being unreal. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t end. So if it doesn’t end, why should we be concerned? I don’t think in general people are good at seeing the future. Now, if things are this way where I’m at, imagine how they are in NYC, DC, LA, SF. They are basically partying like they own the country and the world. Which, for all practical purposes, they do.

    The American system will turn only when the food and mass entertainment, mostly movies and tv shows, begins to run out. Then the curtain will be pulled away. I don’t see this happening for decades.

    Comment by dolph — August 12, 2017 @ 10:50 am

    • The zombie could prop itself and stagger along for decades yet. But to take food, the retail price of so-called cheap food is gradually becoming not so cheap (in addition to all the hidden parts of the price – taxation, health costs, job destruction, etc., which render “cheap” industrial food really very expensive indeed) even as people are waking up to those hidden costs as well as the toxic quality of the food and the extreme vulnerability of the industrial agriculture/food system. So it’s possible that a cultural sea change could arise at any time from that source of psychological crisis. I guess that’s the #1 wager I’ve made. And then the extreme physical vulnerability of the industrial agriculture system could bring widespread crop failure and collapse at any time without warning, just as the inevitable pandemic arising from factory farms could come at any moment.

      So there’s the example of a few of the ways in which a sudden transformational crisis could arise from the food/agriculture sector. And we can describe plausible scenarios arising from other sectors, most obviously the next, almost certainly far more destructive global financial collapse, which is just a matter of time.

      So while it’s possible all this will keep running in a manner of speaking for decades to come, it’s at least as likely that the ever more frequent, ever more destructive, chaotic, and terrifying acute crises will destroy the system’s ability to function in more and more places and ways.

      Well, we won’t know until it happens.

      Comment by Russ — August 14, 2017 @ 12:47 pm

      • Russ, digesting some of your long-awaited posts…you are hitting the keypad like Jimi Hendrix plucks the guitar. I’m putting everything out to my networks. Just thanks. The Titanic is going down… if people want to keep trying to rearrange the deck chairs in a state of denial, I’m not sure how else to advise them…You can lead a horse to water.

        Comment by Pete — August 19, 2017 @ 7:53 pm

      • Thanks Pete. Evidently there’s no advising them. Like any other kind of poison addiction, these lunatics will have to hit rock bottom. By now I’ve scaled back my hopes to finding even a few people who aren’t insane and who are willing to exert themselves a little bit.

        I hope all’s well at the farm. My garden’s burying me in tomatoes, which is nice.

        Comment by Russ — August 20, 2017 @ 2:03 am

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